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I've got Cover Art!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! No T n T's Confidential author visitor today, but instead I have some great news! *drum roll* Cover art for The Mercenary Slave!

The Mercenary Slave is the second book after The Mercenary Knight, in it we learn the story of Wybert after the men part ways.

Ambushed, captured and sold. After losing his best friend, Wybert is forced to give up his life as a mercenary and become a pleasure slave. The daunting task becomes harder than expected when the attraction to his slave master goes beyond the bedchamber.

Izz-Sarava was content with his life as the Zshanti's slave master until the new serf appeared. Somehow, under his presence, his control slips and his heart becomes exposed.

As their feelings develop, will they be able to overcome a past that haunts them to pursue a future together?

Expected release date? August 14th! Wohoo! So barely 15 days away! *jumps up and down*

But, I have more news! Thursday author Julie Hayes will come answer some questions at T n T's Confidential and she'll be holding a giveaway!!

More authors will be visiting this month of August: Scarlett Knight, Nephylim, Jorga Lovett, Tali Spencer...   so expect some fun *wiggles eyebrows* (If you want to see the exact dates visit my website.)

That's all for now but I promise more soon. Cheers!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's Six belong to my upcoming Evernight release, The Mercenary Slave (more info on that during the week *wink*).  I hope you like it!

The men all laughed good-naturedly at the pun. Melassar smirked and Wybert’s mind took another course as he imagined the slave master poised above his naked body, a birch branch in his hand, striking him until his skin tingled with heat and pleasure.

“Will you punish me if I don’t learn my lesson?” The whispered words laced with sexual meaning were out of his mouth before he registered what he had said. The men continued to laugh, but Melassar’s eyes widened and color rushed to his pale cheeks. He’d heard him, all right. 

Want to read more awesome sentences? Click Here for the full list of participating authors. 

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T n'T's Confidential:M.A. Church

Let's all give a warm welcome to today's T n' T's Confidential author, M.A. Church!

Money may be able to buy a lot of things… except true love. And true love is… 

Hey everyone! My name is M.A. Church, and I’ve stopped by to talk about my latest book to be released on July 25th.  

Priceless is the first of three completed novellas (Priceless, Perfect and Pure) of gay male romance in which mortals, immortals and the Greco-Roman god, Cupid himself, find hot sex, overwhelming passion, and, of course, love.

So, instead of me talking about the book, I thought I’d ask the main characters Garrett and Randy—and I’m sure Cupid will chime in lol—some questions, and let them share their thoughts. :)

~So Garrett, what did you think the first time you saw Randy?

Garrett: Know that old say ‘Time stood still’? As corny as it sounds that’s exactly what happened. I was at the Palms in Las Vegas—my friend Jeff Mayfield owns the hotel/casino—playing at the craps table. I admit, I was bored out of my mind. And then I looked across the table and there he was. Time stood still. Everything went out of focus—all I saw was him and the look of innocence in his face. And I wanted him, even though I questioned what I was seeing. Life had taught me such wholesomeness didn’t exist.

Randy: He motioned me over next to him. Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe he meant me.

Garrett: *Snort* He actually looked around, then pointed at himself. I thought I was going to have to go get him.

Randy: *Laugh* Well jeez.

~Why would you think he wouldn’t mean you?

Randy: Um, have you looked at him??? Everything about him screams money even when he’s dressed in jeans and a t-shirt like now. And me? I scream average. 

Garrett: *frowns* Babe… 

Randy: *Rolls eyes* It’s true, and you know it. Okay, not so much now. But those two nights I spent with you in Vegas… all you did was throw money around. It made me uncomfortable.

Garrett: Yeah well, I learned my lesson. 

Randy:  May wonders never cease. I knew you got it though when the gifts from a Secret Admirer started showing up. You know, the simple sunflowers you sent until you spelt out your little message, and the hand-cut paper hearts showed that. They were perfect. *Puts hand in front of mouth and whispers* Even if the hearts looked like a five year old cut them.

Garrett: I heard that. Be glad they weren’t diamond encrusted or something.

Randy: Believe me, I was.

~So it was love at first sight, huh?

Randy: Maybe not at first sight, but it happened pretty quick.

Garrett: I agree. *Both look over at Cupid*

Cupid: *Throws up hands* I told you I had nothing to do with that! Really! Okay, yeah, I had intended to shoot one of you that night, but the Fates were messing with me. That’s all I’m gonna say.

~So, after those two nights, why did you run off?

Randy: I panicked, pure and simple. I figured I was nothing more than a good time, and the sheer thought 
of Garrett telling me it meant nothing more to him sent me out the door. I let myself fall in love with him. Then all the way back to Memphis I kicked myself for not staying, not taking a chance. Since I didn’t know Garrett’s last name I had no way to contact him. I thought I’d lost any chance of being with him—if there had even been a chance.

Garrett: That’s okay, babe. I sicced Jeff and Zygi on you. I had your name and address before I left the Palms. Just one of the advantages of being childhood friends with the owner and head of security. 

*Looks at M.A.* I had told Randy when I want something I let nothing get in my way… as he found out.

Randy: Thank God.

~Well, since your both sitting here together I take it things worked out in the end?

Garrett: *Grin* Now that would be telling. 

Cupid: And who said this was the end, anyway? I still got some unfinished business back in Vegas. A certain hotel/casino owner laid a monster challenge on me, remember? *Winks* He’s… Perfect.
And by the way for all you out there… never tempt the Fates. You never know when they might bite you on your ass. Just saying.

Sparks ignite when Cupid takes aim at two mortals in Las Vegas: Randy Jones, an average guy on a company vacation, looks into Garrett’s eyes at a craps table and time stands still. Throwing aside everything he believes, Randy engages in a torrid two-night affair with Garrett—only to panic when he realizes he’s fallen in love. 

Cynical billionaire Garrett Shiffler has everything money can buy, and most of his dates can’t see past the dollar signs. Life has taught him that innocence and love are figments of the imagination. But when Randy disappears, taking with him feelings Garrett thought he’d never know, Garrett wages the most important battle of his life to win Randy's love—but this time he fights with his heart, not his bank account. 

Meanwhile, Cupid wonders what happened. His golden arrows never fail unless the Fates interfere. If Garrett wants to win Randy back, he’s going to have to do it on his own, because the Fates have other plans for Cupid.

They stepped closer and Randy’s body was as tense as a drawn bow. What would a suave, sophisticated guy do in this situation? Suave, right. Randy just hoped he didn’t make an idiot out of himself.
Randy’s breathing increased as he chewed his lip. His heart sped up as Garrett leaned into him. Would the kiss be hard and brutal, his mouth claimed by an onslaught of passion that would leave him breathless and bruised? He moaned in surprise as Garrett’s mouth sweetly moved on his.

From one heartbeat to the next, pleasure exploded in Randy’s mind. He hadn’t expected such gentleness. Throwing caution to the wind, he grasped Garrett’s hips and pulled him closer. Garrett’s tongue explored his mouth, that sinful goatee tickling his chin. When Garrett nudged his head to the side and nibbled a path down Randy’s neck, he willingly bared his throat. And moaned again when Garrett sucked hard on the tender skin near his collarbone.
Randy, squirming from the sensations, rubbed his leg up and down Garrett’s thigh. One of Garrett’s hands drifted down and lifted Randy’s leg higher, palming his ass as he kneaded the firm flesh. The electricity that jumped between them had Randy shaking.

“Garrett,” Randy gasped as Garrett found a particularly good spot, “there’s gotta be cameras in here.”

Garrett held Randy tightly for a moment, their bodies crushed together, before he released him and moved away. He mumbled under his breath about how could Randy think, much less clearly, at that moment. Randy leaned against the elevator wall, eyes closed, and tried to bring his rampaging body under control. The elevator dinged and lurched to a stop, causing Randy to stumble into Garrett.

He slid his arm around Randy to steady him and didn’t let go when the doors parted. Garrett pulled Randy toward his suite, throwing the door open. Once inside he slammed the door shut, spun Randy around, and trapped him against the back of the door. He slammed his mouth over Randy’s, picking up where he left off in the elevator until Randy was gasping for air.

“Let me be very clear,” Garrett panted into his mouth. “I want you in my bed. I want you desperate, wild, and begging.”

“I’m to the desperate phase now.” Randy trembled, trapped between him and the door. “Wild is right around the corner, and begging isn’t far behind.”

Garrett’s thumb traced over Randy’s swollen bottom lip. “That’s what I like about you, Randy, you speak your mind and don’t play games. I can’t tell you what a turn on that is for me.”

“I don’t have the first clue how to play games like you’re talking about, nor do I want to.”

“And thank God for it.” That jaded little devil on Garrett’s shoulder rolled his eyes. This guy either was very good, or very innocent. “Now, let me show you my bedroom. I can’t wait much longer to have you in my bed.”

Garrett ushered him through the living area, not giving him time to admire the softly lit main area. He opened a door to a large room that held a beautifully made bed with a sinfully black silk bedspread. The room was done in dark woods and masculine tones with paintings and photography from some extremely well-known artists. It shrieked authority, money, and power. The curtains were open, letting in the light from the city.

Garrett stepped behind Randy and turned him toward the mirrored closet. Garrett unbuttoned his shirt, parted the fabric, and placed his hands on Randy’s stomach. Taking his time, he ran his hands up Randy’s chest, dragging the pleasure out until he reached those perky nipples that begged for attention. Garrett flicked both hard peaks, making Randy arch in his arms. Then he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger as they both watched their reflection.

“So very hot,” Garrett whispered in Randy’s ear as his fingers teased the nubs until Randy moaned.
Randy reached behind him and wrapped his arm around Garrett’s neck, dragging him closer. That bulge that pressed against Randy’s ass was huge and had his imagination sitting up, tail thumping. It had been a long time since a lover affected him this way. Randy leaned his head back against Garrett’s shoulder and watched, heavy-eyed, as Garrett’s hands drifted down and undid his belt.

M.A. Church
M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake. 
But her most beloved hobby was reading. Even at an early age she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genre’s captured her attention and drew her in the worlds the authors’ had created. But always at the back of her mind was that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book. 
By sheer chance she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels. 

Visit M.A. at her:
Blog http://machurch00.blogspot.com
Twitter @nomoretears00
DSP author page: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=55_650                                                                   

Come back next week for more author fun! Julie Hayes will be visiting! 

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T nT's Confidential:Freddy Mackay

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another installment of T n' T Confidential! Today's visiting author is the lovely Freddy Mackay *applause*

Freddy is the author of several male/male novels such as, Tears for Christmas, Moving Mountains: A finding peace spin-off or Beginning Again: Finding Peace #1 and participates in Silver Publishing's Silver Shorts

Welcome Freddy,  tell us a little about Incubation, Book 2 of The Finding Peace series.

Incubation picks up where we left off in Beginning Again. David is in the hospital, and everyone else is trying to figure out how to help him when he gets out. It also addresses the fallout from David’s attack and introduces new characters. We meet David’s abusive father for the first time, and get a glimpse of his mother.

Bobby, Chris, Austin and all the others want David to feel protected and loved. To do so, they get the house ready for David and want him to move in to create a family, something David feels he no longer deserves.

In addition, we continue the struggle Jackson has with his sexuality and confusion. His battle with himself opens up his character in this book.

Ultimately, we are seeing the evolution of the relationship David has with the people around him and how their lives change because of David’s attack.

How did you come up with the idea for this series?

Too be honest, I was sitting in a class… bored and reading. I could remember thinking I’d like to see a series that addressed a group of friends and their struggles to finding themselves and coming to terms with who they are as a person. I wanted to see a series that didn’t have limits but still found peace for those involved in the story.

Book 2 has a “to be continued ending”, according to your blog your working on Book 3, how far along are you? Will we be hearing more of the characters soon?

The to be continued is misleading in certain respects. This book covered what it needed to. As part of a series, elements are addressed or finished off, but others are left open, as in any series and will be taken care of as we progress.

Book 3 has been outlined and started. I’m about 25 K into it. It will probably be longer than Incubation, which was around 99 K. So I would estimate I’m ¼ to a 1/5 done with it. The third book will probably not come out until next year. Sorry (*ducks and hides*). But the conclusion of David’s main story arc will be in this book.

Though the backstory involving the older characters, Jun, Henry, Neil and Abby will be submitted soon. (FINALLY) So people will have a chance (hopefully) to see what started the story in the first place.

I counted 13 ongoing writing projects on your blog! How do you find the time to keep up with all of them?

I blame the Silver Shorts for having so many WIPs. As a Silver author we get weekly prompts and they inspire me. It’s like “Oooh! Guess what? I could write this! Yay! …. Oh crap, that’s another story isn’t it?” I’ve had to ignore those emails recently so I could focus on finishing up Incubation.

I have outlines or rough outlines for most of my WIPs. A have a few I wanted for submission calls so they have priority, but are no means the only ones I work on. I have a few short stories I work on when I need a break from my heavier stuff. They are for fun and allow me to get back to a happy place.

What I try to do is alternate what I’m writing on so I don’t get burnt out with the story. I usually have the table of the characters pulled up to reference and the outline. Plus I’ll go reread what I’ve written.

But, honestly, whichever story muse is the loudest gets the most attention.

My goal is to finish up outstanding WIPs before letting the Silver Shorts distract me again.

What are your writing habits?

I like to reread what I have written then start writing from the last point in the story I was working on. I take a break periodically, and if I need to, switch stories so my brain doesn’t overload. I do listen to music sometimes. Having a beat helps, I don’t really ‘hear’ the music. My favs to write to are Ben Harper and Queen.

Tell me:

  • One favorite book: Shadows Fall by Simon R Green and The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins (I know, I cheated)
  • One movie: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid with Steve Martin and Carl Reiner
  • One city: Bangkok – I love the temples there and the people
  • One color: Orange
  • One smell: Indian Spices from my cabinet
  • One moment in time: All we ever have is one moment in time therefore could not pick one. If we’re talking about a time period I would like to visit, I’d say mid-to-late 1800s.

Any words for your fans?

Thank you.

For all those who picked up David’s story, you will not be disappointed. Though I do ask for patience. My fingers only move so fast, much to my continuing frustration.

I strive to better my writing and stories because of the people who appreciate and read them. I am always happy to hear what people think of my stories. So don’t be shy :)

Links to find and/or bug me :) :

‘Running Excerpt’
Lying in his hospital bed after everyone's visit, David stared at the ceiling, wondering what to do and where to go. He had been in the hospital for two weeks already and was well on the path to recovery. The afternoon had been an enlightening experience. To have Austin yelling at him, telling him that his attack hurt everyone and not just him… the open emotions on Austin's face had David in awe. His friend, everyone who had been there, wanted David to be well, to be happy, and had mourned what had happened. It didn't look like they were going to leave him. Bobby, Austin, Chris… everybody planned on sticking around even after he had kept secrets about his sexuality and had been attacked.
David's fingers twitched and his breathing quickened. Memories of his… incident resurfaced, playing vividly in his mind's eye. Fighting the images, David's arms flew out in front of him, meeting nothing but air. Confusion swamped David when nothing hit back. His heart pumped hard; his temples pounded with his ragged breathing.
Fuck. David forced air into his lungs. What the hell is happening to me?
Damn, he really needed to get a grip. David had no reason to be feeling so out-of-sorts. The hospital would keep him safe and taken care of, and it seemed his friends would be sticking around. At least for now. David wasn't sure how long everything would last. It scared him to think about what would happen if they got fed up with everything and rejected him. They were refusing to back down and insisting to be a part of his life. David didn't know how he felt about them staying.
He jerked, frightened, before he realized who was in the doorway. Nancy, his favorite nurse, stood just inside the room, one hand on her hip.
Nancy's concerned green eyes bore into him.
David cleared his throat. "Yes?"
Her warm hand touched his sweaty face.
When did I start sweating?
"You okay, David?"
He nodded. "Yeah, I just—"
Nancy smiled. "You had a lot of commotion today, didn't you? Way more than you're used to right now."
"Yeah." David gulped, trying to get his dry throat working. "It was… I dunno."
"Overwhelming?" offered Nancy, no censure or pity in her voice.
David did a shake-nod.
"You didn't expect them to be so worried about you, did you?"
"I… I guess not."
Nancy arched an eyebrow at him but said nothing, just patting David's cheek instead. She looked at his dinner tray and sighed. She pointed down at his not-even-half-eaten plate. He shrugged.
"Is the food hurting your throat?" Nancy poked at some of the items on the tray.
"Sort of," lied David. He didn't want to say his appetite was nonexistent. The omission would open up all sorts of questions, and David hadn't gotten his own thoughts straightened out enough.
Sighing, Nancy picked up the food with one hand. "I'll try and find something soft for you to eat."
David gave Nancy a smile.
She squeezed his arm then turned, leaving him alone in the room and back to his own thoughts. She was right. Having everyone in the room had been overwhelming. Nancy pegged that one on the nose.
Bobby, Chris, Austin, Jackson, Eddie, Jon, Becca, and Ito had made it more than clear they wouldn't let him go. How was he supposed to keep everyone safe? All of them had their own lives. What if one of the attackers or friends of the gang who… hurt me… decided to go after the boys or Jon and Becca? David knew he never wanted to step another foot in his dorm room again. He would bet the bathroom had bloodstains, and even if it didn't, David would feel like the blood was still there.
How could he go back to the dorms? David shook his head, his hands clenching the bed sheets, the fabric rubbing between his fingers. No, he knew there was no way. He wouldn't feel or be safe, and worse, the boys would be in danger.
David needed a safe place to go, but on a campus like CRU, would there be one? His heart sank the more he thought about what life on campus would be like. David had wanted anonymity and peace, to just move on. After being attacked, he wasn't sure he would have either.
Maybe I should consider transferring.
Cringing, David remembered the hassle he went through to get into CRU. David sighed and rubbed his eyes. He didn't want to have to deal with all that shit again. Not to mention he was in the middle of the semester. He couldn't just leave… could he? He had to finish the fall semester out at least… but… David groaned. Finishing the semester meant the dorms, and he couldn't go back to there. The whole thing turned into one nasty circle and he didn't see a way of getting out of the circus his life had become.
His head pounded. Frustration made his chest tight and his breathing sharp and quick. He wouldn't be safe in the dorms. Who knew about campus? But to David, that didn't really matter. What really worried David? How Bobby, Chris, and Austin would face everyone. They didn't need crap getting thrown on them for having been associated with him.
Austin said they'd get through everything together. Even Dr Ito, Jon, Becca… everyone wanted to work through David's attack and the fallout together. David just didn't see how.
The attack had been on him. He had to deal with it. Not them. They would be caught in one giant mess of political posturing, and David didn't want that kind of life for his friends. Things could get ugly. From what Eddie said, Mike grew up locally, on one of the ranches.
No, they definitely hadn't heard the end of this. The ranchers would regroup and come back at him, retaliate somehow. Somebody would get hurt.
Wincing, David's hand went to his chest. A sharp pain seared into his heart. Panic infused every cell.
Fuck it all.
Rubbing at the tightness, different images flashed through David's mind. Some were of his friends. Others, ones he didn't want to deal with, were of him. The agony of his attack, the expressions of pure hatred on those boys' faces—everything came to a screaming halt in front of him.
His friends may want to stick around, but David wouldn't let them get hurt because of him. He had to look for his own place. He'd get an apartment somewhere off campus. It would give him… his friends… some room and keep them out of harm's way.
David's free hand went to the call button on his headboard. Pressing it, he tried to figure out what he would say when one of the nurses responded. He also tried to settle his frazzled nerves and stomach. He didn't know what was going on, but he needed to get himself under control.
Damn, it wasn't Nancy. "Um, would it be possible to get a newspaper or a local listing? I need to start apartment hunting."
"Sure thing, David."
The crackle from the speakers went silent, and David inhaled a shaky breath. His mind screamed to get the hell out of the room, but he had nowhere to go and didn't understand why he felt such an innate need to run from everything, especially after everyone had been so understanding and supportive.

Excerpt End

Don't forget that Thursday is another T n'T day and author MA Church is stopping by!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend! I had an awesome Saturday with friends dipping in the pool and today I'm going to relax, do a little writing and prepare some fun blog posts for you this week. Meanwhile, enjoy today's Six Sentences which belong to my current WIP and in which aboard a ship, Gregorii reflects about life. Hope you like it!

He crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head to the sky. Closing his eyes, he tried to relax under the warm sunshine but his bones remained chilled and he shivered slightly. He longed for that peace. He longed for the days when his life was nothing more than planting seeds, watching them grow, playing and dreaming of having a family of his own. Life had made him a mercenary but all he ever wanted out of it was a farm. Life was unfair. 

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