Thursday, October 31, 2013

On your marks, get set...NANOWRIMO!

It's here! It's started! November 1st is the date many authors have been waiting for (or is that dreading?). Nanowrimo has oficially kicked off and a lot of writers are leaving everything aside to reach that 50.000 word count- myself included.

I've been participating in Nanowrimo for the past five years. My first attempt was an untitled story for which I even wrote a synopsis and the beginning of a blurb:

What if your imagination became a reality?
Devinia is trapped between two races that will do anything to have her save their world.

For some reason, at that moment in time, I didn't find the story good enough and I never edited it or searched for a publishing house that could adopt it. *shrug* Maybe I will go back to it someday.

My second Nanowrimo participation was also a winner. This time, in more ways than one. Nanowrimo 2009 brought to life the story of Angelica and Alexander. You might have heard of this couple before because they are the lead characters of my first full length published novel A Decade of Longing.

2010 was the first year in which I did not Nanowrimo. Life got complicated and it was impossible for me to write a 50.000 word story in a month.

2011 I tried. I meant to write a medieval erotic romance, but the project never made it past the 5000 word mark. 

Last year, I wrote the story of a dragon- demon shifter... sound familiar? A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood was born from last year's Nanowrimo. After the month was up I expanded the story into a whopping 62000 something words, edited and sent it to Evernight Publishing.

And now, 2013 is upon us. This year I've actually done most of my research before launching into Nanowrimo. I also have a pretty clear outline of the way I want the story to go. Things will change, of course, but I'm hopping that at least, I'll be able to reach that elusive 50,000 word count and get William and Emily's story out there. *fingers crossed*

Good luck to everyone! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a spooky night!

Remember that today is the last day to participate in Brynna's 31 Days of Halloween and Evernight's 25% Discount on Paranormal novels! (It's your chance to buy A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood *wink)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TnT Confidential: Michael Mandrake/Sharita Lira and N’awlins Exotica Paranormal

 Hello lovelies and happy Thursday! Today I have author Sharita Lira/Michael Mandrake/BL Morticia popping in to share her latest release and some words on a taboo item: Twincest.

The Appeal of Twin Love
Sharita Lira

Greetings readers, so glad you stopped by to listen to me today. My topic is the appeal of twin love or twincest which derives from the word incest. Yeah I know, you think it’s yucky. Sex between family members is totally taboo. I used to think this and actually some of the “cest” still doesn’t do it for me but it’s something about twins, especially twin men that makes it hot as hell.

Why? Two men who look exactly alike in most cases and they’re making love to one another. It’s like having sex with yourself with a mirror nearby. *giggles* Yes that’s how I view it. Not that long ago, I didn’t see myself actually writing it but then, a reader came to me and requested a story. You might know her, Judie S, who is also known as Honey Bunny. At times she does promo for several authors and when I started writing as Michael Mandrake almost 3 years ago, she put a request in the comments on my blog to write a twincest story. I was really flattered that someone was reading my freebie and asking me to write a story, then I said, twincest? OMG, how can I do that? I worried about how I’d do it and what kind of story. Most of all, I was challenging my own moralities sort of speak because I’d always been taught any kind of incest is wrong. But if we totally went by the “book” then every erotica book would be banished right? Seems that way with how retailers are going after erotica authors but that’s another topic for another day.

Going back to my point, it took me awhile to get around to it. Not only because of my own fears but also the books I was working on. Michael was pretty prolific when I first started writing under him. Now, he fades back in the shadows and waits his turn but when me and the muse discussed doing an erotica story, he jumped at the chance. Although he is usually the least “sexual” muse, he loved the idea of tapping into a taboo fantasy of twin brothers in love. And when we finally talked to Judie, Ryland and Ryder Durand were born. Twin vamps who are identical but with different personalities. Ryland is the more conservative, stuffy, and timid character while Ryder is ragged, bold, and fearless. In the story, you can clearly tell by their speech and their dress how different they are. I’m sure this happens in real life too and being immortal is what makes them special.

So what is the appeal? Love between brothers, hot scorching love and sex. The vampire thing makes it easy too and even though they aren’t human, they wrestle with the fact it isn’t accepted but hey, it happens in books and in real life. I wanted to bring that reality to my tale and I hope I succeeded. Ryland and Ryder are on their third book with two more to go before I put them in Michael’s other projects and thanks to Judie as well as awesome authors like Lee Brazil and Sage Whistler, I was able to do this series with confidence.

So, if you’re into erotica, any kind, don’t dismiss some subgenres quickly just because it seems yucky. I’ve read some other “cests” since then and I enjoyed a few. I learned to expand my mind as a reader and author, and because of that, I created a story I’m very proud of.

What about you? What are some of the taboos in fiction you’ll never touch? Is twincest one of them and if so, tell me why. Thanks for listening.

Mon Frere, My True Love N’awlins Exotica Paranormal #1  

Blurb: Twin vamps Ryland and Ryder Durand are only different in personality while the rest is exactly the same. Ryland, the author is calm and conservative while Ryder the club owner is wild and lewd. However, the brothers share the same dark desire and haven’t informed one another. Will that bring them closer together or sever their relationship for all eternity?

Mon Amour, Forever More N’awlins Exotica Paranormal #2  

Blurb: Identical twins, Ryland and Ryder Durand have consummated their relationship but jealousy and concern about their personality clashes have brought problems to their seemingly perfect union. Will the brothers stay together despite the challenges?

Author Sharita Lira: In one word, crazy. Just crazy enough to have 3 different muses running around in her head, driving her to sheer exhaustion with new plot bunnies and complex characters.

This happily married mother of two beautiful children loves music, computers, reading, and still enjoys reading and writing fanfiction. She’s a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of LGBT citizens.  She’s also a contributor to the heavy metal ezine

For more information, please visit as well as her Facebook fanpage, The Literary Triad.

The Literary Triad -!

Michael Mandrake –

Sunday, October 27, 2013

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Crimson Rope Anthology: Liberating Lua

Welcome, welcome! As always, thank you for visiting *smile*

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you might have noticed that this week I got cover art! The Crimson Rope, an upcoming BDSM anthology which will release in November has a very delicious cover which you can see at the bottom of this post along with its blurb.

To celebrate it's upcoming release and the sexylicious cover, this week's sentences belong to my story: Liberating Lua. The blurb is below, but just so you have an idea, this is a Medieval tale and Lua has been taught that sex is an obligation. Jürgen her husband has some thoughts on the matter...

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

With Lua Mirabella, he had never broached the subject –it was not something one discussed while courting such a fine lady. Besides, he knew she would be ready to obey his every order and command. He was Lord and Master of the castle and thus he was Lord and Master of Lua, but he wanted more. He didn’t only want to order her about and have her obey like a mindless dummy. He didn’t want to ask her to spread her legs and have her lie beneath him like a rag doll. She was just tatters of the strong woman he knew lay beneath. Fucking a woman that did not moan, move, or react was infuriating. He wanted to give her pleasure and like that, he could not.
More Weekend Writing Warriors? Click Here  || Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

More Sexy Snippets? Click Here  || Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Unleash your kinky side with six titillating BDSM tales.

Let The Crimson Rope bind you in an erotic adventure sure to please, with skilled Dom’s and sexy submissives that are willing to explore their boundaries. From pleasured gasps to stinging desire, the authors of this anthology will not only seduce you, but leave you begging for more.

Liberating Lua:

Lord Jürgen GreyStorm, is married to the love of his life, Lady Lua
Mirabella. Marriage, however, is not what he expected. His adored wife is unresponsive when he lies between her legs every night, the idea that sex is a sin instilled into her since childhood. Furthermore,
Jürgen`s way of love involves chains, spanks and dominance in a way that he fears, would drive his Lua away forever.

For Lady Lua Mirabella sex is an obligation. Or at least, that’s what
she’s been taught that it should be. The truth is, that her tactic of
lying stiff as a board while her beloved husband ruts into her is
driving her insane and him away. She loves Jürgen but when she
discovers his dark tastes, she will have to decide whether to submit
to him fully and willingly or step away.

Coming Soon to Evernight Publishing

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eden Summer Cover Reveal and Giveaway! Passionate Addiction: Reckless Beat Book II

Coming on November 15th, the second book in the Reckless Beat rock star series.

 He’s been her ultimate untouchable desire.
Nothing says happy birthday like a rock god flying thousands of miles to surprise a woman he's never met. But that's exactly what happens to Gabi Smith when she gives her long distance best friend a flippant invitation to her laid back girl’s night out. She never expected to turn on the dance floor and find Blake Kennedy’s gaze holding her body captive.

She’s his everything and he’s never laid eyes on her.
Gabi means more to Blake than life itself. She’s his strength, his savior, and the only person who helped to vanquish his demons. No one means more to him than his angel. So when things between them start to sizzle, he's ready to fight for the future he never thought he would deserve.

Skeletons from his past will threaten his only chance at love...
Blake has come a long way—with Gabi's help—to leave the hell of his youth behind him, but sometimes memories don’t want to stay buried. Determined to stand on his own for once, Blake is willing to stretch the truth to keep his troubles from burdening the woman he adores.

Little white lies can create black holes in any relationship. Only time will tell if an Aussie with a heart of gold will forgive her bad-boy boyfriend or if the deceit will end his passionate addiction.


Make sure you follow the Eden Summers Facebook page to participate in all the fun leading up to the release of Passionate Addiction. There will be giveaways, live chats, teaser quotes, and much more.



Eden Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.
In late 2010, Eden's romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her mind.
Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

TnT Confidential: Lily Sawyer

Welcome, welcome, to another edition of TnT Confidential! Today I have fellow briefer and lovely author Lily Sawyer coming in for a visit and answering my questions. Read on to find out more about her and her writing.

Welcome Lily to In A Dream Beyond! Prepare yourself for an evil questionnaire.  Muahaha! I will try not to spook you too much. *grin*

As a first time visitor, I must ask: When did you start writing and why?
I started writing way back in high school.  After I graduated I took an adult enrichment writing class.  I didn’t write anything of any significance again until I found the internet in 1997.   I am a Star Trek fan and enjoyed reading fanzines,  but it wasn’t until I got online that I discovered other fans.  I was also interested in “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”   show and got into the fandom and was encouraged by another writer to start writing fan fiction and that is where it all began for me.    Then I got into Brokeback Mountain and my interest in gay romance was born. 

What’s your usual writing process like?  I tend to get inspired by everyday events,  sometimes news events.   I will weave my own life experiences into my stories.

What’s your favorite part of being an author? Least?   My favorite part is having a story flow and getting feedback from the readers.  My least favorite: editing.  I know it’s a necessary process but one I do not like. 

You normally write m/m romance, why did you decide to focus on this niche? Are you open to trying new genres?    

My interest in m/m romance was sparked by Brokeback Mountain.   I just couldn’t leave how that movie ended alone and decided to fix it (as Ennis in the movie said “If you can’t fix it, you gotta stand it”  Well fortunately for us fans many of us couldn’t stand it so we fixed it with countless fan fiction that were well written.  I have my own story too)

Where does your inspiration come from?   Many of my story ideas come from my own life experiences or from the news. 

Out of all your published work until this moment, which one is your favorite. Why?     

I liked “Love on the East End”  I’d visited the east end of Long Island, I’m originally from Long Island (though from the western end of it in Nassau County)  and took the Long Island Rail Road tour of the wineries and decided to incorporate it into the story.     I also dealt with a very difficult topic,  teen suicide.   It was in the news at the time I was writing the story and decided to address the issue in my book.

October Spookiness

A book recommendation for October    “Amityville Horror”   I regret not visiting the house the events took place in when I lived on Long Island. 

Favorite scary film      Sixth Sense (I am not into horror movies)

*If you celebrate Halloween*

What are you planning to dress up as this year? or If you could dress up as something on Halloween, it’d be… ?     Last year I dressed up as a cat.  This year I might be a skeleton.    I love Halloween.

Favorite thing about autumn   The cooler weather and changing of the leaves.

Share a scary anecdote with us     I’m going to admit up front that I DO believe in the afterlife and ghosts.    I was staying with a friend in New Hampshire and I had been told I might hear strange noises.   She told me that there was a spirit named George in the house.    I didn’t think anymore about it.   Everyone had gone to bed and I was sleeping in the living room on the couch.   I started to hear noises above me.  At first I thought it might be snow falling off the roof,  it was winter time,  she had a tin roof and during the day you’d hear the snow sliding off the roof when the sun beat down on it.   Well the temps were too cold for that to happen.   It sounded like someone was sliding something across the floor in the attic.  I sat there, in the dark, staring up at the ceiling listening to this noise.   My heart was beating in my chest, after a while it stopped.   I told my friend about it and she said it was probably George.    Other stuff that happened while I was up there,  I had a piece of jewelry I had in a drawer in a desk in the living room.  I knew I had put it in the drawer the night before and when I woke up it was sitting on top of the desk.   No one had been up during the night.   I wondered how it got there.