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Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday fellow readers! I'm still afraid of saying it too loud, but it seems my lovely muse has decided to come back! *Happy dance* Today's Six Sentences belong to the latest chapter in my WIP.

Melassar gasped for air as Wybert’s heavy weight pinned him down. Slightly lifting himself off his body, Wybert looked down at him. “We could go on endlessly. You could hurt me as badly as I could hurt you. I might be bulky, but you’re fast and you’ve got a strong hand. You’ve got a system but I have bulk and neither of us is here to fight.”

If they're not there to fight then what are they there for? Hehehe *laughs mischievously* Hope you enjoyed this snippet! As always, don't forget to visit the rest of the gang at

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday Melodies!

I've been singing this for the past two days... can't help myself. It's a sweet song and I particularly love the beginning of the lyrics...In the end, we're all strange, right? :)

Wednesday Brief! Your Hump day dose of flash fiction!

Greetings everyone!

Half the week is over! Wohoo! and that means, two things: One, we're closer to the weekend and two, it's time for some flash fiction fun!

This week's prompts were:

"...the trial cannot proceed" or

lily, dust pan, sugar coated or

a close encounter of the (fill in the blank) kind or

Parthenon, virile, slander or

"The purple-headed monster reared its angry head."

I picked prompt number one and came up with a weird story (kind of quick and hot at the end too ;-))

Enjoy! And as always, the links to some more great flashes are at the bottom.

The Witch's Trial

“The trial cannot proceed.”

Bertha’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. He should not be here. He could not be here. Slowly, she opened her eyes. He was here.

Theobald stood in the center of the plaza, his arms outstretched and his sandaled feet firmly planted on the ground. He wore his warrior attire- the one that spiked her desire for him every time. Even now, as she stood bound to a pole, wood and hay piled at her feet; she could not help eying him with more than an approving eye.

She loved the way the leather fitted his body, molding to every one of his muscles and showing off his toned arms and thighs. Goddess! But she did love all that skin over her. She forced herself to look away. Why was he here? She had specifically forbidden him to come.
Looking away was one thing, but she could not turn off her ears from Theobald’s booming voice and the crowd’s growing protest at the interruption of the spectacle.

“She is a witch!” the governor screamed. “You are under her spell.”

“She is no such thing and I shall prove it,” Theobald countered.

Prove it? She wondered vaguely. The town had decided that she was a witch and no one would be able to stop her from burning. The crowd needed its dose of entertainment or it’d grow unruly under the governor’s fraudulent rule.

“That is impossible.”

“There is a way.”

Bertha watched wide eye as Theobald drew the governor and a few of the minister towards him, producing a book seemingly out of nowhere he seemed to be pointing to a certain passage. The men argued loudly but their voices were swept away by the crowd’s infuriating catcalls. Finally, the governor shrugged and took a step back.

“Release the witch and take her to the town house.”

Theobald gave her a shaky smile and she shook her head, uncomprehending as two armed soldiers released her bound arms and feet. Unable to stand on her feet, the soldiers began dragging her until Theobald took her into the shelter of his arms.


“Shush, precious, I’ll make it all better.”

He carried her to the townhouse, the ministers following close behind and the governor leading the strange procession.

Theo set her down in the center of the hall and the men quickly circled around them.

“Theo?” She gasped as he began to strip off his garments oblivious to the men milling around them, waiting.

What was he doing? Why was he taking off his clothes and why did her body always have to react to him as it did? Her body flushed from the moment she saw him, but now her pussy creamed and her nipples strained against her flimsy gown.

“See now, gentlemen? Do you think a witch would react to a mortal man the way Bertha is doing? Her nipples are erect, her breath shallow and I am most certain her pussy is wet.”

Bertha looked away, mortified. What was Theo playing at, exposing her in this way? Was this his way of saving her? Embarrassing her?

“And yet, she remains on the floor, her cheeks red in unending embarrassment at her predicament. I dare say your witch would rather be burning at the stake now then being here. Am I right, Bertha?”

She nodded slowly, tears prickling at the back of her eyes. Why this cruelty?

“A witch would be screaming, trying to convince you of her innocence,” Theo said while kneeling next to her. “Instead, this woman is silently praying to the goddess that she take her soon and fast.”

“She has,” he said, prying her legs open with a hard knee and sliding his fingers over her slick mound, “accepted her fate.”

A tear rolled down her cheek as Theo introduced a finger inside and she lifted her hips, the sensation of his hands on her and her predicament overwhelming her. As he placed another digit inside, she locked eyes with him and was surprised to see a fire burning in his eyes.

“I however, have not.” She cried out as Theo lifted his hands from beneath her gown, palms stretched upwards. Alarmed, the men surrounding them tried to move, but froze in place. The governor opened his mouth to protest but no words came out. His face turned white, his body rigid. Bertha looked all around her, one by one, the men turned to stone.


“I’m sorry, love, but I cannot wait anymore. I need you.”

Bertha stifled a surprised moan as Theo pulled her hips towards him and plunged his cock into her. She held on to his shoulders as he furiously rutted into her. She entwined her legs around him, her heels digging into his ass. Her quiet sighs filled the large chamber, only silenced every time Theo kissed her. His fingers pinched her nipples and she raised her hips welcoming the punishing pounding of his hips against her clit in her search for release.

“Bertha.” He cried out, his fingers grazing her clit clumsily yet triggering her pleasure next to his.

They lay entwined and silent for a moment, before Theo softly kissed her lips.

“I’m sorry they confused you for the witch, love,” he whispered into the crook of her neck.

Bertha smiled. “You have a lot of explaining to do, my warrior warlock because I told you to stay away, that I could handle this—“

Theo silenced her with a kiss. “I’ll always come for you, always, my love” he said vehemently. “But for now, let’s get out of here, that spell isn’t going to last forever.”

Kissing passionately, Bertha felt her body dissolve into Theo’s while they traveled into another place and another time where they could freely practice their magic.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings everyone!

I was a bit doubtful as to what Six Sentences to pick today... from my WIP? from another novel? I finally decided to do a sort of mix. These Six Sentences belong to my Evernight novel "The Mercenary Knight" and they describe my WIP's main character: Wybert.

Even though he stooped over her, Wybert was incredibly tall. She couldn’t tell for sure from her position, but she guessed that he was probably the largest of the men. He wore tight leather breaches that hugged his muscled legs and a brown vest over a green chemise that barely held his buff arms in check. Hanging at his side he had an equally powerful weapon, a cutlass. His hair was short and curly, closely hugging his scalp. His nose was a bit flat and had a slight bump towards the middle, probably from previous battles.

Remember to visit the rest of the Sentences:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Melody!

I'm still getting up to date with stuff but I've started toying with the idea of spicing up this blog a bit more...hummm...we shall see. Meanwhile..."Girls just wanna have fun" ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Wednesday Brief! Your Hump day dose of flash fiction!

Greetings friends and welcome once more to Wednesday Briefs! Your Hump Day dose of flash fiction. After several weeks away I finally finished my exams this past Monday! Hurray! Now to wait for the grades to come in...but that's another story.

There were several prompts to chose from this week and though I knew which one I wanted to use, I couldn't come up with a good story. I was about to give up when my chocolate craving brought on a little inspiration for this short piece. I found the picture much later... but it made me all the hungrier. Enjoy!

Fancy more Briefs? The link to the rest of the flasher's are down at the bottom.

Chocolate Delight

Dawn sauntered into the kitchen, a small smile playing at her lips.

“Chocolate!” she shrieked. She pushed him out of the way and dipped her fingers into the bowl. “I have no self control where chocolate is concerned.”

Jayden frowned. He followed Dawn’s fingers as she dipped them into the chocolate sauce again. He swallowed hard, the sight of her chocolate covered fingers disappearing into her warm mouth causing other parts of his body to come alive.

“Dawn, that’s part of the dessert. Quit it.”

Her reply was a breathy sigh as she ravenously licked her index finger. He caught a glimpse of her pink tongue, swirling over the top and his heart beat accelerated. The vision of Dawn’s mouth over his cock assaulted him.

She reached towards the bowl again and he instinctively moved to stand before it.

“Don’t,” he warned.

Her large grey eyes looked up at him in surprise. “It’s just a bit, Jayden—“ She tried to shift past him, but he followed in her steps, impeding her access to the bowl. He grinned as she stepped back and huffed in frustration.

A playful glint invaded her eyes and she stepped into his embrace. Surprised he placed his hands on her waist, trying to push her away from his growing erection. He grabbed one of her wrists but she aptly snaked the other around him. With a victorious laugh, she dipped her fingers into the molten cocoa pot.

His breathing grew shallow to his own ears as she eagerly lapped up the dripping chocolate. Images of that mouth lapping at his balls caused his cock to stir in his pants. He tightened his hold on her wrist, the urge to tug her to him and claim her mouth, strong.

“You can let go of me, now.” Jayden opened eyes he did not know he had closed. “I promise I won’t take anymore.”

“You promise but you’re eyeing the bowl like a cat stares at his cream.”

He wanted to bite back his words as soon as he’d said them. Pussy cat…cream. His eyes roved over her body, landing on the jean clad triangle between her legs. Jayden licked his lips, his mouth suddenly dry. He was the hungry cat, the hungry feline dying to dip his tongue into her sweet nectar.

Her laughter made him look up again. He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. She’d taken advantage of his distraction and was dipping a finger into the gooey liquid. A drop of the lush substance fell on her cleavage. She laughed but didn’t bother to clean it off, to intent on saving what was left on her finger. His hand shot out. Unthinking of the consequences he brought her finger to his lips. She didn’t resist as his tongue snaked out and tasted the rich material.


Her protest was soft, more a sound of surprise than a real demand that he stop. She tugged slightly back, but he was mindless of her reluctance. His tongue swivelled over the pad of her finger, tasting, nibbling, claiming.


It was a warning. Of what he wasn’t sure nor did he care. He wrapped his free hand around her waist and brought her closer. He heard her gasp but the scent of chocolate mingled with her vanilla perfume, was intoxicating him.

He gazed at her face. Their eyes met, both searching for an answer to the unexpected situation. She lowered her lashes and extracted her hand from his grip. Fear laced his heart. Had he screwed up?
Daintily, she took his hand and brought it towards the bowl. Trembling, she pushed his hand int the bowl. Chocolate splattered over the kitchen counter, down his wrist, onto the floor and over her bosom as she brought his hand towards her mouth.

“I want more,” she whispered.

This week Briefer's

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Valentine's Blog Hop

Greeting's friends!

I'm afraid this isn't going to be a very long post for I am still finalizing my exam period (just 2 more and 1 project left to finish!) but, I still have a little time to participate in this sweet lovey dovey blog hop and give away a $5 Gift Certificate.

So, what must you do to win this little prize? It's quite simple, just leave a comment with your name and email at the bottom, telling me what it is you like best or worst about Saint Valentine's.

Personally, I'm not much of a fan of the holiday. Love can and should be expressed all year round! Setting up a date for it does not give people an excuse to neglect their significant others throughout the year. However, it is always nice to get a little something on Valentine's just for the fun of it... but it's also nice to recieve gifts any other day of the year!

What are your thoughts?

I'm off to more studying! :(

The contest runs from February 11th to February 14th. I'll announce the winner on February 15th. And of course, don't forget to visit:

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