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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Tyler Robbins & Killian's Claim

Happy Thursday, darlings! I can't believe February is almost over! But worry not, I have one last awesome #TNTConfidential author for you! Please welcome Tyler Robbins and her paranormal mm romance Killian's Claim.

Six years ago, Quinn Kelly barely escaped the brutal murder of his parents. Now the lone-wolf is searching for a place to belong. Well aware of his proclivity for men, his nomadic life hasn’t allowed him to find anyone to call his own, until now. 

Wolf-shifter and future alpha of his own pack, Killian Masters wants nothing more than his father’s approval. After meeting Quinn, he’s more determined than ever to make his father see who he is and how deeply he loves. 

Captivated by their growing passion, the young lovers have a rude awakening when the vengeful alpha who murdered Quinn’s parents, finds him, and vows to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

Some say the battle between good and evil is determined by which power is fed the most, but in nature, no power compares to that of an alpha’s claim.
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 Welcome Tyler! Tell us a bit about Killian's Claim.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a full length book to release, and I’m thrilled that Killian’s Claim is finally here. Most of my books have been M/M military themed, so my new series, Call of the Wolf, is a fresh and exciting new sub-genre I can’t seem to get enough of.
The first book, The Becoming, is featured in the Alpha’s Claim Manlove Anthology from Evernight. The story intrigued my muse and opened up a whole new world full of sexy, paranormal wolf-shifters. 
 The Call of the Wolf series follows the lives of several wolf packs across the state of Texas and a few other southern states.
Their species lives by a strict code, and heed the call of the spirit wolf in all things, including matters of the heart. Not an easy undertaking when you’ve been told your sexuality goes against the laws of nature … or does it? 

Change is coming, and each pack will inevitably have to make choices that will either strengthen or destroy their way of life. 

The characters in Killian’s Claim, face these problems as well, but they have so much more than wolf spirits to deal with.

Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
Killian’s Claim was inspired by a short story I wrote for Evernight Publishing’s Anthology, Alpha’s Claim Manlove Edition. After the story had unfolded, I knew right away that more stories would soon follow, and the Call of the Wolf Series was born.

Describe this novel in one sentence.
Some say the battle between good and evil is determined by which power is fed the most, but in nature, no power compares to that of an alpha’s claim.

If you had to pinpoint a flaw in your lead characters what would it be? How about an asset?
Killian’s biggest flaw is that his alpha-ness causes him to forget that Quinn is a strong man, too, and doesn’t want to be rescued. His best asset is patience.

Quinn’s biggest flaw is his inability to put down roots because he’s always been alone. His asset is his desire to be loved, and the sacrifices he’s willing to make for those he does.

What was the hardest part about writing this novel?
The hardest thing about writing this book was making sure Quinn didn’t come off as resistant to being dominated. As an alpha, Killian needed to be the boss, but most of my characters have always been rather equal, having one be a true alpha meant I had to write one a bit more submissive than I usually like to. It was a learning experience for all of us. J

Did you have to do any research to write Killian’s claim?
Absolutely. I’ve never written a book that didn’t require research. Most of what I studied for this story was about animal nature, plants, and geography.

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? What’s your solution?
I am one of those writers who can, and does, suffer from writer’s block on a regular basis. There’s no tried and true solution, but a whole lot of trial and error. I listen to music, meditate, go for a drive, take a break from the project for a day or so, and even start something new and return to the first one as soon as the juices start flowing again. I also make up my own mock book covers. It’s therapeutic, and gives me a visual aid to gain inspiration.

Is there anything you’d love to try writing but haven’t dared to yet?
BDSM. I haven’t read much of it, but there are all sorts of naughty ideas in my head that are screaming to be shared. I’m thinking that might be a sign.

February Love

Valentine’s Day: Yes or no? Why?
Yes, but since I am a widow, and not currently involved, I celebrate it with my kids the way my husband and I always did when they were little. We enjoyed giving the kids gifts and candy much more than giving it to each other. Now the kids are old enough to shop for each other and me, so I get all the candy I could possibly need.

A suggestion for the single ladies and gents out there to do on Valentine’s Day-
Nope. If you love someone, any night can be Valentine’s Day, so why do something special just for one night when you could do it all through the year.

A book to read this month
Anything written by Avril Ashton is gonna get your motor running. She writes enough genres to satisfy anyone’s tastes.

A movie to watch
I’m an action fan, so romance isn’t as easy to suggest. However, I have always loved Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves. (1992)
My kids gave me the DVD to me for my anniversary last October because the theme song by Brian Adams, “Everything I Do”, was the song played at my wedding. <3

Favorite candy to munch on
Anything chocolate!! Especially Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and Twix

Greatest romantic gesture you’ve done and greatest romantic gesture for which you’ve been the recipient.
The greatest romantic gesture I ever made was to send my kids to my parents, and made a nice, quiet dinner for my just myself and my late husband.
The most romantic gesture done for me was when my husband planned a weekend getaway to a lake resort near our home. We didn’t go far, but for the entire weekend we watched movies, ordered takeout, and relaxed with no kids, no phones, and no stress.
It’s amazing the difference in what you consider romantic before and after kids. 


 Keep in touch with Tyler!

How about a sizzling excerpt?

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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on London Saint James and The Dark Tales Diaries

Greetings everyone! I'm thrilled to have here wonderful author London Saint James with her sexylicious series Dark Tales Diaries. Please give her a warm welcome and read on to discover more on this BDSM series and London herself. 

Thanks for having me on your blog today. I’m happy to be here to talk a little about myself and my Dark Tales Diaries series.

Like many authors, I’ve been writing a long time. As a child I playacted out all the stories that were running around in my head, and as soon as I learned how to write, I scribbled down those stories. I wrote and stopped. Wrote and stopped. I had to do the sensible thing as I got older, or at least that’s what I was told. I went to college. Got a job. Did all those sensible things, but I always came back to writing. Around three years ago, I became more serious about becoming a published author and I decided to submit something. I figured what’s the worst thing that could happen? Being told, “You suck as a writer.” I prepared for the worst, but thankfully that didn’t happen. My first published story came in the form of an anthology. From there I’ve been writing as fast as my brain can think and my fingers can type. *Smiles*

For me, writing is my dream job. “Becoming a successful author is nothing but a pipedream,” they said. But that “pipedream,” came true! Dark Tales Diaries is my 12th and 13th published book.

Question: If you loved someone and one day they just vanished from your life, what would you do to try and find them?

My answer: Anything earthly possible.

The inspiration for this BDSM series of short stories sparked from a casual conversation with the love of my life. Two words, “Dark Tales,” poked at me. From there, I sat down and typed non-stop. Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One and the life of Tristan Blackthorn spilled out upon the “pages” of my laptop with Volume Two soon following.

Title: Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One
Author: London Saint James
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance Series


For years, Tristan Blackthorn has toiled to find his lost love. He finally decides to use Blackthorn Printing, along with his newly created Dark Tales Diaries, as a way to find her. Will her story be one of the three tales in Volume One?

Mistress Guinevere’s calling card is her Red Stilettos. She specializes in a particular fetish and always maintains her control, until a man from her past returns to test her will.

A recently divorced woman experiences the effects of empty nest syndrome after her twins head off to college. With the clock ticking away, she decides it’s far past time to seek out something that has always eluded her. Will she find what she’s looking for with The Leather’s Edge?

And a bored computer programmer learns what it’s like to feel sexual freedom after being bound by a Master in Safe Word.

Be Warned this book contains: bondage, anal sex, sex toys, fetish

Title: Dark Tales Diaries: Volume Two
Author: London Saint James
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance Series


Blackthorn Printing made a splash in the publishing world with the introduction of Dark Tales Diaries, yet despite his efforts, Tristan Blackthorn isn’t any closer to finding the woman he seeks. Unwilling to give up on his lost love, his search for Keira continues in Volume Two.

A voyeuristic moment leads an astronomy professor and his assistant to a steamy endeavor on The Observation Deck.

An invitation for cocktails has the reclusive woman who lives in 204-B pondering why the handsome, wealthy owner of her building would invite her to anything. Does she have enough guts to go to The Top Floor?

And a Maestro strikes the right cord with a young and talented cellist who is trying to find her passion.

Be Warned this book contains: BDSM, anal sex, public exhibition, sex toys, spanking

London Saint James has lived in many places, but never felt “at home” until she met the real-life man of her dreams and settled down in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. London lives with her husband and their fat cat who thinks he owns them. As an award-winning, bestselling, multi-published author, London is living her childhood dream. She knew all the scribbling she did, that big imagination of hers, and all those clamoring characters running around in her head would pay off someday.

Twitter: @LSJRomance 

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Goddess Fish spotlight: Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene

Welcome to today's author spotlight brought to you by Goddess Fish Promotions and author K.F. Breene! She's here to talk about her latest release Into the Darkness and is giving away a $50 Amazon/ gift card to one randomly chosen commenter !

by K.F. Breene


I’d always been different. I saw objects in the night where others saw emptiness. Large, human shaped shadows, fierce yet beautiful, melting into the darkness. I collected secrets like other women collected bells; afraid to fully trust lest my oddities be exposed.

Until I saw him. He’d been gliding down the street, unshakable confidence in every step. It wasn’t just that he was breathtakingly handsome with perfect features. Something about him drew me. Sucked my focus to him and then tugged at my body. As his eyes met mine, I was entrapped.

No one had noticed him. He’d been right there, just beyond the light, but only I had perceived.

I had to know if he was real. Or maybe I really was crazy. And even when my secret box was blasted wide open, dangers hurled at me like throwing knives, I couldn’t stop until I unraveled his true identity.

I just had to know.

“She was fated to live.”
“Then why must you save her?”
“Often Fate is struck down by dumb luck.”

Available at 
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As I met his black eyes, his puzzled expression deepened. “You’re human…”

“We established that, yes. What I want to know is, if I am human, what does that make you? And why do I notice you when others usually don’t?”

His head cocked to the side. His easy balance, his lethal edge; he was like a blade resting on billowing silk. “Very few humans are able to withstand our pheromones. Fewer still to break a Kolma once it has been placed. You’ve not been trained, that’s obvious, so how is this possible when you’re definitely human? Do you possess the blood of another species?”

I could barely think past the pounding ache of my body, begging to touch him. I needed to get a grip! He was revealing some very interesting factoids that I needed to jot down in my mental notebook.

His nostrils flared. “Charles was right; your arousal is a unique scent. Like a spicy, warm drink on a mid-winter’s night. It rises above other smells, entrancing the mind.”

Available at 

Amazon || Itunes || B&N


About K.F. Breene:

A wine country native, K.F. Breene moved to San Francisco for college just shy of a decade ago to pursue a lifelong interest in film. As she settled into the vibrant city, it quickly became apparent that, while she thought making and editing films was great fun, she lacked cinematic genius. For that reason, her career path quickly changed direction. Her next goal was a strange childhood interest, conjured at the dining room table while filling out a form. For some reason, her young self wanted to be an accountant. Thinking on it now, she often wonders how she had any friends. Regardless, it was the direction she finally took.

While she could wrangle numbers with the best of 'em, and even though she wore the crown as the most outspoken, belligerent accountant in the world, her mind got as stuffy as her daily routine. It was here that she dusted off her creative hat and began writing. Now she makes movies in her head, not worried about lighting, shutter speed or editing equipment. Turns out, a computer is much easier to manage than a crowd of actors. She should know, she was an actor at one time.


Twitter: @KFBreene

Facebook author page (for liking):

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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Alpha's Claim Manlove Edition- Pelaam

Here for my Birthday Bash? Then, please Click Here.

Hello darlings and welcome to the last post of the Alpha's Claim week! Today's visiting author belongs to the Manlove edition and it is none other than Pelaam!

The Alpha gets what he wants when he wants it. His Beast will stop at nothing to claim his mate.

When Marcus rescues Kody, he’s sure he’s found his mate. But Kody isn’t another bear, he’s a lynx, and he’s reluctant to trust anyone. Especially an Alpha like Marcus. 


Sounds reached his ears: low growls, hisses, and the odd, drawn-out yowl. As he closed the distance, the sounds grew louder. He burst through thick foliage and into a clearing. The sounds were made by a trio of Canada lynxes. Shifters, he sensed it. A fourth one was pressed so far into a small hole in a tree’s trunk that only its head and front paws were visible. As the other three took turns approaching, it lashed out with its paw.

Marcus was certain the trio of cats were purposely baiting it. While they seemed fairly fresh as they moved in one after the other, the lynx in the tree looked like it was tiring. Then he heard the soft mewls of distress it was making, and a red mist descended before his eyes.

He rose up on his hind legs and bellowed loudly. The three lynxes looked at him, and then scattered as he charged towards them. He briefly considered giving chase, but the scent he’d followed remained close by. He turned and looked at the remaining lynx still huddled in the bole of the tree. He shifted, resuming his human form, but the lynx didn’t move.

“My name is Marcus. I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

He sat down, hoping to make himself appear less threatening. For a moment or two, the lynx remained hunched, and then slowly crawled forward and out of the tree. Marcus sat immobile, as the lynx shifted. Then the breath caught in his throat.

A slender, pale skinned man stood before him. Thick honey-blond hair, badly matted and carelessly parted to the left, reached slim shoulders. Despite being both dirty and disheveled, there was no missing the beauty that lay beneath.

The young man looked around nervously. "They'll be back. They'll come after me because their fear of the Alpha's fury will be greater than their fear of you."

About Pamela:

 Living in clean, green New Zealand, I am an author, foodie, wine buff and Art Historian. I write M/M romance and erotica across time and space.

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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Alpha's Claim- Morgan King

After yesterday's short break, Alpha's Claim week is still going strong! Today I have here with me author Morgan King and her story Love's Rescue from the M/F version of the anthology. Welcome Morgan!

Love’s Rescue 

 One night while attending a party hosted by Jon Liselle, newly appointed second in command of the Human Alliance Party, Jakob hears a song that no one else can. With stealth and cunning Jakob makes his way into the hidden depths of Jon's home, only to discover a creature being kept captive. She is a mermaid and he is her song mate. Together they must both utilise their shifter powers to escape, but will Nerissa stay with him or will she want to go home once she is free? Jakob wants to claim Nerissa forever but fears rescuing her from one cage only to trap her with his love. Nerissa must choose between complete freedom and going home, or love and the destiny of having a mate.


It all began with a piece of flash fiction, the word was opulent, the word limit two hundred and this flew straight into my head: 

The tank was disgustingly opulent. It consumed one wall, floor to ceiling and was decorated with swirling images of shells, coral and sea life all gilded in pearl. The vast array of shimmering colors distracted his eyes momentarily, but nothing could disguise the purpose of the chamber, it was a cage and its captive swam towards the reinforced glass wall, her eyes open wide reciprocating his stare. Her tail swished angrily back and forth, the color of those moving scales so obviously matching the delicate pigment staining the glass barrier. 
One word originating from somewhere outside of himself burst through his head “Help!”
He was looking at a mermaid and he could hear her voice as if she had spoken to him.
It resonated right to the depths of his heart.


Jakob lifted his torso up and looked down at Nerissa. She was right. “That’s unbelievably sexy,” he said looking at iridescent colors shimmering across her skin, the mounds of her breasts gleaming, her nipples rising up like two hard little pearls polished to perfection. Unable to resist he took one in his mouth and sucked.

“You even taste of a sea breeze, salty and fresh.” Jakob dragged his tongue across her flesh, from breast to navel. “I want to taste all of you.”

Nerissa thrust her hips against him, and Jakob slowly made his way down her body licking her smooth flesh with his rough tongue. He took one of her legs and lifted it over his shoulder. For just a moment he rested his head against her lower belly, as if humbling himself before a shrine. 

He wanted to breathe her in so her scent would never leave him. He wanted to drink her taste, so it would forever linger on his palate. 

“Please … don’t stop.”

There was no danger of that.

And just in case you’re thinking she’s a mermaid that could be tricky, clearly she shifts to human form!

Hopefully you will love Love’s Rescue and be pleased to know it’s going to be the first in a series: Paranormal Rights. 

Set in Suffolk Paranormal Rights presents an urban fantasy/alternate reality version of the East of England (think sea, forest, factories, unique fantasy architecture, and historic buildings).
Here there is a fight brewing between the tyrannical, racist and undemocratic human society and the paranormal underclass. The political arena is the ring and the showdown will be the forthcoming election.

About Morgan: 

Well I like to see myself as an infinitely patient single mother and charity manager by day and reader and writer of erotic romance by night. I love all genres of romance, but have a special tendre for historical stories having been seduced by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer at a young age. I even named my dog Darcy. 

My son is a very imaginative five year old, so when the characters aren’t having conversations in my head I’m voicing the character of a witch, dragon, pirate or possibly knight. Yes, I always get to be the bad guy for some reason! We live in the rural East of England not far from the forest so there are always plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Where to find her:

 Twitter:  Morgan King @EroticWritings