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#WednesdayBriefs: Myths, Secrets and Love - chapter 13

Happy Wednesday darlings! My apologies for not briefing for the past few weeks, but the month of February got out of hand. It’s been chaotic. *sigh* Hopefully March will be a little calmer. Anyhow, here I am back with Rodric’s quest in his search for Fergus. We’ve met mermaids, unicorns, fairies and last time I briefed, Rodric and Arjä had been ambushed by dragons, which aren’t exactly friendly.

If you don't remember what happened last week, want to catch up, or reread everything just because, please click here. Otherwise, on you go! The prompt I used for this week was the hunky guy below. 

Myths, Secrets and Love 13

Rodric stared at the man before him. He was not what he had imagined a Dragon Lord would look like, especially after Raskard’s impressive entrance earlier. He imagined a fierce creature, large, old and maybe even scaly. What he wasn’t expecting was the kid sitting in front of him. 

The man introduced to them as The Lord was too young. His long dark locks unevenly cut framed a boyish face with deep green eyes. His body was hard and muscled but lean, like a man that still had to grow into his flesh. He was certainly tattooed. From his right shoulder to his knees intricate patterns of red and black ink danced over his skin. The designs did little to improve his opinion of The Lord. The tattoos didn’t help inspire fear, to the contrary they reminded him of a rebellious child, eager to prove himself to others in any way.

“Rodric Belavue. I hope my people have not been too rough on you.”
Rodric narrowed his eyes. The Lord’s voice was masculine, yet soft, like a serpents quiet hissing. He felt the man’s green gaze pinned on him and nodded.
“They’ve separated me from my companion, taken my weapons, stripped me naked and chained me. I’ve had worse treatment.”

The Lord swept back his hair and grinned at him. Rodric flinched at the sight of the twin dimples on his cheeks. How old could he possibly be?

 “I am glad to hear it. I wouldn’t want to kill you before I can figure out your worth.”

The boy leaned back against his stack of pillows and gazed at him. Rodric shivered as his green eyes shifted, becoming yellow reptilian slits.

“Do not make the mistake of underestimating me because of my appearance, Belavue. Others have died because of that.” 


The dragon lord laughed.  Rodric swallowed. His palms were clammy and he fought the urge to swipe them on the loin cloth they’d placed around his nether regions.

“What do you want from us, Rodric Belavue?”

“Where is Arjä.”

“Ah Arjä.” The Lord closed his eyes and wetted his lips with the tip of his tongue as if he could taste the unicorn princess just by saying her name. “The beautiful yet silly unicorn princess. Do not worry about her. I’m sure Raskard is taking good care of her needs.”

Rodric frowned.


The Lord sighed dramatically and cradled his face with his palm. “She and Raskard have a history. I assure you, she’ll be safer with him then in the dungeons where I’ll be sending you unless you tell me why you’ve come into my territory.”

“Could I not have been looking for a new home in the Island?”

The Lord threw back his head and laughed.

“You? I can see into your heart, Rodric Belavue. You are a thief and a killer, but you have scruples and morals and you’re, “ he shuddered, “in love. You’re not desperate enough to seek a home in Fire Island.” A devilish grin crossed the Lord’s face. Rodric paled at the sight of the sharp canines glinting in the dim light. “Not yet, at least. Now, tell me. Where are you headed and why do you seek our aid. I don’t have all day.”

“Why would you aid me?”

The dragon chuckled. “A man after my own heart, distrustful to the core. Isn’t it obvious, Captain Belavue?”

To be continued...

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