Monday, March 24, 2014

Fetish wear in the 1920's

The other day on Facebook someone posted a link to this article:

Fetish wear in the 1920s looked a hell of a lot like fetish wear now


 Curious, I went on to have a look. The article has some interesting 1920-30's images of Domme's and subs (love the "pony  girl" scene) and to my criteria some of the looks are similar. I'm especially a fan of the boots... I love the boots. 

What do you guys think? Similar or different?

PS: I went on to do a search on Yva Richard  and found some amazing vintage pics, so if you have the time I invite you to do the same. 

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  1. Opino lo mismo, la estética BDSM no ha cambiado mucho a lo largo de todo este tiempo. Se han añadido nuevos juguetitos y materiales que no existían antes, como es el caso del látex (bendito látex) o componentes con electrodos, pero por fortuna la esencia sigue siendo la misma.

    PD: Coincido con lo de la pony girl. La encuentro una forma de sumisión bastante... "interesante"


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