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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Rob Colton & An American Lamb in Europe

Welcome, welcome to the first #TNTConfidential of March! Today I am happy to introduce you to author Rob Colton and his latest release An American Lamb in Europe. Please give him a warm welcome!

First off, I want to thank Elyzabeth for having me today.

This is Rob Colton and I’m here to talk about my newest release, An American Lamb in Europe. The book was released Wednesday, February 12th, and is available from Dreamspinner Press and all your favorite online book stores.

In today’s excerpt, we are introduced to the French vampire princess Emeline.

In their search for Jamie’s brother, Tomas requests Emeline’s help. Jamie is elated at first. Not only is he delving deeper in the vampire world, buthe’s meeting someone who actually knows his brother—very well it seems. When it comes down to it, she doesn’t seem to really know what happened to Rudy.But perhaps she knows more than she’s letting on…

That’s a common roadblock in Jamie’s search for Rudy. Just when he thinks he’s getting somewhere, he runs smack into vague vampire doubletalk.

Jamie Anderson knows you need to look before you leap, but he forgets it often enough to land in trouble. When his brother and only remaining family member disappears, he doesn’t think twice about quitting his job as a dental hygienist to travel to the Czech Republic to search for him.

Rescued by the sexy, mysterious Tomas in a small city near the German border, Jamie enlists his help in locating Rudy. Soon Jamie realizes the man knows more than he’s sharing. When Jamie demands Tomas tell him the truth, Tomas reveals he’s a vampire. Horrified the man he’s fantasized about is a monster, Jamie struggles with the fact he still needs Tomas's help to find Rudy.

Jamie never expects their search will land him in the middle of a vampire turf war.

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The church doors pushed open, and a woman entered, followed on either side by two men. The woman was beautiful with pale, porcelain skin. Her dark hair hung almost down to her narrow waist. She wore a flowing black dress trimmed with black lace, showing ample cleavage. With the graceful way she moved, she practically glided across the floor. She was exactly what I pictured a vampire princess would look like.

The two men were big and muscular, though not as big as Horst. Like the princess, they were dressed in all black, complete with floor-length leather trench coats.

As Tomas stood, he was flanked by Otto and Horst, both of whom stood at attention, arms folded across their chests, looking badass. I moved in front of Horst and tried to look like I belonged with them. I started to fold my arms across my chest like Otto and Horst, but ended up dropping them at my sides. No way would I be able to pull off the tough-guy image like the others.

When the woman turned her gaze on me, her stride paused, but she quickly recovered. As she moved toward Tomas, she never took those dark-brown, nearly black eyes off me. It was quite unsettling, and I dropped my gaze down to the floor as I shuffled a little bit closer to Tomas and the others.

“You are late, Emeline,” Tomas said, not even attempting to disguise his disdain with the princess.
Emeline returned Tomas’s tone with annoyance of her own. “I am here out of courtesy, Tomas. You have no jurisdiction over me.” Her tone softened as she looked me over. “But if you are making a peace offering, I accept.” She beckoned me to come closer with a sultry, rolling wave of her fingers, her voice soft and wispy. “You may come to me.”

I stepped back, moving closer to Tomas, and he put his hand on the back of my neck, tightening his fingers to keep me still. The overly possessive gesture was made so publicly I was slightly uncomfortable, but it also was disturbingly reassuring. God, Tomas turned my brain into mush.

Emeline stood her ground, narrowing her eyes suspiciously at me. “Who are you?”

I bowed my head ever so slightly, not quite sure how to act in front of a real-life princess. “My name’s Jamie Anderson, Princess. I am looking for my brother, Rudy.”

Emeline’s eyes slid shut as she drew in a breath and placed a hand across her cleavage. “Rudy.Mon petit agneau.”

“Can you tell me what happened to him? Please.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me with an expression that was almost warm. “I believe Rudy was taken because he was special to my coven. To me. Rudy was my favorite lamb. He was different. He intrigued me.”

I glanced over at Tomas, who continued to eye Emeline in that calm, cool demeanor of his. “Do you know who took him?” he asked.

She answered Tomas but kept her eyes focused on me. “I suspect it was the Russians, but there was no proof. They, of course, denied having anything to do with it.”

When she didn’t offer anything else, I grew annoyed. Why couldn’t these people get to the point and give straight answers?

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About Rob: 

Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.

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