Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm going to Sweden!

Dear all,

I’ve been keeping this a secret for the past month now, but the time has come to come clean… I’m going to Sweden! *dances around excitedly* My plane leaves in about two hours and I can hardly wait.

I’m going to spend a few days in the cold north visiting my best friend whom I haven’t seen in 3 years. Besides seeing my friend and spending time with her, I look forward to learning about Viking history (did you know there is a Museum of Medieval Stockholm?) and putting it to use in future WIP’s.

See you all in a week! Don’t be too naughty *wink*

Ola Ericson/
Ola Ericson/

Thursday, November 22, 2012

December Scavenger Hunt

December Promo Scavenger Hunt With Free Holiday Story Book Give Away and Site Wide Discount Code Scramble

Happy holidays! Silver Publishing wants to give our fans more than 60 chances to win either a free Holiday Story from our 25 Days of Christmas Releases or for a lucky random five 20% off codes! And if you are really dedicated there is a Word Scramble included that will provide a discount for titles purchased during the last week of December!

To make it even more exciting, the authors participating may offer new and interesting content or contests of their own to help distract from the frantic pace of the holidays.

So, how does it work?

In a nutshell: Find all the snowflakes every day, email us at with the author name/date for each snowflake you find, check our blog daily to see if you won and then use the pertinent snowflakes to spell out an additional discount code to use at the end of the month.

Not in a nutshell: Participants go to the following blogs every day in December and find the hidden snowflakes. There will be at least two, sometimes three snowflakes to be found among the list of facebook/blogs/websites below for our authors. The snowflake will look like a variation of this: 

Find them all for the maximum amount of chances to win.

Once you find the snowflake, note the letter, number or character as well as the numerical indicator (if present) on the snowflake for the scramble. The numbered snowflakes will line up to spell out your discount code.

Email us at with the name of the blog/website where the snowflakes were hidden on that date.

Important email format: Please put only the name of one author and the date in your subject line - for maximum chances to win, each snowflake/author found should be its own email for an increased daily chance to win.

If your email subject line includes the correct answer you will be entered into a random drawing to win the Christmas Release for the day you found the snowflake. There will be at least 2 winners per day; five days there will be 3 winners.

Winners will be notified in our new BLOG here: = (bookmark this link so that you can check back each day.) If you are the winner for that day, email us with your email address and format desired to so that we can get your prize to you quickly.

Helpful hints: Some authors will have more than one snowflake during the event. But authors will only post one snowflake per day so search them all every day. Don’t leave any out for maximum chances to win.

Once you have found all the snowflakes, line up the letters, characters and numbers based on the numerical indicator (when present) to spell out our Holiday message and receive a discount code that will be active from Dec 25 – 31st.

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If the authors are running additional contests, take advantage for additional ways to win throughout the month.

Here is your list and GOOD LUCK!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey - author of Punishing Santa

Freddy MacKay - author of Snowed

Annabelle Jacobs - author of Snowflakes and Strangers

Pelaam - author of Christmas Magic

Rebecca Leigh - author of The Angel's Fall

N Phillips - author of The Christmas Mix Up

Grace Roselyn - author of The Treasure of Christmas

Ellen Heights - author of Three Men and a Christmas Goddess

Mathilde Watson:

Andi Anderson

Lillian Frances - author of When Love Flue In

Azura Ice - author of Wrapped Around Your Handlebars

Ashlynn Monroe - author of A Most Unexpected Gift

SJD Peterson

EM Lynley

Gregg A. Endless

Elinor Gray

Emma Paul

Caitlin Ricci

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Lisa Worrall


Jessica E. Subject

RC Bonitz

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D. McEntire

T. C. Archer

Tarah Scott

The Mischief Corner

Lily Harlem

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S.A. Garcia

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Eve Tesoro

Silver Blog

Scarlet Blackwell - author of Homeless at Christmas

NJ Neilsen - author of A Moon-Runner Christmas

TN Tarrant - author of A Not So Straight Christmas

Karly Maddison - author of A Puppy for Christmas

Toni Griffin - author of A Very Holland Christmas

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Heidi Lynn Anderson - author of Christmas Longing

LM Brown - author of Someone Like You

Vicktor Alexander - author of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Jannie Lund - author of Clear as Glass

Piper Whitney - author of Fractured Heart

Nicole Dennis - author of 7 Days of Christmas

Kim Fielding - author of Joys R Us

Silvia Violet - author of Needing a Little Christmas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

T n'T's Confidential: C.P. Foster

Welcome to another T n'T's Confidential date and Happy Thanksgiving!! Today I've got author C.P. Foster stopping by with a blog post of her own to tell us about her recent release Five Haunting Nights: A love Story in Serial.

C.P. Foster is a creative geek who’s been writing all her life. Her first story was a Nancy Drew fanfic at the age of 9. Nowadays, her subjects are no longer so innocent. She’s been practicing BDSM for 15+ years, and likes to walk on the wild side.

Welcome C.P.! 

Hi, Elyzabeth, thanks for having me over! It’s great to be here.

I wanted to talk about my recent release, Five Haunting Nights: A Love Story in Serial. It started out as a single story for Etopia’s “Halloween Heat III” anthology, about a woman who has a ghost lover that she sees one night a year—on Halloween. One of my beta readers said she wanted to know how Olivia and her lover met, and another suggested it could be made into a series. So I thought, why not? I loved the characters, and liked the idea of spending more time with them. I decided to write five short stories of their Halloweens together that would tell how they met, how the relationship developed, and what happens to them in the end.

When I set out to write the first story, I wanted to use certain explicit words that some people consider offensive, and to change how those words are perceived. My goal was to use them in a sensuous way that expressed affection and eventually love between the characters. In writing it I got past some of my own discomfort with those words, and hopefully my readers will agree. I’d be very interested to hear what they have to say about that. If any of you would like to give me your thoughts on it, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook.

As a gift to my readers, I’m posting a series of free short-short stories on my blog, Aphrodite’s Writer. I hope you enjoy them!

A summary of Five Haunting Nights:

One night of love to last all year…forever.

At midnight on Halloween, in a crumbling old Victorian house, he answers her invitation. His invisible seduction begins with music, then with words that shock and arouse. From his unseen lips, “whore” is a silken caress that makes Olivia flush with desire, while his ghostly hands pleasure her body. But at sunrise, he is gone.

Each Halloween, her mysterious phantom spends the night making love to her, mastering her body and soul. But it can’t go on forever. The place is falling into ruin, and it will eventually be too dangerous to enter. But Olivia can’t bear to let him go…

A complete love story, told in serial

“Night of Seduction”
“Reunion Night”
“Bittersweet Night”
“Night of Truth”
“Night’s End”


“Are you begging, then?”

“Yes.” She squirmed, ass rubbing against him.

When his hand left her, she made a frustrated sound. He tugged at the waistband of her bloomers. “Get rid of these before I tear them off.”

He withdrew while she wriggled out of the garment, and the moment it was gone, he shoved her back several steps until she hit the wall. It was a bizarre sensation, having a very real body pressed hard against hers when she could see nothing but the room behind him. Olivia shut her eyes. She felt his cock seeking her entrance and realized he must have undone his pants. Pinning her there, he found the place he wanted and thrust deep inside. Olivia felt the tension in his body and the rapid rise and fall of his chest as he eased out and then back in. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she arched, trying to ride him.

“Be still!” he hissed. “Or I’ll spend myself.”

Trembling, she forced herself to obey. He began a slow grind that had her crying out with need, and her cunt tightened involuntarily around him.

“Damn it.” He shuddered against her as he came.

Pressing her face to his shoulder, she muffled a wail.

He laughed. “It’s your own fault, ladybird. If you beg a bit more, perhaps I’ll relieve that ache in your notch.” Pulling out of her, he slid his hand between their bodies and found her swollen clitoris.


“Call me sir, and I’ll consider it.”

Olivia sank her fingernails into his back. “Please, sir!”

He stroked so slowly she wanted to scream. “Like that?”


Beg a little more.”

“Sir, please, oh, gods, more, don’t stop—”

He shoved his tongue between her lips as he began to finger her clit. She heard the sticky wet sound of her cunt as he went faster, giving her what she needed. The orgasm hit so hard that she banged her head against the wall.

“Easy!” He laughed and kept stroking while she spasmed helplessly. When she’d slowed to a stop, he gave her thigh a cheerful pinch. “I think you’ve got more in you than that. Let’s find out.”

Strong arms lifted her, so that she seemed to levitate above the floor. She held on tightly as he carried her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. The ghost set her down on a soft feather mattress. “Get those boots off, whore. I want you naked.”

It took a few moments to unlace them, and he moved away while she obeyed. The air stirred, but she couldn’t tell where he was. Olivia set the boots aside and listened intently, but he gave her no clue until the bed shifted. His naked body came to rest against hers. Something wet slid over her nipple, and she moaned as his mouth closed around it. She started to comb her fingers into his hair, but he stopped her and instead guided them between her legs.

“Go ahead, little ladybird. Pleasure yourself.”

A hot tide of arousal washed over her. He teased her nipple with his teeth and caressed her other breast as she drew lazy circles around her clit. When he sucked again, harder, she slid two fingers into her cunt and rode them the way she’d wanted to ride his cock. They came out glistening wet. He began to breathe faster, and she knew he was watching as she massaged her clit in long, slow strokes, gradually speeding up until her hips were arching, so close, so close—

“Stop,” he commanded.

End excerpt

You can buy Five Haunting nights at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance

Follow C. P. Foster on Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wednesday Brief your hump day dose of flash fiction

Greetings everyone!

After neglecting my Brief's for the past couple of weeks thanks to Nanowrimo (I currently stand at 43008 words), I thought it was high time to take a break and write a little short for your reading pleasure.

With the prompts French, corset and stamps I came up with this sweet little story that I hope you enjoy. Next week there will be no prompt as I'll be far, far away investigating other cultures, but more on that in another post ;-) Meanwhile, enjoy this story and as always, don't forget to visit the other awesome flasher's of the bunch!

A heart of words

She glanced at the sealed envelope before her, the French stamps standing out against the stark white paper of the envelope and the bold slanted strokes of the familiar handwriting on the front.

Lady Samantha R. Jenkings

Nervous anxiety clawed its way inside her stomach and she took a deep breath in an attempt to force it away. She became faint as the stays on her corset barely gave way to the oxygen fighting its ways into her lungs. Shutting her eyes, she fought of the nausea crawling up her throat. She took another breath, this one smaller, more controlled. Her brow dampened and she cursed her maid for lacing her so tight.

"Ms. Jenkins your waist is too wide, your husband will not be pleased.”

Her husband, the thought had made her shiver with excitement and apprehension. He wasn’t truly her husband, not yet anyways. Lord Baudin was her fiancée and she doubted that when he asked for her hand in marriage he cared for the size of her waist.

A flutter of panic breached into her chest. What if he had seen her unbeknownst to her and that was why he hadn’t shown up today? Her eyes popped open and she stared at the square piece of paper. How many of these had she stored in her drawer? No, he was a man of his word. He would not return to France and simply leave a letter as his farewell. Another letter. Soon after her father had let her know that Lord Baudin had asked for her hand in marriage she had started receiving the notes. At first they were impersonal, a matter of two people bound to get marriage by strict societal terms getting to know each other better. Then, something changed.

She wasn't sure if it was in her tone or his, but abruptly everything became more personal, more intimate. Every letter became a confession, a secret of that person thrown out into the open. Sometimes, it was well hidden among the niceties, but it was always there. A favorite color, a way of thought, a dream. No. His leaving without a goodbye was not a possibility, not after all the letters throughout the seven months of their courtships. If he was unpleased by her appearance, by her thoughts or the feelings she had thrown into her words, he would have told her. Lord Buadin, Jean, was not a shy man. Not only had he confronted and gained his father’s trust but he’d been open in all his letters.

Yet, today, the day they were to meet at last, he did not appear. In his stead Milly, her maid, had brought it to her on a silver tray. She’d sent her away and sat down before her dressing table glancing at the sheer piece of paper for the last five minutes. Straigtening, she reached for the envelope with trembling fingers and tore it open. Her heart hammered in her ears as she flipped it around, waiting for the paper to slip out into her palm. Instead, a round and shiny object tumbled onto her lap. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she stared at the simple gold band with a ruby stone. She desperately searched the envelope for a note but there was nothing. She stood up her fast her wide skirts pushed the bench onto the floor. Unminding, she raced to the door of her bedroom and threw it open. Milly’s name died on her lips as she came face to face with a man she’d never seen before but, which she knew without a fault was Jean Baudin.

Blue eyes full of unconstrained mirth lit up and a smile tugged at the corner of his plump red lips. Reaching for the hand where she still held the ring, he grazed it with a soft kiss that sent shivers of awareness down her spine.

“Samantha, ma chérie.”

“Jean.” She stepped closer into his lean body, her breath haggard and her mind buzzing at this unexpected surprise. “I thought--”

“I told you I’d come, chérie?”

She nodded. “Yet—“

“Yet—“ He closed the short space between them, his large hand cupping her face, his thumb brushing over her cheek. “business delayed me and I sent a courier with my last letter.” His smile bloomed fully and her heart accelerated. “I see you got it.”

He pried her palm open, taking the ring from her grasp. Samantha swallowed.

“Yes, I got it.”

“We have spoken long through letters, Sammy.”

Samantha blushed and lowered her lashes, a sudden shyness taking over her. He’d only called her Sammy in letters, his endearment, for her and her alone. She felt his hand on her waist, the other tilting her chin so she would look at him.

“Some things cannot be told with written words, Sammy. Some feelings--” His head lowered until his lips hovered an inch above hers. “--Are made to be spoken aloud and demonstrated day by day.”

His sky blue eyes searched her face and lingered over her mouth. Samantha closed her eyes as he softly kissed her, the soft warm touch sending tingles all over her body. “I love you, Sammy, will you be my wife?”

Her eyes flew open and she smiled. Taking the ring from him, she slid it onto her finger. “Yes.”  Tentatively, she caressed his jaw before standing on her toes and finding his lips. “Je t’aime Jean,” she whispered before kissing her soon be husband and the man who’d captured her heart with words.

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