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There was only one thing he wanted -- #weekendwritingwarriors #sexysnippets from Eagle's Seduction (Denying the Alpha) #anthology #shifters #romance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I'd like to apologize because it was impossible for me to visit your wonderful snippets last week, but I'm already on today's! :-D This week, I'm sharing another snippet from  Eagle's Seduction, my story included in Evernight Publishing's anthology, Denying the Alpha
  Next week I'll be changing stories and getting into the holiday mood with my upcoming release, Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm Tale).
Have a great day!

*Some creative punctuation has taken place to adjust to guidelines 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
{...} "How can I make your thick, ginormous skull understand that I want nothing to do with you?”

“My brain gets it, my heart and my eagle don’t.”

“Well, send them the memo.” She glanced down at her books. “I have a lot to study and you already ruined my morning so leave me alone.” She bent down to retrieve her pen and returned to her text.

Kit shut the door behind him and the room, which wasn’t too large to begin with, became smaller, more intimate. It was just him and his mate. His vision shifted, becoming sharper, as if he were on a
hunt and had to locate his prey. This time, there was only one thing he wanted to devour: Kara.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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Some happily-ever-afters take more effort than others...

The strong alpha heroes in our anthology are determined to claim their mates—but their women are anything but submissive. They'll have to work twice as hard to get what they want. It'll be a power struggle as the alphas and their women learn that the volatile energy between them is the beginning of something wonderful.

These nine hand-picked stories are hot enough to curl your toes. Get ready to fall in love with an alpha.

140,000 words

Caleb by Loralynne Summers
Crossing Boundaries by Rose Wulf
Guarding What's Hers by Kait Gamble
The Librarian and Her Dragon by Doris O'Connor
Eagle's Seduction by Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Make Her Purr by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino
Claiming the Coyote by Roberta Winchester
My Very Soul by Tesla Storm
Bearly Caught by Sarah Marsh

Eagle's Seduction

Mating was supposed to be easy.
Eagle shifter Kit Jenkins always thought that when he met his soulmate they’d embrace their passion, perform the mating ritual and live happily ever after. However, when Kara George crosses his path, he hits a brick wall. The feisty owl shifter has an agenda of her own that doesn’t include him. Luckily, Kit is always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to seducing his mate.

Her priority never was to find love.
Twenty-seven year old Kara George is months away from finally achieving her lifelong ambition of moving to France. All she needs to do is pass her exams and she’ll be on the next flight to Europe. With her finals looming, she must focus on her studies, but when she meets Kit everything comes crashing down around her.
The infuriating eagle shifter expects her to fall head over heels in love with him in a matter of hours and although she can’t deny the attraction, she’s unwilling to give up her dream for him. The problem is the animal within her is craving its mate and she is forced to find a compromise. But will it be enough?

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  1. Sounds like it's going to take a lot to convince her to give him a chance.

  2. Love her come-backs. She sounds like my kind of heroine.

  3. She's tough alright. What happens next!

  4. Seems he's not easily sidetracked! I like her strength though...great snippet!

  5. Ooo You can feel the heat in that last line!

  6. Sparks much? Hope she stands her ground (but not for tooo long!)

  7. Hoping he wants to "devour Kara" in a nice way?!?!

    1. Yeah, I had the same reaction as Daryl . . . although it came to me with a smile. ;-)


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