Sunday, March 2, 2014

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Witches' Mischief 3

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe March is here. This last week of February has swept by amid chaos (thus, me forgetting to sign up last week ><) but here we are. Today I'm going to give you a glimpse from book 3 of The Witches' Mischief series.  I've just submitted this story for publication, so I'm a bundle of nerves, trying hard not to stalk my email.

Please meet Conall Dougal. He's not in a very good mood...

*creative editing to keep to the guidelines has taken place*
#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  
Conall leaned onto the neck of the animal, pushing it to run faster. His hair whipped around him, the breeze slapping him in the face and fueling the anger still coursing through him.
How could they have fooled him in such a way? 

“Dirty, thieving, wenches, all three of them,” he cursed under his breath. 
He would find them. By all that was dear to him, he would find those women and give them the punishment they deserved. He’d take great pleasure in flogging them, spanking them and—he grinned. His hands tightened on the reins as his mind conjured the perfect image of his women.
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  1. I can feel his frustration and I'd like to know how the women fooled him. It must've been rough if he's feeling this way. Good 8 and best of luck with the publishing!

  2. A lovely lead in. What did they do? They must have been very bad. I'd like to read the rest of this. Good luck with the submission.

  3. Ooohh, I hope he catches them soon :-D This sounds fab. Hope you get your yes soon!!

  4. his revenge sounds like it's going to be a little kinky ;)

    Good luck hun!

  5. Ooooh, my....His revenge is going to be interesting.

    Best wishes! I have a story on submit too, so I know your current torment! :D

  6. This put a smile on my face. Good luck with your submission. I hope I get to read more soon.

  7. Excellent snippet. You grabbed me from the first sentence and never let go.

  8. Oh boy. I'm not sure if the women need to worry, what with being witches and all. He might have just liked the trick they played on him enough to be wanting more...

  9., not sure it's really a punishment he wishes to dish out! Good 8, Elyzabeth! Excellent visual!

  10. Bad girls, but the odds are in their favor -- three against one. Somehow I don't think they'll mind his punishment!

  11. Best wishes with the submission...of the book. Quite an interesting snippet, loved the way his thoughts took a turn regarding what he wanted to do to the three ladies in question.

  12. Sounds like he has fantastic, naughty plans for them! Great job, and I'll keep fingers crossed for you!


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