Saturday, May 23, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from Not Today (Billion Dollar Love Anthology) #contemporary romance #Bestseller

Happy Sunday, everyone!

First of all, apologies! I wasn't able to visit last week's posts.  I wasn't feeling too great and I've had way too much work.

Second, I'm interrupting my snippets from A Tempest of Passion, to share from my story, Not Today, part of the Billion Dollar Love Anthology. The anthology hit the US and International best selling list this week! There's a limited offer going on right now where you can get it for less than a dollar!

If you happen to be part of my Facebook group or follow me on Facebook, you might know I started this thing called "One Minute Excerpt", in which I read for a minute from a book -mine or another author's. This week I read from Not Today, and I'm continuing right where I left off from the video.

Feel free to watch the video and me being a bit silly. :-p




 Damn it, this was no time to be susceptible to him.

“Or else she wouldn’t have allowed it. You’re a slippery one, Ms. Garcia.”

Amalia stiffened. “How do you know my last name?”

Clay’s blue gaze raked over her, and his grin turned predatory.
Her traitorous body responded with a wave of panty-wetting arousal, just as it had the night she’d met him at the BDSM club and caught sight of him standing at the back of the room surveilling everyone as if he were the owner. If he’d appeared sooner, she’d have sought him out to play and not Adrian.

“You invade my property and I make sure to find out who you are and if you are a threat to me or my assets.” Amalia narrowed her gaze.

“That’s spying, and it’s illegal.”

“So is breaking and entering,” Clay pointed out.

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Billion Dollar Love

Get ready for our billionaire bad boys...

Our eleven hand-picked stories are a delicious treat for romance lovers. The heroes are filthy rich, naughty, and need the right woman to show them that money can't buy love. Some have earned their fortunes legally, and others dominate the underground. One thing they have in common—when they finally fall in love, they fall hard.

Enjoy one story a day, or binge the entire anthology.


Couture, Champagne & Little White Lies by Kait Gamble

The Billionaire’s Lost Love by Allegra Grey

Brewing Up Love with the Billionaire by Laura M. Baird

Trip by Lynn Burke

Bratva’s Angel by Winter Sloane

Naughty Billionaire by Sam Crescent

Sutter by Raven McAllan

Violet’s Vengeance by Tesla Storm

His Vengeful Heart by Beth D. Carter

Family Business by Rose Wulf

Not Today by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from A Tempest of Passion #shifters #regencyromance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I'm sharing yet another snippet from A Tempest of Passion as I'm not ready to share any from my current WIP just yet.

I'm continuing in the same scene. Emily is non too pleased William is there, but things could change... What can I say, I'm a sucker for a beautiful smile :)




Abruptly, he turned away, a small smile playing on his lips as if he knew something she ignored.
 Emily shifted in her seat, searching for words to dismiss the unpleasant man. 
“Your parents…?” he asked.
“Have gone for a walk,” she responded mechanically. “It is their routine at this hour. I shall tell them you have called.”
“Please do. Though, it is you I have come to see. After I found you unconscious on the terrace and brought you back inside, I lost sight of you and wanted to see how you were faring.” 

He smiled at her, a brilliant, earnest smile that had her taking back her thoughts on his appearance.

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Author Elyzabeth M. Valey's virtual home. I write erotic romance in different genres, from paranormal to dark romance, contemporary, fantasy, or hi...

A Tempest of Passion

Emily Bunsbury is most definitely not a fainter. She prefers to leave that sort of shenanigans to young debutants and to those desperate to land a husband. She is neither.

Except last night she passed out and was rescued by none other than the town’s most eligible bachelor: William Dalton. Of course, she wants nothing to do with him, but her heart and body don’t seem to be in agreement…
Banished from his pack for a crime he did not commit, William Dalton does not have the desire or the time to court women, yet, when he meets Emily Bunsbury he is incapable of staying away. Certain that it is nothing more than a passing fancy and not the mating pull, he pursues her.
However, as the unknown threat that expelled him from his pack strikes again, William realizes that Emily means much more and he must keep her safe. Now, if only she’d agree to his terms…
As danger grows with each passing day, will the couple learn to trust each other or will their love be nothing more than a temporary tempest of passion?
Available at: Evernight Publishing ~~ Bookstrand ~~ ~~

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Book Spotlight on Come with me (Those who survived) by Beth D. Carter #DystopianRomance #authorinterview


Those Who Survived Part One
      Lainey is one of the few that survived the virus that ravaged the human population. In order to remain safe, she stays away from people, preferring to live on her own. Not trusting anyone. Until one night she’s attacked and rescued by a stranger who insists that there’s still good in the world.
      Nolan has a fantastical story of a new civilization in Canada, and urges her to go with him. Lainey doesn’t know if she believes him or not, but the unknown is enough to scare her away. Yet day after day he slowly breaks down her walls, opening her up to the possibility that she might be strong enough to take a chance not only on him, but herself as well. 
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1.What was your inspiration behind this book?
I love writing about dystopian worlds because you can basically create your own version of the future. And since I happen to like writing about women who don’t know their own strength, this genre lets my imagination soar.
2. Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your  story it affects how you relate to others?
Yes.  I’m an introvert to begin with, but when my brain is filled with how to write the next scene I can go for days and forget to call my mom or put off grocery shopping until the next day, and then the next day after that.  Before I know it, a week has gone by without shaving my legs.  Gross.
3. Are you in any of your books?
There’s a little bit of me in every book, I think.  Maybe it’s just a random thought or a gesture, but something of me is in all my characters. 

4.  Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Total pantser, although in my mind I do have an idea of where the story is headed.  My characters always surprise me when they make a one eighty from where I thought the story was going.  But as a writer you should always listen to your characters, because they’re basically your muse talking to you.

5. What is your favorite line, or scene, that you wrote in Come With Me?

I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this story. I wanted something clever but one line kept jumping from the page: Come with me. Nolan says it several times to Lainey. I eventually reached a point where I realized that one phrase meant everything.

6. If you could choose, which published author would you like to brainstorm with and why?

Lisa Kleypas because I love how she paces her novels and I’d love to pick her brain on how she plots them out. Or Julia Quinn because she’s hilarious and I have a feeling she likes wine like I do.

7. When you were little, did you ever think you'd be a published author? What was your "dream" job as a child?

My dream job as a child was being Indiana Jones.  When that didn’t pan out, I became responsible by going into the medical field. Being an author was always in the world of fantasy. I grew up in the early Eighties in the backwoods of Missouri, so no, I never thought in a million years I’d be a published author.  Thank holy heck for modern technology!  Ebook publishing opened up doors to me, and to many talented authors, to make our dreams possible.

8. What was the worst job you ever had while working towards being a published author?

I worked one day as an assistant to a urologist. I thought seeing penises all day long would be cool but come to find out, there’s a big different between thirty year old penises and seventy year old ones. 

9. And last, do you have anything you would like to say to your current readers or to those that haven't yet read your work(s)?

First, I’m a really funny person but my humor is dry, bordering on sarcastic. I put a lot of that in my stories, usually in the form of a sidekick or secondary character. Second, I write stories because I want people to read them.  I write for the love of writing.  And I love feedback.  Yes, I’m trying to make a living but nothing makes me happier than to get an email from someone saying they liked something I wrote (or if you didn’t like it, please nicely tell me why it sucked).  So drop me a line anytime to say hi…you can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:

Name 5 pet peeves that simply drive you insane.
My 5 writing pet peeves…
1. My job. When I go to my day job I have to put my writer brain on hold and sometimes that is so irritating, especially when I get an epiphany about the plot.
2. Insomnia. You’d think staying up at night would be a great time to write, but insomnia turns your brain to mush and renders it unable to string coherent words together.
3. Social Media. Need I say more?
4. My muse.  I’m hard at work trying to write out a complicated and scene and she’s like “Wait!  I’ve got this awesome idea for another story!” Most of the time she wakes me up at three am.  Bitch.
5. Character changes.  Most of the time I can envision the beginning and ending to a story, but every once in a while the ending slips away, due to the direction of where the characters take me.  When that happens I struggle a lot to maintain the plot.  I’ve shelved some great stories because of this.

“You’ve amassed quite a bit of provisions.”
“I scavenged the homes of people who left. I never went into the ones where the dead were.”
“Because the houses had become tombs?”
She sat down on the couch. “For a while, when the wind would blow a certain way, I would catch a whiff of the dead. It made me want to throw-up. I think the remaining people made an exodus out of here because of the smell.”
He sat down next to her. “Why didn’t you go with them?”
“Didn’t really have anywhere to go,” she replied with a shrug. “I’ve thought about leaving for a long time but always wondered where would I go? What would I face out there? Without a solid plan, it just seemed too risky.”
“And you don’t take risks,” he concluded.
“No, I don’t.”
“I was a risk.” He tapped his chest. “Bringing a stranger into your sanctuary was a huge risk.”
“You had a dozen times you could’ve hurt me,” she said, taking a deep breath. “Something tells me I can trust you and my instincts are rarely wrong. You can help me put the fence up so I’ll be protected, and then you can continue on your journey.”
“There’s another option you know.”
She cocked her head. “What’s that?”
“You can come with me.”
This was the second time he’d mentioned that, and like the last time, she shook her head. “I’m not cut out for that type of unknown. Besides, I don’t know you.”
“You know me more than you think you do. Come on, name three things you know about me.”
“I don’t-”
“I bet you could quote just about every English lit novel ever written,” he said, interrupting her. “You don’t trust that easily, but when you do, your devotion is complete.” He folded his arms across his chest. “And your least favorite color is red because it reminds you of blood.”
She blinked, completely taken aback. “How could you possibly know all that?”
He shrugged. “Observation. Come on, say three things about me now.”
“You…used to be in the navy. And you’re from Arizona.”
He nodded. “And?”
“I, uh, don’t know your least favorite color. Or your favorite.”
“I like green and hate purple,” he said. “But you got two out of three. That’s a start.”
She admired his confidence but didn’t hold out much hope he’d be around long enough for her to learn anything else about him. All the while, ignoring a little voice that had been gaining volume in her head, pushing her to do that very thing. To run. Escape. Yet fear held her back.
“You’re wrong, you know,” he murmured. “The person who would bike ride all the way

from Malibu to Sherman Oaks is completely up for an unknown adventure.”

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I began reading my mom’s Harlequin Presents in the fifth grade, and from the first story I knew I wanted to write romance novels. I like writing about the very ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so my heroines will probably never be lawyers, doctors or corporate highrollers.  I try to write characters who aren't cookie cutters and push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box.  I love writing characters who are real, complex and full of flaws, heroes and heroines who find redemption through love. You can find me on the web at: