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#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! 

Although this week has been incredibly busy I managed to sign up for the Nuthouse Scribbler's Sexy Snippets and Weekend Writing Warriors.It probably helped that Thursday and Friday were holidays here in Spain! 

Heavens knows I've drilled you all enough with my latest release Welcome Aboard, but since it's so new and I love the cover I'm going to do it for one more week. In this scene the couple has just taken a cab...

 Next Sunday I promise to post something new, but meanwhile, enjoy and don't forget to visit those awesome authors out there. 


“Behave,” he said, firmly grasping her hand and placing it on her lap.
Sticking her tongue out at him, Julie returned to watching the scenery outside. Her distraction lasted no more than a few seconds as she realized her husband’s heavy hand was still on her thigh, right above her knee. He was kneading the flesh, digging his firm digits into her supple skin, massaging it. Julie’s eyes lifted to his face. He was impassive, staring ahead at the road as if she had nothing to do with him. She had barely turned away from him again when she felt his palm sliding over her flesh and under her skirt. 

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And now #8Sunday Sentences for

Her breath hitched.
She wanted to tell him to behave but he chose that moment to ask the driver something, once more leaning forward. His hand, however, did not leave her leg. Julie swallowed. Her body was alive with tiny pinpricks of nerves, her insides melting as her husband’s long fingers stroked the inside of her thigh. She leaned against the window and opened her legs a little, giving him more access. He laughed hoarsely, still deep in conversation with the driver, while he skimmed a digit over her damp panties. Julie bit down on her lip, keeping an excited
whimper from breaking through.

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Welcome Aboard

Julie is on vacation! After months of breaking her back at the office she’s ready for a weekend of absolute relaxation: a little reading, good food and some lazing at the beach are her idea of a perfect plan. 

However, when a handsome man with a sexy smile and naughty accent takes the seat next to hers on the train she’ll enter a wicked ride of passion and delight that will blow her mind and body away.  

Get your copy at:

Oh, by the way, just as something fun to do on Easter Sunday: a long time ago (2010) I published a free short story (1000 words) at The Long and the Short of it called The Spring of Easter. If you click on the free reads tab above you can find it and read it. 

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T'n'T's Confidential: Kacey Hammell

Hey lovelies! To say goodbye to March I've got author Kacey Hammell visiting with her latest release Sweetest Salvation. I suggest you read that excerpt at the bottom *wink*. 

Sweetest Salvation
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Light Bondage
Content Warning: Contains Voyeurism, Spanking, Multiple Partners
ISBN: 978-1-77130-330-9
Available at
*An Editor’s Pick*

After the deaths of her husband and child, tragedies that she blames herself for, Andrea “Andy” Sheaver has shut herself off from the world. The only place she finds any relief from her shattered heart is Club Splendor, where she and her husband often frequented together.  There, Andy submits to pleasure and pain in situations so her grief is forgotten for a little while.

But Hunter Sullivan won’t stand idly by and watch Andy self-destruct. A friend of her husband, and the owner of Club Splendor, Hunter has kept his love for Andy hidden for years. He refuses to think of her at the club, cold and detached as she’s become, looking for an easy fix to take away the pain in her heart.  Hunter wants her to vibrant in life again and sets out to prove he is exactly who she needs.

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aRe / Bookstrand /

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013

“Mr. Sullivan is waiting for you. He said you’d know where to go.” He smiled and winked.

Cheeks on fire, she gave him a small nod and walked ahead. She moved into the bar area and looked around. The place was packed tonight.

There were a few people she recognized, but most were new faces. Hunter’s business was certainly thriving.

Bridget caught sight of her and waved. Andy did the same and turned to the left, down the hall that would take her to room fourteen and Hunter.

Movement caught the corner of her eye, and she looked to her right. At a table in the far corner, Paige and Nolan sat with another couple. She missed a step, but gained her balance again. She hadn’t thought about seeing them again. Paige waved and her husband smiled bright.

The couple’s kindness and understanding arced across the room. Andy smiled and waved back. They’d been there for her the other night. She’d be forever grateful for it.
Reaching the room, she took a deep breath and knocked. Hearing Hunter’s gruff, “Come in,” she turned the knob.
The room, similar to the one she’d used the other night, had a warmer feel to it. The fireplace ablaze, the heat of it welcomed her.

Andy’s gaze swept the room. Furnished with a full living room set, she loved the royal purple and black colors of the furniture and curtains than anything else. This room conveyed privacy and self-indulgence. Her heart rate increased just thinking of all that might have been done in this room.

It was made for sex. Especially with a glass display case that took up the most of wall. Inside were dildos, anal plugs, collars, floggers, cock rings and more toys of pleasure.

Andy’s gaze landed on Hunter where he sat in the center of the couch, arms stretched over the back of it.

“Hi, sweetheart.”

Her gaze narrowed on his and she shut the door behind her. “Don’t you sweetheart me, Hunter. And get that look off your face.”

“What look?”

“That self-righteous look. I might be here, but not for the reasons you think.”

“Then why are you here?” he questioned, his gaze unwavering.

“I wanted to tell you in person that your idea isn’t going to happen. We’ve been… friends too long. You’re Patrick’s best friend. It’s all kinds of wrong.”

He leaned forward, arms resting on his powerful thighs.

His red t-shirt molded his shoulders and the cuffs of the arms looked snug around his biceps. Damn him for being in such great shape.

She shivered, nipples tightening. She needed to get away from him.

“There, I’ve said all I have to say. Goodbye,” she muttered, and turned back toward the door.

Hunter was quickly behind her, arms encasing her as his palms pressed against the door and preventing her retreat.

His breath was warm against her ear. Andy wished she’d left her hair down. At least she wouldn’t be able to feel his breath on her neck.

A shudder ran through her. “Let me out, Hunter. I need to leave.”

“Why? You were so desperate to remain a member and be here the other night. I’m simply offering a safer solution. Me instead of strangers,” he rasped against her ear.

“I don’t have to worry about much with strangers. At least they aren’t people I have to see after the sex is over.”

Hunter pressed in closer behind her, which pushed her farther against the door. She’d always been claustrophobic. And right now, being caged in by this man, made it even harder to breathe than if she was locked in a closet. His chest was firm against her, his mouth against her ear, and his hoarse voice soft.

Her thighs rubbed together and her clit chafed against her thong. The string along her ass was snug. All she had to do was turn around and take what he offered. She wanted a cock inside her.

Dear lord, this was Hunter.

Could she step over the invisible line and take what he offered?

He was attractive, always had been to her. Hell, she’d only been married, not dead. She appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw him.

Hunter always treated with her respect and friendship. She didn’t know how much he dated but had heard women at the club mention his prowess in the bedroom. He could probably give her everything she needed. There would be a sense of safety with him at least.

And her body’s reaction to him today, while surprising, knew what it wanted. While she was sure it was a bad idea for them to journey down this path, she was overwhelmed by the sudden realization that not just any cock would do.

She wanted Hunter. Wanted only him inside her.

Her breath hitched and her lungs filled, making it hard to breathe. No, she didn`t have the courage to give into this man.

She needed to get out of this room and away from him. Grabbing the doorknob once more, Andy yanked.

Hunter’s palms never moved from the door, but in her hasty movements, his chest aligned tighter against her back.

Pressed against the door, she turned her head, her right cheek resting on it as her breasts pushed against her bra. The hard surface scraped against her clothing, which abraded her nipples. The urge to purr and rub against the wood was overwhelming.

Hunter’s body pressed against her; the cock cradling her ass told her that he was just as affected as she. His length was hard, solid. His hips dipped and shoved against the crack of her ass.

“Andy,” he whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes, willed herself to push back against him until he let her go.
Her eyes opened when she realized her hips moved against his. Her pussy quivered and her stomach clenched. There was no sense in fighting a losing battle. She wanted him.

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Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

Where to find Kacey…

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T'n'T's Confidential: Anne lange

Welcome to T'nT's Confidential! Today I'm throwing the spotlight on Etopia Press author, Anne Lange, and her contemporary erotic romance, Worth the Risk.

Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past…
Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park, ready to spend the May Two-Four holiday camping with friends. This weekend is the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give him. She had her reasons for leaving him all those years ago, but now, sex with Tanner is scorching, and when they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart. But the past doesn’t want to stay buried, and Molly isn’t sure reliving it is worth the risk…

Welcome to In A Dream Beyond, Anne!
Hi Elyzabeth! Thanks for having me.  I’m excited to be here. 
What’s your latest release about?
Worth the Risk is a reunion story. It’s about two people who grew up in a small town, fell in love and planned a life together.  Things happen, situations change, and relationships fall apart—as did this one.  Ten years later, they are reunited.  He wants to know what happened back then, but she doesn’t want to be reminded.  However, they both realize they can’t stay away from one another.  Sparks ignite, and…
Did you do any research when writing this book? Tell us about it.  
I did do a little bit of research on a medical condition that’s discussed in the story.  I didn’t have to do much, however, because, unfortunately I happen to have personal experience.  I can’t tell you a much more than that because it would give away too much of the story.  L
What is your favorite part of the novel?
I think my favorite part is the scene during the thunderstorm. Personally I love storms.  I just think they’re cool.  The energy is amazing.  I take advantage of some of that during this particular scene.  And if you like hot…well, it gets pretty hot.
Worth the Risk is your first published novel, why did you choose to become an author and what are your goals when it comes to writing?
I have been reading since I was very young.  I’m a voracious reader.  I actually tried writing years ago, but frankly, I sucked.  I’m not a professional writer and don’t have a degree in English or Journalism, but I love to read.   When I hit a crossroads in my professional career, I decided to try again, just for fun.  I was bored that day.  Surprise, surprise, this time my attempt was better. I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but I really wanted to try.  So, I started taking on-line workshops and I signed up with RWA. 
I think right from the very beginning of that second attempt I wanted to see if I could create something that could be publishable.  Along the way, I discovered that I love writing and I love learning how to write.  Now, I think that’s my goal.  I want to learn how to write well.  Yes, I want to write more books and I hope people like them enough to buy them and want more, but at the end of the day, I just want to write.  The community I now belong to is awesome!
What are your favorite genres? As a writer, are you inclined toward any one in particular?
My current favorites to read are romantic suspense, erotic romance and some paranormal (shifter) stories.  I occasionally still read a few historical, but it depends on who the author is.  I write contemporary, only because I’m more comfortable in the here and now.  I can’t seem to not write an explicit sex scene, so any story I write will lean towards the bedroom door being wide open for anybody to see, or join in.
Is there any subject you’d refuse to write about? How about the opposite, is there anything you’d love to try writing?
Hmm, good question.  I’m not sure about a particular subject. I do know I don’t want to write certain genres.  Some take a lot more work in creating intricate and complex worlds that I don’t have an interest in doing. That’s just me being lazy. J  I also think there are scenarios or aspects about subjects I couldn’t write about.  For example, I really want to try and write some good BDSM stories, but I need to be careful.  I want to titillate, not put people off.  I don’t like the scenarios that involve heavy humiliation. I’ve read a few pure Master/slave stories – and I mean–crawl on the floor like a dog and lick your boots stuff - I don’t like those.  I’ve also seen men in slave roles and it really turned me off.   I’d never attempt to write that.  Mainly, I don’t want to lean too heavily to the pure erotica side.  I want the romance to be the main focus in my stories, with the sex an added bonus. ;)
In your path to become a published author, what has been the toughest part?
Honestly, finding the time to write.  I work full time outside the home.  Trying to find the right balance between the day job, family, writing and promo has been extremely difficult.  I still haven’t found it.  I tend to focus far too much on the social aspect, and not enough on the work side of it.
What are you currently working on? 
I currently have two series underway.  One is a paranormal romantic suspense and the other is an erotic romance series.  The RS is a completely new thing for me.  As for the ménage, I’ve been working on this particular story for quite some time. It’s almost finished and the other books in that series is where I plan to take the stab at alternative lifestyles. 
Drink to stay awake – Diet Coke
Author (s) – Lorelei James, Suzanne Brockmann, Maya Banks, Catherine Anderson, Lora Leigh, Olivia Cunning, Shayla Black…just to name a VERY few.
Musician –  Nickelback, Daughtry
Book – Apache Flame by Janis Reams Hudson. It’ book 6 in her Apache series and has been out of print for years.  But it’s my absolute all-time favorite – it’s my go-to book.  I smile, I laugh, I sigh, and I cry, boy do I cry, every single time I read this one. 
Time of day DEFINITELY not the morning! 
When you’re not writing you are… probably doing promo, but hopefully reading.
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Silk or velvet? Velvet
Sweet or sour? Sour

Author BIO

Anne Lange grew up with a love of reading. In fact, if you take a close look, she’s got a book with her where ever she goes, and will usually sneak in at least a chapter or ten whenever she can spare a few minutes. She reads many genres of fiction, but prefers to write sexy romance with attractive men, strong females, and always a happily ever after.
While embarking on a career as a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. She grew up in Southern Ontario (Canada), but now makes her home in Eastern Ontario where she lives with her husband and three children, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

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How about a Sizzling Excerpt?

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#8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

Happy Sunday, readers! Silly me, I left signing up to #SexySnippets for the last minute and arrived too late. So today, I'm only offering Weekend Writing Warrior #8Sunday sentences. 

The 8 sentences below belong once more, to my upcoming release on March 26th, Welcome Aboard. Today, for the first time I'm sharing the cover with my blogger friends! I hope you like it and enjoy reading the sentences! 

Beware Adult material. 

She was so close. His seesaw movements increased in pace and she squeezed his fingers, pulling them deep inside, desperate to tumble over the edge. She cried out, the sound disappearing against the hand that William gently clapped over her mouth.
 “I can’t wait to have you somewhere more private so I can hear those screams at their full volume.”

Her eyes widened in surprise just as her body responded with submission, surrendering to the passion in her loins and flooding her senses. Her body convulsed, twitched and her moans emptied onto the firm palm over her mouth. The idea excited her, brought her over the edge again and again. She couldn’t be heard, she shouldn’t be heard and yet she reveled in crying out her thundering release onto the hand that held her. 

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 A Romance on the Go short story brought to you by Evernight Publishing. Release Date March 26th!

  Julie is on vacation! After months of breaking her back at the office she’s ready for a weekend of absolute relaxation: a little reading, good food and some lazing at the beach are her idea of a perfect plan. However, when a handsome man with a sexy smile and naughty accent takes the seat next to hers on the train she’ll enter a wicked ride of passion and delight that will blow her mind and body away.