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#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: Blind Beauty

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Happy Sunday, my friends!
For of all, an apology and a thank you note! Thank you for stopping by last week to comment on my #WeekendWritingWarriors and #SexySnippet post and my apologies for not replying or visiting any blogs. It has been a hectic week! 
Let me not take too much of your time. Today, I'm continuing with my Naughty Fairy Tale, Blind Beauty, book 2 in The Witches' Mischief Series. We left James riding in solitude and bliss. Evil as I am, I'm not revealing James's appearance just yet. Instead, in today's snippet, James has had to get off his horse, Faith, who has suddenly stopped moving. He's checking her out for injuries when a little girl and her mother approach him...
*Creative editing to keep to the line count has taken place* 
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He jumped when a woman with vivid green eyes appeared behind his mare.

“Morgana.” Relief and a little anger laced the woman’s voice as she spotted her child. “I’m so sorry, sir, she slipped out of my grasp while making our way to town. She has a prankster’s soul.” 

“To town, in this weather?” 

“The storm caught us by surprise,” the woman said, shrugging. “It has eased, so we can still make it.” 

James suppressed a shudder at the woman’s smile for there was something about her that made him nervous, though he could not say what exactly.

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Blind Beauty- Book 2 in The Witches' Mischief Series- Naughty Fairy Tale

 James Macintosh is hours away from  his new home. He is ready to start a  secluded life away from all the  rumors, insults and disgusted faces  concerning his appearance. However,  a meeting with a mysterious woman  and her child, mingled with a sudden  harsh snowstorm will set him down a  very different path than the one he  had originally envisioned. 

Richard Randywine is an accidental fugitive living with a band of rowdy thieves. A good man at heart, he has gotten used to hiding his emotions behind his strapping muscles and brute strength.  Yet, when the thieves ambush an unsuspecting rider, Richard is forced to drop his mask and step forward. 

Will both men be able to see what lies before them or will they be blind to the possibility of happiness?

Available at:

Evernight Publishing || || || Bookstrand || AllRomance Ebooks


  1. Hmm, makes me nervous for this poor guy!

  2. Another intriguing snippet! I'm so gonna have to read this soon!

  3. I do love mysterious women and children coming from nowhere to torment a man. Write on, my friend.

  4. Ooooh, suspense. IS she a witch? She must be a witch (or worse) to make him instantly nervous. Good 8, Elyzabeth.

  5. Interesting that she makes him so uneasy. Well, I'm intrigued...excellent excerpt!

  6. Oh this makes me very curious to read on.

  7. You certainly have me intrigued. What is she really up to?


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