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Dear friends,

due to my heavy study load I am afraid that blog posts like Monday Heat, Wednesday Briefs, Thursday Melodies or Six Sentence Sunday will be on hiautus until February 13th.

I hate having to do this but I'm up to my neck with study material and I rather stop blogging

for the following two weeks and give you all my attention afterwards, than to only be half present.

Nonetheless, if I have time, I will pop by the Yahoo Romance Loop on Sunday the 29th to say hello. Etopia authors will be chatting, so if you have a chance, stop by for a spell. :)

On Friday, February 10th, I'll post the link to my free erotic short read "Hot, Hard and Dangerous".

Finally, on February 11th, I'll post my Valentine's Day Blog Hop post. The hop lasts until February 14th so there's plenty of time to visit, leave a message and win awesome prizes. (I'll be giving away a $5 Amazon gift certificate *wink, wink*).

The Winner is...

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to visit at Georgia Fox's blog and left a message. Your support means a lot to me :)

The winner of a copy of The Mercenary Knight is:


I'll get in touch with you via email, asap.

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Wednesday Briefs! Your Hump day dose of Flash Fiction :)

Hey everyone, I'm sorry to say that due to my lovely exams I am unable to participate in today's flash. Nonetheless, don't doubt it and visit the other great flasher's of the week:

Nephylim m/m

Lindsay Klug m/f

Lily Sawyer m/m

Sara York m/m

Julie Lynn Hayes m/m

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I forgot to sign up for last week's Six Sentence Sunday. *Facepalm*
For this past week, my brain has been divided between exams and working on my WIP. My WIP was winning the battle until Thursday afternoon when I realized that my first exam is coming up and I have a lot more to study than what I initially thought.
Nonetheless, today's Six Sentences belong to Wybert's story. Enjoy! and don't forget to visit all the other Six Sentence Authors!

“Good morrow, ladies. This is Wybert.”

The women ceased their activities and turned to inspect him. Wybert raised his hand in greeting and self-consciously shifted his weight on his feet. There was nothing shy or awkward about the way the women were staring at him. Their eager eyes were piercing through his clothes, dissecting every part of his anatomy. He realized with a start that these were the Zshanti’s female pleasure slaves and they were assessing him.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Melodies

Day's almost over and it's been loooooong! I've been a good girl and I've been studying today but I couldn't help humming this song throughout most of the day.
I'm up to chapter 6 on my current WIP and it seems I'm going to have to pause it until I finish my exams...stupid tests!

Hope everyone is having/had a good Thursday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Briefs! Your Hump day dose of Flash Fiction :)

Morning everyone!!

I have to admit that today's brief was the beginning of a project which I never ended. Aided by this week's prompts I added a little something here and there and created this sweet tale. I think the story could have had more potential but between my upcoming exams, class, work, and my WIP, this was all I could come up with at the last minute.
Some people would have chosen not to flash- I seriously considered it- but it's almost certain that for the next three weeks I won't be able to add anything, so I was determined to squeeze something in this week yes or yes.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy it and don't forget to visit our other awesome Briefer's (Links at the bottom)!

Today's prompts:

If I'd known you were coming, I'd have.... (fill in the blank)

or the alternate prompts are:
tree, highway, understanding


all we are is dust in the wind


do something involving time travel

V is for Forever

Determination urged her forward. She had to stop the creature from stealing Alice. She approached the river’s bank. A thin fence surrounded it. The child had told her that she was plunged into water every time she met her friend. How? She wondered. She noticed, suddenly, a small hole in the enclosure. It was an absurd thought but she would try it nonetheless. Sticking her hand through the broken fence, she fell, plunging into the cold water.

She took in a lungful of air and coughed, surprised to find herself on dry land. Mary took in her surroundings. She had appeared in a barely lit room. There was barely any furniture, just a stained table and a dirty lamp. She started when the shadow of a man covered the little light there was.

“Can I help you?” His voice was soft and sultry, and disturbingly enough, it was vaguely familiar.

She swallowed hard and recalled the girl placed under her care. “I’ve come to plead for you not to take the girl, sir,” she said in a whisper.

“It is not my intention. I am no thief, nor a monster.”

“Yes, but the girl insists on coming with you.”

“She is still young and does not know what she wants, much like you at her age, Mary.”

Mary took a step back startled at hearing her name.

“Do I know you?” she asked softly, peering into the shadows.

“You did once,” the man replied, taking a step forward.

“David,” she gasped.

It had been years since she’d last laid eyes on the man before her, a man she had loved. She drank in his appearance. He was taller than she recalled, thinner, yet muscled. His black hair was longer, hanging in soft waves below his shoulders and curling over his naked chest. Her eyes swept back to his face. His deep green eyes had always spoken volume to hers. Now, they only sent one message: impenetrable sadness.

“At least, you remember me,” he tried to smile, but the intent failed to reach his eyes. “For many others all we are is dust in the wind.”

“Oh, David. You would never be dust for me.” She took a wavering step toward him. The lamp’s light flickered and that’s when she saw it. Staring bleakly back at her, the large V which had been burnt into his bare chest stood out, now an ugly red scar, a permanent reminder of what he was. Unconsciously, she reached out for him and touched the scarred tissue. David flinched and backed away. Her hand fell to her side, trembling.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Please don’t be. I—“he hesitated. “If I’d have known you were coming, I—“ He moved towards her. Softly, he grabbed hold of her hand and placed it on his chest. “I haven’t been touched by anyone in such a long time.”

“David,” she whispered again as she slowly traced the letter across his bare chest. She didn’t notice her tears until the cold pad of his thumb brushed against her cheek. He tilted her head and gazed into her eyes.

“It was a long time ago, Mary.” She nodded numbly. More than ten years ago. It had occurred more than ten years ago, the night they found him and branded the V for vampire onto his chest. Their intent was to kill him but he escaped and vanished from her life, until now. She bit her lip, trying to hold back more tears. With a firm tug, he pulled her into his arms. The flood gates were released and she sobbed onto his chest.

Within a few minutes her tears began to ebb, the firm press of his body against hers awakening a long forgotten heat in her core. As if he had sensed her mood change, his fingers on her waist tightened, bringing her body flush against his. When she raised her eyes, he lowered his gaze. His lips were upon hers in a heartbeat. At one time she had known those lips well, a simple swipe of her tongue in just the right spot could get him to gasp. She licked the corner of his mouth and he groaned. She smiled against his mouth. He nibbled on her lower lip and like years before she opened up for him. His tongue swept inside, hungrily reacquainting itself with hers.She threaded her hands through his hair, desperate to devour him. Her breasts pressed against him. Her nipples tight and ripe, brushed against the cotton of her gown and his firm chest. His masculine hand trailed over her ribs to cup her bosom. He thumbed her puckered bud and a thousand stars danced before her eyes, mingling with the memory of countless nights by his side, sharing their passion until the sun began to rise. He would not take her blood, fear of condemning her holding him back. She cared nothing for perdition. Damnation was to be away from him for so long. Hell was to fall asleep dreaming of him and to spend every waking hour painfully aware that he was gone.

“You will drink from me,” she stated.


“I rather be condemned at your side than to live alone for the rest of my days.”

“Your human life, the girl—“

“Will continue without me but I won’t continue without you.”

David gazed into her eyes. She smiled at him, seeing a spark of hope dancing at the back of his dark pupils. He entwined his hands with hers. “Nor I without you, Mary. You make me feel alive, like there is still a world out there to be discovered.”

“There is and we will discover it, together.”

“Forever,” David whispered, leaning over to claim her into an embrace that would last long after the sun rose.

Awesome Briefer's

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Wednesday Briefs! Your Hump day dose of Flash Fiction :)

Good morning everyone! I’m running a little late today but here I am with a new and exciting look and name for the Weekly Flash Fiction fun.

We are now called “Wednesday Briefs” and the cool badge below is courtesy of Victoria Blisse’s husband, Kevin Mitnik.

Why the change? Well, there was a bit of change with Silver Flash and unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to use the name and badge. But it’s a new year and new beginnings are always cool and exciting and since we’re starting anew my goal for these new doses of flash fiction is to write flash fiction. What I mean is, strictly stick to the 1000 words and not make chapters. As a goal, I have decided that a story can have a maximum of two “chapters”.

Let’s see how that works, hehehe. Anyhow, our last prompts were the following:

From the lovely Reese Dante: It's not like that.

Alternate prompts were:

rat, bedtime, Neanderthal

"In for a penny, in for a pound"

or use your favorite song title in your flash somewhere.

Here’s my little short of the week. Have a great day! And visit our other Briefer’s (links at the bottom).

Erica's Last Study Session

Erica stared at the prehistoric drawings of her textbook. She loved history but she hated the Neanderthals and their time period. She stifled a yawn. She was way past her usual bedtime but tomorrow was her big history exam, the one that would put an end to her second year at college experience. She wished she could say they had been two wild out of the box years, but the truth was that she was a book worm, or a library rat, a rata de biblioteca she’d learn to say in her Spanish class.
Sure, she’d learned all there was too learn and more but there had been no great romances, no crazed parties, She’d gone on a few dates but they hadn’t ended well. And now, here she was, studying her brains out on a Saturday night at the library. Thank goodness, it opened up all night although she was close to collapsing. Perhaps, if she closed her eyes for just a few minutes… With a sigh, Erica rested her head on her hands. Her eyes drifted close, her breathing became heavy….
She awoke with a start and with the uneasy feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around her; a little embarrassed that someone had spotted her sleeping. As her gaze roamed over the library, her eyes found Colin’s, her long time crush. He grinned at her. She quickly looked away, her stomach quivering with nerves. She felt the back of her hands become sweaty and her cheeks burn. Yep, he’d seen her sleeping all right. She stared blankly at her textbook, trying hard to focus, but the image of Colin’s bright blue eyes and cheeky smile was all she could envision.
She was so concentrated on her thoughts that she didn’t sense the presence that sidled onto the chair beside her, until a warm hand gripped her shoulder gently. She jumped in her chair.
“Hey, sorry,” Colin whispered. His voice was a balmy whisper that made her insides churn. “I didn’t mean to startle you, Erica.”
He knew her name? She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.
“I was watching you and I noticed you haven’t turned that page for the past half hour,” he chuckled nervously. Erica openly gaped at him. He was watching her? God, he’d seen her sleeping. She was mortified. “You studying for the history exam?”
She nodded. Where was her ability to speak?
“Yeah, it’s dull as hell. Maybe you’d like to step outside with me for a break? W e could have a coffee or something,” he shrugged.
Erica nodded. She cleared her voice trying to force some coherent words out. “Sure, um, that’d be nice. I definitely need a break.”
Colin grinned and cocked his head toward the door, inviting her to follow him. She closed her book and picked up her purse, walking after him. A few meters away from the library a small lounge complete with coffee and snack machine had been set up for students to take a rest from their study sessions. At this late hour, it was empty.
“Let me buy you that coffee,” Colin offered when Erica was struggling to pull out her coin purse, her hands trembling from nerves.
Colin bought a coffee for both of them and took them to one of the worn out couches. Erica sat down and he settled next to her. Unsure of what to do with her hands, she took the coffee from the table, trying to will away the warmth that emanated from Colin’s body. He moved and his knee bumped against her leg. Hastily, she took a gulp of her drink. She yelped as the hot liquid burned the room of her mouth and the back of her throat. Colin’s blue eyes widened as she began to cough and splutter, tears gathering in her eyes. He swiftly took her coffee and set it back down on the table. His fingers brushed against hers and she coughed harder, trying to hide the sudden urge to giggle at the brisk touch.
“Erica, all you all right? Can I get you anything?” He gently patted her back and she swallowed, trying to calm herself.
“I’m all right, she said between gasps. “The coffee was too hot. I burnt my mouth,” she mumbled.
Colin leaned towards her. Erica remained still, she parted her lips, her breathe catching in her throat.
“Your lips seem to be ok,” Colin whispered while one of his fingers brushed against them. Erica jumped at the sudden touch. Colin looked up at her, concern and longing mingling in his blue orbs.
“I didn’t burn my lips, I burnt my mouth,” she muttered.
His response was to lean in and kiss her. Erica’s heart fluttered against her chest. Surely, she was still dreaming? Her thought vanished when Colin nibbled on her lower lip. She gasped at the sensation that coursed through her body and he took the opportunity to claim her mouth. His tongue swiped inside, slowly licking its way inside and mingling with her tongue. She moaned softly and Colin deepened the kiss, sucking on her tongue. Suddenly, he pulled back.
“Does it hurt?”
Erica shook her head.
“I’m trying to cure the sore spots,” he explained, smiling, while leaning in again to envelope her mouth in a hot kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, gathering her into his arms. She gladly melded into his embrace. His hand caressed her bare knee, the slight touch creating a craving need inside her. She had barely entwined her fingers in his dark locks when he pulled back.
“Erica?” He cupped her chin, and gazed into her eyes.
“Yes?” she whispered.
“I see you again? Maybe several other study sessions accompanied by dinners, lunches, movies, drinks…?”
Erica smiled. “I’d love that.” It seemed her College years had just perked up.

Briefer's of the week:

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Winner of Goddess Fish Party Pavilion The Uncertain List Giveaway

The Winner of a copy of my novel "The Uncertain List" is...


I'll get in touch with you by email to send you your prize.

Thanks to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it :) Hope you're all having an excellent Monday!

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First Six Sentence Sunday of the year!

Happy Sunday! I haven't participated in Six Sentence Sunday for quite a while- not sure why- I'm guessing all the classwork got in the way.

Nonetheless, I just started a new WIP and I'm super excited. It's the story of Wybert, companion of Conrad from The Mercenary Knight. When I wrote that novel I had no intention of making a book 2, or continuing the tale of the other mercenaries...but a few weeks ago their stories just came to me, so of course, I gave in to their demands and began writing Wybert's tale. Grigorii will just have to wait a bit.

Funny thing is that I had something plotted for Wybert but as I wrote he decided to stray from the given path and now... well, things are turning out quite differently from what I expected!

Anyhow, my Six Sentence Sunday of today belong to this new WIP. Hope you enjoy! And as always, don't forget to visit the other participants.

She lifted her gaze to stare at Wybert. Slowly, she allowed her robe to slide past her shoulders, slither down her arms, and slip over her waist to finally pool on the floor at her feet. The woman stood still, her pale white skin gleaming under the bright light of the fire and candles. Melassar grabbed her braid and tugged, forcing her head to the side. His lips collided against hers in a forceful kiss. His tongue entwined with hers, devouring every inch of her delectable mouth.

By the way, I'm blogging at Goddess Fish today and giving away a copy of The Uncertain List, so if you have a chance stop by and comment.

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Winner of The Good-Show Gift!

The Winner of a copy of Scarlett Knight's novella is:


Scarlett will get in touch with you to send you your prize.

And tomorrow, to celebrate the end of the holiday's I'll be blogging at The Goddess Fish Party Pavilion! Come visit and win a copy of The Uncertain List!

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Happy Three Kings Days! Special Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today is the Night of the Magi, or what we know in Spain as "Noche de Reyes" and to celebrate I've had author Scarlett Knight come visit. Scarlett is giving away a copy of her latest release "The Good -Show Gift". Just leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win! The winner will be announced on Saturday on mine and Scarlett's blog.


After performing in her last college play, Jessica discovers her good-show roses are from a sexy secret admirer whom she's also been eyeing from afar.

As Jessica winds down in the dressing room after finishing her last college play, she ponders the mysterious vase of roses given to her as a good-show gift from an anonymous fan. When she finds out the person who sent the flowers is Josh, a sexy stranger who she's noticed sitting in the audience during many of her productions, she immediately takes the opportunity to get to know him a little better. Though their friendship starts out full of fun and passion, Jessica worries her jealous ex-boyfriend, Mac, is going to find a way to ruin it. Will she and Josh have a chance to enjoy their newfound relationship? Or will Mac get in the way of her happiness again?

Hi Scarlett and welcome. Tell us a little about The Good- Show Gift... It's a fun, contemporary story set at the end of the winter semester at a Texas college. There's a young woman who is a theatre major, Jessica, and she is about to graduate. She's just finished acting in her final play at the beginning of the tale, and she's checking out a mysterious good-show gift, which is a vase of beautiful roses. As it turns out, the roses are from a guy who's been coming to see all her plays, and she's been crushing on him from afar, too. The night gets pretty exciting as they get to know one another a little better. ;)

Where did you get your inspiration for "The Good-Show Gift"? - I got the inspiration for the setting because I was a theatre major in college during my first year. I loved it, even though I ultimately changed my major to English. I still miss being on stage!

Describe your traditional writing environment... - I have a plush red papasan chair that I sit in to write, and I typically light a candle and put on some mood music here in my library to add to the environment.

What or to whom can you never say no to? - I do pride myself on having pretty good willpower...though a well-made bowl of queso and chips, or some fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies can crack that willpower! Oh, and a good glass of wine. Can't say no to that. (I think I'm hungry, lol)

What is your favorite romantic movie? - The one movie I continue to watch over and over after all these years is French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. It's so funny and very charming. Meg's spicy and hilarious, and Kevin is a total rascal. Plus the scenery is just gorgeous.
and since your novel's protagonist is a theater student, do you have a favorite play? - I'm a big fan of Shakespeare. I really like Hamlet. But I also enjoy musicals like Phantom of the Opera and The Producers, too.

If you could be one of your characters who would you be and why? - In this story? Probably Jessica, just so I could go back and be an actress for a moment--oh, and to have a sizzling encounter with someone like Josh, too ;)

Thank you for stopping by, Scarlett!

Interact with Scarlett at:

Buy The Good- Show Gift at:

New Year Blog Hop Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the New Year Blog Hop! In total there were 4256 comments! WOW!

And thank you for everyone that stopped by my blog and left a comment. :) I'm happy to have discovered the grape tradition to some of you, hehe.

Anywho, without further ado, the winner of a copy of my novella "The Uncertain List" is

Kim S.


The winner of the Kindle Fire was Lilaz and the winner of the $80. GC was June.

Thursday Melodies

Simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful. I love this piece and I love the emotion behind the piano.

I was listening to it last night and an image came to mind...a couple dancing on a balcony under the light of the full moon. She was wearing an apricot color regency gown, a few wisps of her brown hair escaping from her bun. He wore a black tailcoat and white chemise. The couple danced under the stars oblivious to the party inside the mansion. Only their hands touched. Her small hand encased in his large one. They sway, everything forgotten except the simple tune of Greensleeves and the love radiating from the intensity of their stares.

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New Year Blog Hop!

Good morning my friends!

It's currently almost 3 am and here I am sitting in front of my laptop while listening to Greensleeves and wondering what New Year memory to share with you.

But first, let me remind you what you can win in this cool Blog Hop! Everyone that participates gets into the draw for:
A 1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire
A 2nd Prize (to a second winner): an $80 Amazon GC

And, to everyone that leaves a comment here on my blog I'll be picking out a name to give them a copy of my Christmas novella "The Uncertain List".

Tristan's job is to investigate those people on Santa's Uncertain List and determine whether they're truly Naughty or Nice. His last mission of the year is Amy, a sweet girl with a kinky streak that will make his job harder than expected.

So anyways, New Year memory...The honest truth? My New Years have all been pretty dull... Basically, what we do at my house is have dinner, set out the bottle of champagne or cider, prepare 12 grapes (one for each gong) and sit in front of the TV to wait. When the clock strikes 12 we eat the grapes and then we cheer and drink. After that, it's bed time or internet time. I've been out on New Year's twice and by 4am I was falling asleep on my feet and annoyed by the amount of drunk people that hunkered in every corner. I'm not a crowds person.

Anyhow, back to grapes. Tradition says that if you manage to eat all 12 grapes it means good luck... if you don't, well, no harm done. This year I didn't manage to eat even half of them. I began stuffing my mouth with grapes as soon as the clock started to strike midnight and my dearest mother found my face comical and had a laughing fit which she passed on to me. I ended up dribbling grape juice down my chin and spitting some of it out. What a way to start the year... LOL

Okay, so not the greatest memory, huh? hehehe. Oh, I know! I'm going to tell you about what I did the day previous to New Year. It's not an old time memory yet because it happened on Friday the 30th, but I will remember it in the future because it was something different.

You see, I went to the New Years try outs! Yep, just like it sounds, try outs. On the 30th of December, at Plaza Sol, in Madrid, where the clock stands, people reunite with their drinks, their party hats and their sweets or grapes (although it is rumored that having them before the 31st brings bad luck).

The blurry picture I took of Sol. That round sphere at the top, way, way at the back is the clock.

When the clock strikes twelve, they lower the ball and the clock gongs. Everyone eats their stuff and drinks and celebrates.

In the company of a close friend, another friend and other acquaintances we had cider and gummy bears to celebrate the start of the pretend New Year. Suffice to say, I couldn't stuff more than 2 gummy bears in my mouth. We didn't hear the gongs because there were loads of people and we were really far away from the clock, but it was a lot of fun!

Okay, so I've babbled enough. Leave a comment and visit the other blogs for a chance to win prizes!