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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Sweetest Christmas Candy published in The Long and The Short of it

My Short Story "The Sweetest Christmas Candy" will be published this Thursday (1 January 2009) in the Whipped Cream section of The Long and the Short of it website!

Hope you like it! and please feel free to leave some comments!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm very happy

I'm very happy, I got some great news yesterday which helped me boost my ego! But I won't say anything yet...I'll try to keep the secret until Monday...okay, maybe Sunday :p

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sent another one

Sent another query letter...hum, hum...let's hope for a bit of luck this time.

What is life...

but a constant ache, a dull pull that makes you go on for no apparent reason?

"We The Living" By Ayn Rand is a great novel, but I have not chosen a good moment to read has depressed me.

Life? Life is but a few senseless moments of happiness which you end up forgetting in time...Life is fighting for those moments which you will forget....Life is nothing but a worthless pain.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About the Twilight Series...

I’m writing this and I’m thinking that it might sound like a jealous rant, but not really…I haven’t read the series, unfortunately. I live in Spain and English copies of books are hard to come by, not to mention expensive, and my financial situation is not exactly at its best moment. I look forward to reading the books, for I have heard from more than one person that they easily capture you and I love that in a book, I love sitting down and getting obsessed with a series, feeling the up and downs of characters, seeing their experience through my eyes…imagination is a powerful thing.

However, not all I have heard from these books are good: I have heard that the books are written in childish fashion, that they are nothing but a mere “easy read”, and they’re no big deal. There’s nothing bad with that, I mean, the easier it is to read, the larger audience it will get too…

Anyhow, thing is, to be an author sometimes you don’t need to be good (this has nothing to do with Ms. Meyer, I have not read her books and can not judge them), you just need to have loads, loads, loads, loads of luck.

Lady Luck, why have you forsaken me?

Ps: I don’t intend to watch the movie until I read the books, whenever that is, and I don’t like the main vampire guy…he just doesn’t appeal to me. Vampires need to look like this:

or like this:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Desperate Craving

Sadness, darkness, tears of sorrow, tears of hell.
Come to me beloved, leave me not hanging on the edge.
I fear the life, I fear the death, I fear the love, I fear the hate and yet I crave for it all.
Give it to me now, give it to me now, I have no patience, I wish not to wait. Give it to me now, let me feel lfie, death, love, hate all together, all as one, let me have it.
I crave for it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I did it!

I can't believe it! 50000 words! which suck, which I had to include lot's of erotic nonsense, and an epilogue...but I did it! wohoo!

50110 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Can I?

I'm almost there!!

41101 / 50000 words. 82% done!

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Friday, November 7, 2008

NANOWRIMO not going well...

Well, I'd never thought I'd be able to write something which I'd dislike so much and which if I know I don't go on I'll never finish Nanowrimo, which is after all, the goal.
Does it all even make sense?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sream 'till you pop

More rejections. Not only my novel but two short stories and all in less than two weeks. Whoppee!
To top it all off my computer is not working right, even after it stayed for almost a week at the repair shop.
Don't you feel like screaming your brains out?

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a while...

It's been a while, but I've started my classes and I'm extremely busy.
I've sent my novel to several agencies, but so far all I've gotten are rejections so I'm feeling a bit low...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let Me Be

Let me search,
Let me find,
Let me be myself.
Let me pretend,
Let me pretend,
Let me pretend there's more to life.

Dreaming & losing,
Loving & hating,
Living & dying,
is there more?

Let me dream,
Let me love,
Let me live,
Let me rest and pretend that it matters.

What do you loose?
what do you care?
Let me search,
Let me find,
Let me be myself.
Let me pretend,
Let me pretend,
Let me pretend there's more to life.

Does it hurt to dream?
Is it painful to close your eyes and see another reality?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hold me, so close,
that I can feel, your heart beat with mine...

I hate it when I think something up and then forget! It's so frustrating!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lacrimas Profundere Live

Last night was amazing, I got to see and meet the wonderful gothic-rock band Lacrimas Profundere.

Drummer Korl
Base Peter, and guitar Tony
Lead singer Rob, and behind him, Oliver, second guitar

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, well...

I'm trying to use this new "followers" gadget, and I just can't get it to work! Which is quite annoying, because I want to add: to my reading list.
I'll have to give it another try tomorrow.
I'm exhausted so just to add a little spice to this journal (truth is I got the idea from the above journal, but hey, a good idea is a good idea), I'm going to add a picture of one of my favorite men:
Ville Hermanni Valo lead singer of HIM (that's my favorite music band). He's got one hell of a sexy voice, not to mention those eyes...

Oh, what the hell, I can't go to bed and not add a music video from the fabulous group this man leads. The first time I heard HIM I was listening to the radio, and at that precise moment I fell in love with his voice and the music behind it. Ever since then...well, let's just say that HIM have been with me through some hard is worth it, if only to listen to good music.

By the way anyone have any idea how to add youtube videos here?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prompt 139...The hallway was silent.

The hallway was silent. Meredith took in a shaky breath and ran her hands through her strawberry colored hair. She didn't think she was ready, but she lacked the patience. She had never been patient. She always wanted things now, not later. That had brought her across a lot of trouble in her life. The last of it which was Fred.
Fred with his blond tousled hair, big blue eyes and a body that any women would consider divine. She had met him by sheer accident, literally. Her feet dragged her forward as she recalled the first time they met....

She had been lost in thought driving through the neighborhood, when she screeched to a halt. Unfortunately, it was too late and her car hit the bumper of a blue Audie that was backing up. She stepped out of the vehicle and straightened her skirt. A tall man dressed in a suit walked purposely to her, a frown creasing his forehead.
"I'm so sorry sir, I did not see your car. We can call the police and settle the insurance papers..."
The man's frown began to vanish as she rambled on about the papers. His lips settled into a sly grin, and she would never forget the way his eyes swept over her body. She did not recall ever feeling as desired as she did at that precise moment. Nor could she ever forget the way her body reacted to his look. He wanted her, and she wanted him.
"No need to call the police. I think we can settle this on our own. The name's Fred Astings," he said, extending a large hand which engulfed her pale one. A simple touch, which caused her skin to prickle.
"Meredith Hallows."
"Well Meredith, if you'll permit me to call you that..."
She nodded dumbly. Her eyes wondered over his body. Under the business suit she could tell he had wide arms. The shirt hugged him in a way that only men with firm torso's could bare. She lowered her eyelashes, and stole a quick glimpse at his lower body. The pants were too baggy to tell for sure, but she could swear that nothing in this man was less than perfect.
"Well, I say there is nothing to worry about, it's just a scratch. However, you have damaged me morally."
Her head snapped up. Goodness, he had a sexy smile. It wasn't really a smile, it was more like a sideways grin, accompanied with a twinkle in those sea blue eyes that was impossible to describe. It was almost as if he was devouring her with those eyes. She swallowed hard. She knew that it was impossible, that he couldn't feel the heat irradiating from her lower body. COuld he?
"Morally?" Was she a tape recorder?
"Yes, I'm currently blaming myself for not having gone out to meet my new neighbors sooner."
"Oh." Darn, she could just feel herself growing red. Red cheeks to match red hair, her father would tell her when she was a child. She hated being a red head, but she never was able to get rid of it either.
"I was thinking that to solve that issue I could take you to dinner?" There it was again, that grin and the eyes. A date proposal. He was asking her on a date, and she wanted that very much.
"It'll be a pleasure." Finally some coherent words.

They had more than dinner that night. He had wanted to wait, but she had seduced him to it. It was inevitable and one thing took to another... Now, here she was, making her way across the silent hallway of his home. He had given her the key a few months ago and she never gave it back when they separated. They separated because she was an impatient bitch. Meredith, stopped walking. Maybe this was wrong. No. She had waited long enough. Two months. Two endless month for him to make a decision. Tonight she'd either seduce him back into her life or she'd leave him forever.
She took the last steps towards his studio and pressed her ear to the door. She could hear the soft titter tatter of the keyboard flying. He was working. He hated being interrupted when he was working, but this was more important. She flung the door open.

Fred stared at the open door and the woman that stood before it. While his brain was slow to register the fact that Meredith was standing across him, wearing nothing but a black laced negligee and a matching thong, his body reacted quickly. She stood there, giving him one of her determined smiles. Oh, but he knew her well. Under the impatience, the hard headiness, she was as vulnerable as a puppy. He could see it in her eyes now. They were fearful, wondering if she was doing the right thing.
She sauntered towards him, her hips swaying in that unconcious way that had driven him nuts since the first time she had gotten out of that car. He took in a deep breath, as she stradled him on the chair.
"Meredith," he moaned. Her little hands began to unbutton his white chemise. He gazed at her face for a moment. He was a fool. He knew it the moment he said that their relationship wouldn't work, the moment he walked out her door, promising himself never to look back. For two months he had tried to forget her. Forget the way she smiled, the way she laughed, the way she'd pull in her lips when she was nervous. He'd tried to forget all the times they'd been together, the picnics, the movies, the dinners, even the discussions. He tried to forget her body, the soft curve of her waist, the roundness of her ample breasts, the pink lips of her vagina, that became so wet, he would slip into her in a single thrust.
"Meredith," he whispered, taking her face into her hands. His heart broke as he saw the tears glistening in her eyes. "Baby, baby, my angel."
Her head dropped, and her arms surrounded her neck, as tears began to fall in earnest.
"Baby," he cooed.
"I love you Fred," she moaned between tears. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
"Baby, angel, there's nothing to be sorry about."
She nodded. "I'm an impatient bull and I keep harrying you," she moaned.
Fred pulled her away, and once again took her face in his hands. She averted his eyes.
"Look at me, Meredith," he demanded.
She complied. Her green eyes, landed on him, filled with sorrow.
"I didn't leave because of you or your impatience. That's ridiculous."
She opened her mouth to protest.
"Shhh, I left because of me. I was afraid."
"I was afraid of what I was feeling towards you, afraid that it was too much, too soon, that I wouldn't meet up to your standards."
"That's stupid," she stated.
Fred laughed. "I am stupid, however, I have recapacitated."
"Have you now?" she asked, her eyes glimmering. The tears were gone.
When she came into the room Meredith felt determined. She loved Fred and she would get him back no matter what. However, as soon as she had clamboured over him, something inside her clicked. She loved Fred and she felt that doing what she had come to do, she would only hurt him more. That and feeling him so near her, his hardness underneath her, his arms around her waist, the chest on which so many nights she had rested her head had been too much. She wanted him back: the laughter, the talks, the looks shared between them, the way he'd make her feel when he held her, secure and protected.
Relief had flooded through her when he began to explain his reasons for leaving. But it was not until he laughed that she knew that everything would be all right between them. His laugh, a deep rumble in his chest, which seemed to make everything all right.

He kissed her lips tenderly.
"I have indeed, I've come to the conclusion that apart from being an ass-hole, I am very much and very deeply in love with you. These two months have been hell's torture and I don't intend to let you leave this room, ever."
"Ever?" she cried in playfull distress, as her hands roamed his chest. Now that things were going to work in between them, she was ready for some action. By the warmth under her lap, so was he.
"Only with me," he said. He kissed her again tenderly.
"Good," she mumbled. Their kiss began to grow in intensity, as their tongues explored each corner of the others mouth. Fred's hands touched her warm skin, and he pulled her to him. Meredith, tugged at his shirt. Their lips parted and he gave her one of his devilish grins. She felt warm liquid spread to her panties just from the sight. He ripped of his shirt and lifted her off him. Quickly he got rid of his pants and underwear. Meredith didn't hesitate. Purposely she pushed him back onto the chair and knealed before him. She let little butterfly kisses drop on his legs, until they reached his enlarged member. She kissed the tip and flicked her tongue across it. A moan accompanied her moves. She looked up at Fred and smiled. Opening her mouth she took in the purplish head. Fred placed his hand softly on her hair, urging her to have more. Meredith, permitted her tongue to play with the tip, her hands to caress the tight hanging sacs. She took some more of the arroused penis in her mouth. Slowly, she let her tongue roll around it. Fred moaned loudly as he saw her engulf his penis. She began to bob her head up and down. Reaching down, he pinched on her hard nipples. Her moan reverbated on his dick, and he had to take a deep breath not to come them.
"Get up Meredith," he growled.
She obeyed.
"Bend over the desk."
Meredith smiled, her large eyes hazy with lust. She positioned herself over the bureau, her long legs open, her pink pussy lips sticking out, glistening with moisture. This time it was Fred the one that knealed. His tongue ran across the full surface of her vagina lips, stopping at her entrance. He heard her squeel, as he took in his mouth her little nub. Pressing on it with his tongue, he introduced a finger inside her. Instinctevily, she began to hump against it. He stuck another one in, and her moans grew. His fingers rotated inside her vagina, as his tongue flicked over her clit repeatedly. He felt her muscles clench his fingers, but he wasn't ready to let he release her pressure. Quickly standing up, he opened a drawer and brought out a condom. With practiced hands he put it on and positioned himself behind her. Meredith grabbed his penis and led it to her soaked entrance. In a single thrust he was inside her up to the hilt.
Loud moans and cries escaped her lips as he fucked her, first slow, then faster. His hands began at her breasts, pinching and teasing her hard little nipples. Then they fell to her hips, holding them, wanting to bury himself deeper and deeper inside her. Meredith responded to his thrusts, swaying her hips, her hands burried in her cunt, pinching and rubbing her clit in ways that only she knew.
Fred felt her muscles tighten around his penis and knew that she was there. Her cried of ecstasy bounced on the walls, and he followed her soon after.
They droppef to the floor, wasted, after a few minutes. He held her in his arms, caressing her sweaty forehead, feeling the warmth of her body perfectly amolded to his.
"I love you Meredith," he whispered, thinking that she had dozed off.
She snuggled against his chest. Her own thoughts similar to his. She was glad that she hadn't faught against her impatience.
"I love you too Fred."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Child and Demon

"Demon of the Night,

press me against your heart,

let me taste your mouth,

let me see your eyes"

"Child of the day,

hear my heart burn,

let me taste your blood,

let me have your soul"

Burning with desire child and demon

One creature in the depth of the night

blood and soul mingled as one, child and demon.

"Demon of the night,

I hear your heart burn,

I taste your mouth.

Don't let me go"

"Child of the day,

burning in my heart,

I taste your blood,

I eat your soul."

Burning with desire child and demon.

One creature in the depth of the night.

Blood and soul mingled as one, child and demon.

Burning with desire, (child and demon)

Creatures of the night, (child and demon)

blood and soul,all in one

living on for eternity,

in hell.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A little something...

Just a little something amusing I found on another's author website:

I'm currently SOS (stressing over submissions) and a bit BIN (brain in overload).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel - Final Part

She did not answer his question. A new song began to blare through the disco and she pulled him to her. She let her body meet his: her breasts squashed against his chest, her arms wrapped around his neck, her intimate parts rubbing against the hardness in his leather pants. She heard a moan and released her grip on him. Alexis swayed to the music, her hips dancing round, her arms high in the air. She ignored the man behind her, although her body was aware of his every move, so she wasn’t surprised when he reached out for her and tugged her towards him. She let herself be caught in his arms. However, she did not cease dancing.

“Alexis,” he groaned into her ear.

She smiled sweetly at him and pressed herself closer. Standing on tip toe she let her snatch rub against his dick for a moment, as she pulled back long strands of hair from his face. She pressed forward. The tip of her tongue reached the lobe of his ear. She suppressed a giggle as his grip on her tightened anxiously. His hands roamed to her ass, which he cupped. Her tongue entered his ear. He groaned again.

“Since when have you been compiling information about me, Matt?” she whispered, raking her finger nails across his back.

“Since the first day I saw you dancing, Dark Princess. You know my name, do you know more?” he asked, with an effort. Alexis turned away from him and kept dancing. She was surprised at how much he knew. Few knew that Dark Princess was her internet journal nickname.

Alexis nodded. “For quite a while,” she admitted. She didn’t want to say more, yet. She turned to face him again.

“You’re information providers are not very good,” Matt said. A small ripple of pleasure shook her sweaty body as he jammed a leg between her thighs.

“Why?” she asked, trying to regain her composure.

“I’m..” She did not let him finish the sentence. Her small hands slithered down his chest, making their way to the fly of his trousers. She unzipped it slowly, never for a moment loosing the rhythm of the song playing. Delicately she placed a hand inside. His member throbbed in her hand, even as encased as it was inside the material of his boxers. She heard him swallow.

“I’m Fallen Angel.”

Alexis removed her hand hastily away and took a step back. Matt took in a shaky breath. He zipped up his pants and reached out for her.

“Alexis,” he began.

She shook her head, unbelieving. Fallen Angel was her internet friend. They had known each other for years, having met by accident in a forum. They were good friends, each knowing their life time history, but they had always failed to send a picture. They spoke across the internet and they had ventured as far as speaking on the phone. But, they didn’t want to know the appearance that the other one had. They didn’t want their friendship to be based on appearances, or to have those appearances change anything. However, now…why was he here?

“I don’t understand,” she said. Matt nodded.

“Come.” He offered her his hand, she refused. His gaze lowered, but he said nothing. He walked away from the dancing floor to the nearby sofas. She followed. They found an empty seat.

Alexis didn’t say anything, so Matt began to speak.

“One day I woke up and discovered that I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Everything I did, I’d relate to you somehow.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but my feelings for you just kept on growing. I was relieved when you disappeared from the net for a while, and when you wouldn’t answer my calls. Relieved and a bit desperate that you’d found the love you were always looking for, and that it wasn't me.”

“But, I don’t understand,” she repeated. “I saw you every night at the dance floor. Did you know it was me?”

“At first I didn’t, but God, you were so hot,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “You know I’m shy, but something just kept pushing me to find out who you where. So I went around asking people until I connected the dots and found out that you Alexis, the sexy angel that seemed to be dancing for me every weekend was also Dark Princess my best friend and the girl I was in love with.”

“When did you find out?” she asked hastily looking down at her hands. She felt as shy as she always did around everyone. The music no longer seemed to hide her, her heart was open for everyone to see.

“A few weeks ago, but I couldn’t get myself to approach you until tonight.”

“Do you know why I stopped surfing and wouldn’t answer your calls?” she blurted out. Matt shook his head, his tresses of long hair, falling over his face once more. She was glad, her burning cheeks probably glowed under the flashing disco lights.

“I wanted to put some distance between us. I felt that we were too close. I couldn’t do anything without thinking of you first, wondering if you’d like this or the other, on what you would say on a certain subject…so I turned to the stranger on the dance floor. I thought that if I was able to…well…that I could forget the feelings I had for you. I never imagined you were the same person.”

“I was only Fallen Angel for you, people around here know me as Darkness Reborn.”

“That explains a lot,” she replied. Alex looked up at Matt. She caught her breath.

“Will you save a Fallen Angel?” he asked softly, his eyes searching hers.

Alexis searched back and smiled. It didn’t matter how it happened, but they were no longer friends, something deeper and more profound had grown between them and she was glad. Her shyness slipped away. She was with Matt, her friend, her love.

“Willingly, I will take you into my castle, and tend to your wounds until you can fly once again,” she replied, recalling one of the first conversations they had had across the internet. He had asked her if she, being a princess had any powers to save him from his death. She had replied that though she lacked powers, she would try to care for his wounds. After that they had become friends.

“I don’t want to fly,” Matt whispered, taking her hand into his. “I want to be the angel in your arms.”

“I’m glad you don’t, you’d only break my heart if you did.”

Matt closed in on her. He took her chin in his hand. It was ridiculous after all they had shared in the dance floor, but Alex felt nervous. She gave him a shaky smile.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I don’t want you to go away again,” she whispered.

He kissed her tenderly, their lips melting into each other, their tongues playing a game of their own. Alex broke the kiss reluctantly, but she could no longer take it.

She stood up, and tugged at Matt to stand on his feet. She gave him a quick kiss.

“I have to take you into my castle and tend your wounds,” she said, reaching down to the bulge between his legs. Matt pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely.

“I’m at your feet, your highness.”

The End

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Been Busy...

I've been working on an erotic short story to send to a publisher. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now, that I've finally finished with it, I'll continue Dancing for a Fallen Angel, but I'm afraid that won't be until tomorrow.
Nighty Night and pleasant dreams.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel - part 2

They moved to the music, leaning, swaying, vibrating. His hands never leaving her body, roaming it constantly. Her panties became wet as she felt his hands brush against her thigh, caressing first one, and then the other. They began tracing the portion of skin above her knee, but little by little, they inched towards the inside of her thigh. She sucked in her breath as his hand cupped her soaked panties.

Enough, she thought. No one has ever gotten me so worked up in so little time.

She turned inside the strangers arms, catching him off guard. She gasped audibly when she met a pair of familiar green eyes. He twirled her in his arms again, preventing her to speak.

He pressed her against him as the music changed rhythms into a sweeter melody. His fingers traced her arms slowly, like the caress of a feather.

She knew the song. The beat would increase any moment, turning into a frenzy. He turned her in his arms again, so that she would be facing him. She was unable to speak as his hands grasped her waist firmly. She let her hands follow the move and placed her own arms around his neck. One of his legs he placed strategically in between her thighs. She adjusted herself over him as he bent her figure back. His index finger traced her chest, the rim of her breasts, the tight nipple. She moaned in her throat as he gently squeezed her hardened nipples.

Was this really happening? Or was she dreaming it?

He lifted her and eased her into his arms. She felt his firm body as her own stroked against his.

“Why have you approached me?” she asked, barely able to speak as the music and his body dictated her every move.

“I could no longer resist your allure,” he said.

A dimpled smile playing on his lips as he pushed her away and twirled her. He roughly pulled her to him again, bending her over in a single smooth move. She moved to the music out of habit, though, her mind was elsewhere as her body felt his hardness jammed between her ass cheeks. A finger traced her back and a shiver of excitement followed it. The moisture between her thighs was more than just sweat.

“You want to head for my place, Alexis?” he whispered in her ear as he lifted her and hugged her to him.

She let her hips grind against him, following the beat of the song playing.

So he knew her name. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the giddiness she was feeling. She would go anywhere he asked, but not without enjoying herself for a bit. It wasn’t fair that he had all the fun.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Stand by

I'll continue Dancing with a fallen angel tomorrow. I fainted today after a blood test and gashed my cheek, having to get several stitches. I'm really tired, but fear not, there will be more to come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel

She was shy. Really, she was. However, music made her change. Music transported her into another dimension. Music made her forget her shyness. The rhythmic sound of guitars, drums, basses, a piano, the sound of a well played instrument made her soar. If all that, had the sweet and sultry voice of a fabulous singer, it made her fly.
If the music had words, good coherent words, that almost told a story that she could imagine...then, it was bliss.

Music was one of the reasons on why she went dancing to the local club every weekend. But it was only one reason. The other reason was him. Long chestnut colored hair, dark green eyes and a six foot tall body which was impossible to avoid. She could never decide whether he was an angel or a devil. He rarely danced, but it didn't matter to her, she could see him from her spot in the dance floor, like every other night.
Tonight he looked incredibly handsome in tight leather pants and a simple black shirt which seemed to stick to his toned muscles.

He watched her dance. He always did. He would sip at his drink or speak with a friend, but his eyes would never leave her moving figure. She knew, because she watched him too. Sometimes she had the impression that she danced just for him. That every sultry move was made to attract him. However, he never budged.
She knew she danced well. She would contort her body in ways which would have any man cringing with desire. It was not the first time that one had approached her with a dirty mind and not very good intentions. She'd brush them off. At times she'd dance with them, just to make him jealous, but mainly she danced alone. She would sway to the music, her curves flowing as if she had been built to dance to that particular song. but her brown eyes were always focusing on him, just like he focused on her.

She smiled to herself as she heard the introduction of one of her favorite songs. It was one that spoke of love and sex. She let her hands roam across her body in a seductive way, as her hips began to sway to the music. It was almost hypnotic. How many times had she masturbated to this song in the darkness of her room? How many times had she let her imagination take her into his arms, imagining that the words to the songs were taking place between them? She closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself get carried away by the music.
Startled she took in a sharp breath as she felt large hands grab her waist. She opened her eyes in haste, and searched for his ever permanent green eyes. He was nowhere to be seen. Where had he gone? She felt the stranger behind her, dancing with her to the music. She tried to turn and tell him to leave her alone, but he held on tightly to her. Pulling her towards him, she felt his hard shaft against her buttocks. She gasped in alarm.
"Do you know how hard it is to control this, watching you dance?" A husky voice spoke in her ear, causing goose bumps to rise in her arms.

To be continued....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In memory of time

She had to stop the creature from stealing Alice. She approached the river’s coast. It was surrounded by a thin fence. The child had told her that she was plunged into water every time she met her friend. How? She wondered. She noticed suddenly a small whole in the fence, perhaps she could enlarge it. She stuck her hand through it and was plunged into cold water.
She appeared surprisingly dry, in a barely lit room. There wasn’t any furniture around, just a coffee table with a small lamp. In the shadows she saw the shape of a man.
“Can I help you?” His voice was soft and sultry, and disturbingly enough, it was vaguely familiar.
“I’ve come to plead for you not to take the girl, sir,” she said in a whisper.
“It is not my intention. I am no thief, nor a monster.”
“Yes, but the girl insists on coming with you.”
“She is still young and does not know what she wants, much like you at her age, Mary.”
Mary took a step back startled at hearing her name.
“Do I know you?” she asked softly, peering into the shadows.
“You did once,” the man replied, taking a step forward. He was tall, his hair black as coal hung in waves slightly below his shoulder, and his eyes were a deep green. He gazed at her in silence.
“David,” she gasped.
“At least, you remember me,” he tried to smile, but his eyes did not respond. The only emotion visible was grief.
“Oh David.” She took a step toward him and saw it. Staring bleakly back at her, the large V which had been burnt into his bare chest was now an ugly scar. Before she could help herself she reached out and touched it.
David flinched and took a step back. Immediately she removed her hand.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
“Please don’t be,” he said as he softly grabbed her hand and placed it once more on his chest. “I haven’t been touched by anyone in so long...” he left the sentence incomplete.
“David,” she whispered again as she traced the letter across his bare chest. She noticed his cold hand touching her face, removing the silent tears which she had not realized she had been dropping.
“It was a long time ago Mary.” She nodded dumbly. Before she could react he pulled her to him and they embraced. Her sobs the only audible sound in the gloomy room.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Edge

Just a little something I wrote years ago...

The moon rises high in the sky

A shadow flickers in the corner and you see her

pale as the moonlight

her eyes blue as the morning sky

she walks as in a trance

towards her destiny

Rain begins to fall but she is not disturbed

she must reach her destiny

that's what she's here for

She's closer now,

just another step and she'll make it

She closes her eyes

spreads out her arms

and lets her soul fly free as she falls

through the edge.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prompt 30: An excuse for not working

I haven't updated this in so long, that although it is really late, I'm going to do a writing prompt.

Dear Boss,

I'm very much afraid that I will not be able to go to work today. My reasons? Quite simply, my brain is about to burst. I will hopefully recover in a few days time. Fear not.

Monday, July 14, 2008

And one day you wake up and discover that friends that once were, no longer are.

So many things to do and so little time. I'll try to update this more often...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Goodness gracious! It's been more than a month since I last came to visit my Blog!
I've been really busy though! studying, studying and more studying. It doesn't look like it's gonna get any better (quite the contrary) but I'll try to appear around here more often.

Can't really write anything interesting now though, I have to get back to work.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

12 things to do when there is no electricity

1. Write
2. Read
3.Listen to Music
4.Wash the dishes
7.Play board games
8. Play dress up
9.Photograph things
10.walk the dog
11.Talk on the phone
12.Play Hide and Seek

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A poem made of Cliches

Choose a cliche and make that the first line of your poem:

Love is blind.
Love is crazy.
Love is wild.
Love is great.
Love hurts.
Love aches.
Does anyone really know Love?
I met him once, it was blind.
I met him once, it was crazy,
it was wild, it was great.
But after some time, Love was mean.
He hurt me and the pain ached.
Love is a lie from beginning to end.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Unhappy Cinderella

"The young maidens of the house?"
"Please follow me" The evil stepmother said, leading the prince and his footman towards the dinning room.
"Lisa, Kaila. There are some gentlemen here to see you"
Two girls stormed down the marble staricase. One of them was quite tall and with a gracious look to her, however her large eagle nose twitched non-stop as if she were a rabbit. The other girl was much shorter than her sister, and quite heavy looking, however she had a sweet round face. Both girls had sparkling blue eyes and their brown hair was tied up in a fashionable braid.
"We have come to test the christal shoe" the princes' helper said. The prince looked at the girls in shock. He was pretty sure the girl he had danced with two nights ago was blond with green eyes and definitly not round as a ball.
The short girl, Lisa, spoke up " let me first" she said pushing her sister and placing her round buttocks on the velvet covered chair. The footman looked around in distress. Setting himself on one knee he helped the girl try the shoe.
"It does not fit her, your majesty" he spoke up, looking at the prince relieved.
Lisa stood up looking angry "where is Cinderella ? "she asked her mother rudely "I'm hungry".
"Not now Lisa" her mother growled at her under her breath.
Kaila sat down in the velvet chair, trying to look graceful as her nose twitched non-stop.
The footman took the shoe and...
"It fits" he exclaimed looking quite as shocked as everyone else in the room.
"It fits!" Kaila said jumping up and running to hug her beloved prince. The prince took a step back.
"It cannot be" He said, and grabbing her hard by the arm took her back to the chair and tried the shoe again.
"It fits" he mumbled to himself as he looked at the delicate slipper in despair.

"Lisa, did you call me?" Cinderella appeared looking ragged and weary.
"Yes, you idiot, birng us something to eat. My sister is marrying the prince" she grinned happily at Cinderella.
"The prince?" Cinderella said a dreamy look coming to her dirty face.

The prince looked up at the delicate voice which had spoken his name and found himself staring at a very pretty but very dirty girl. It's a shame she couldn't have come to the ball he thought to himself.
"Very well, come with me..umm.."
"uh yes, koala" come along he said looking dejectedly at his footman and at the pretty but very dirty maiden.
As they started to leave Cinderella spoke up" wait, that slipper is mine"
Everyone started laughing.
"If it's yours you surely must have the pair" the evil step mother spoke up
" see it disappeared along with the rest of the fairy goth mother's magic"
"fairy goth mother?"
"oH yes-she's not like the traditional fairy god mother. The fairy goth mother dresses all in black and listens to some type of dark mystic music.-She kept telling me that this was all she could do, that she wasn't here to help but to show me how life can be even more awful than it is already. But truly I think her intentions were good." Cinderella said flashing everyone a bright smile., her green eyes searching everyones face greedily.
"Goodness gracious girl, it seems you've been sticking your head up that chimney too often" the step mother said cracking a grin. Everyone else laughed. The prince shook his head and looked pitifully at Cinderella. At least I'm taking someone merely sensible to my home, he thought to himself. If only we could get that twitching nose to be fixed, or cut off, or maybe we could do some sort of arrangement with her he thought to himself as he abandoned Cinderella's home with his soon to be wife at his arm.
Cinderella, had run upstairs as soon as everyone left the house. She felt lonely and miserable. The shoe had been hers, if only she had had the pair, if only she could have tried it on. But that was impossible, for she was a mere house keeper, nothing more. Her life was condemned to sweeping and cleaning, to have mocking,pitiful smiles, and angry voice directed at her ineptitud. Unknowingly she had crept to the window sill of her room, the one at the top of the house. Fifty feet below lay the ground. The ground a much better alternative to this senseless life.
"I told you" a voice whispered behind her. As she turned and slipped she caught a glimpe of her fairy goth mother. Dressed in red, an evil grin spread on her face as she saw Cinderella fall to her death.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

Prompt3-10 Random words and what I think they should mean

  1. haltere : Someone that is constantly halting. They don't finish their tasks.
  2. latakia: A foreign eastern country.
  3. meringue: Delicious fluffy sugary sweet.
  4. platter: a delicate plate.
  5. solar constant: Constantly in the sun.
  6. tie-pin: A pin that's used to hold the tie steady in place.
  7. tasmanian wolf: a wild animal, with horns and fur like a wolfs'.
  8. smirch: a small creature with a grumpy look.Sort of like a dwarf.
  9. resistor: machine that resists pressure of any sort.
  10. nurture: feed and grow.

For future reference, the true meaning of each word.

1. Haltere:noun either of the rudimentary hind wings of dipterous insects; used for maintaining equilibrium during flight
2. Latakia:–noun
  • Ancient, Laodicea. a seaport in NW Syria, on the Mediterranean. 191,329.
  • a coastal district in Syria, in the W part. 389,552.
  • a variety of Turkish tobacco.
3. Meringue:–noun
  • a delicate, frothy mixture made with beaten egg whites and sugar or hot syrup, and browned, used as a topping for pies, pastry, etc.
  • a pastry or pastry shell made by baking such a mixture, sometimes filled with fruit, whipped cream, etc.
  • a large, shallow dish, usually elliptical in shape, for holding and serving food, esp. meat or fish.
  • a course of a meal, usually consisting of a variety of foods served on the same plate.
  • Slang. a phonograph record.
  • Movie Slang. a part of a motion-picture projector, consisting of a large, horizontally rotating disk that houses a feature film.

5.Solar Constant:–noun the average rate at which radiant energy is received from the sun by the earth, equal to 1.94 small calories per minute per square centimeter of area perpendicular to the sun's rays, measured at a point outside the earth's atmosphere when the earth is at its mean distance from the sun.
–verb (used with object)
  • to discolor or soil; spot or smudge with or as with soot, dust, dirt, etc.
  • to sully or tarnish (a person, reputation, character, etc.); disgrace; discredit.
  • a dirty mark or smear, as of soot, dust, dirt, etc.
  • a stain or blot, as on reputation.

9.resistor:–noun Electricity. a device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit.
10.nurture:–verb (used with object)
  • to feed and protect: to nurture one's offspring.
  • to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster: to nurture promising musicians.
  • to bring up; train; educate.
  • rearing, upbringing, training, education, or the like.
  • development: the nurture of young artists.
  • something that nourishes; nourishment; food.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Writing Prompts

Since one of my new year resolutions is to write more I've decided to do a writing prompt everyday (or at least try to do one everyday)-once a week is an obligation.
Searching on Google I've found this great page :
It has 302 Writing Prompts! Wow almost 1 for every day of the year ^_^