Sunday, July 30, 2017

He could still smell him--#WeekendWritingWarriors and #SexySnippets from my current WIP *Moon Point 2* #shifters #malemale #romance

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Today I'm continuing with  book two of Moon Point. The first story was published in the Evernight Publishing anthology, Owned by the Alpha. I've shared previous snippets from this story -when I first started writing it- so you might remember the characters, Lee and Alkaline.

I've jumped further ahead in the story. Last week Alkaline was telling Lee that they'd never be together, but let's see how he's faring a few days later.


*This snippet has been edited to keep to guidelines. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alkaline took in a deep breath. He shut his eyes and kneaded his temple. It had been days and he could still smell him. The scent of mountainous wilderness impregnated everything around him and wouldn't leave.
Granted, he'd managed to corner his beast into submission, but he was still restless. Out of control. His stomach cramped with anxiety. The lion continued to have a say on his emotions. He hated it.
"Are you okay?"

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Going anywhere, kit?"-- #midweektease from my current WIP #erotic #contemporary #shifters #paranormal #LGBT #MM

Happy Hump day, lovelies!

Today I'm sharing a snippet from my current WIP, tentatively titled Alpha's Alpha (Moon Point 2).
Alpha's Sunshine (Moon Point 1) appeared in Evernight Publishing's anthology, Owned by the Alpha.


Oblivious to his presence, Lee locked the door and headed toward the large metal garbage containers. The wind picked up. Lee dropped the bags and spun. Alkaline grinned. Whoever said a puma’s sense of smell wasn’t very good, clearly hadn’t met his mate. Squaring his shoulders, Alkaline stepped into the light.
"Going anywhere, kit?"
He didn’t know where the pet name came from, but he loved saying it and watching how Lee responded to the tiny word. It was as if the puma’s rough exterior peeled off and he could peek inside, into a place reserved only for them.
Sadly, the effect didn’t last. Lee crossed his arms over his chest and glared at him.
"What do you want, Alkaline?"
 Alkaline stopped two inches from him. Lee didn’t budge, but his nostrils flared and a spark reappeared in his eyes.