Sunday, February 17, 2008

12 things to do when there is no electricity

1. Write
2. Read
3.Listen to Music
4.Wash the dishes
7.Play board games
8. Play dress up
9.Photograph things
10.walk the dog
11.Talk on the phone
12.Play Hide and Seek

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A poem made of Cliches

Choose a cliche and make that the first line of your poem:

Love is blind.
Love is crazy.
Love is wild.
Love is great.
Love hurts.
Love aches.
Does anyone really know Love?
I met him once, it was blind.
I met him once, it was crazy,
it was wild, it was great.
But after some time, Love was mean.
He hurt me and the pain ached.
Love is a lie from beginning to end.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Unhappy Cinderella

"The young maidens of the house?"
"Please follow me" The evil stepmother said, leading the prince and his footman towards the dinning room.
"Lisa, Kaila. There are some gentlemen here to see you"
Two girls stormed down the marble staricase. One of them was quite tall and with a gracious look to her, however her large eagle nose twitched non-stop as if she were a rabbit. The other girl was much shorter than her sister, and quite heavy looking, however she had a sweet round face. Both girls had sparkling blue eyes and their brown hair was tied up in a fashionable braid.
"We have come to test the christal shoe" the princes' helper said. The prince looked at the girls in shock. He was pretty sure the girl he had danced with two nights ago was blond with green eyes and definitly not round as a ball.
The short girl, Lisa, spoke up " let me first" she said pushing her sister and placing her round buttocks on the velvet covered chair. The footman looked around in distress. Setting himself on one knee he helped the girl try the shoe.
"It does not fit her, your majesty" he spoke up, looking at the prince relieved.
Lisa stood up looking angry "where is Cinderella ? "she asked her mother rudely "I'm hungry".
"Not now Lisa" her mother growled at her under her breath.
Kaila sat down in the velvet chair, trying to look graceful as her nose twitched non-stop.
The footman took the shoe and...
"It fits" he exclaimed looking quite as shocked as everyone else in the room.
"It fits!" Kaila said jumping up and running to hug her beloved prince. The prince took a step back.
"It cannot be" He said, and grabbing her hard by the arm took her back to the chair and tried the shoe again.
"It fits" he mumbled to himself as he looked at the delicate slipper in despair.

"Lisa, did you call me?" Cinderella appeared looking ragged and weary.
"Yes, you idiot, birng us something to eat. My sister is marrying the prince" she grinned happily at Cinderella.
"The prince?" Cinderella said a dreamy look coming to her dirty face.

The prince looked up at the delicate voice which had spoken his name and found himself staring at a very pretty but very dirty girl. It's a shame she couldn't have come to the ball he thought to himself.
"Very well, come with me..umm.."
"uh yes, koala" come along he said looking dejectedly at his footman and at the pretty but very dirty maiden.
As they started to leave Cinderella spoke up" wait, that slipper is mine"
Everyone started laughing.
"If it's yours you surely must have the pair" the evil step mother spoke up
" see it disappeared along with the rest of the fairy goth mother's magic"
"fairy goth mother?"
"oH yes-she's not like the traditional fairy god mother. The fairy goth mother dresses all in black and listens to some type of dark mystic music.-She kept telling me that this was all she could do, that she wasn't here to help but to show me how life can be even more awful than it is already. But truly I think her intentions were good." Cinderella said flashing everyone a bright smile., her green eyes searching everyones face greedily.
"Goodness gracious girl, it seems you've been sticking your head up that chimney too often" the step mother said cracking a grin. Everyone else laughed. The prince shook his head and looked pitifully at Cinderella. At least I'm taking someone merely sensible to my home, he thought to himself. If only we could get that twitching nose to be fixed, or cut off, or maybe we could do some sort of arrangement with her he thought to himself as he abandoned Cinderella's home with his soon to be wife at his arm.
Cinderella, had run upstairs as soon as everyone left the house. She felt lonely and miserable. The shoe had been hers, if only she had had the pair, if only she could have tried it on. But that was impossible, for she was a mere house keeper, nothing more. Her life was condemned to sweeping and cleaning, to have mocking,pitiful smiles, and angry voice directed at her ineptitud. Unknowingly she had crept to the window sill of her room, the one at the top of the house. Fifty feet below lay the ground. The ground a much better alternative to this senseless life.
"I told you" a voice whispered behind her. As she turned and slipped she caught a glimpe of her fairy goth mother. Dressed in red, an evil grin spread on her face as she saw Cinderella fall to her death.

Friday, February 8, 2008