Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Meet Magnus... MidWeek Tease: Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm Tale) #Shifter #romance #BDSM

Hi everyone!

I've been dying to get back into MidWeek Tease but between the EDJ and being the mommy of a rambunctious puppy, I haven't had a lot of time.

In any case, here I am and I hope to stay!

Today I'm teasing you with my upcoming release, Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm Tale). Are you ready for the holidays?

“Welcome, welcome. How is everyone today?” He grinned, his eyes crinkling at the corners and giving him a softer edge. “Taris, can you check to see if Santa is here yet?”
 Taris nodded and moved toward the door.
A deep, velvety voice apologized from the other side. Goosebumps sprouted on Melody’s arms. That definitely wasn’t Santa.
“Ah. Magnus. Come on in.” Felix waved the stranger inside. “You’re just in time.”
Melody’s breath caught in her throat. Magnus had to be at least six foot seven, and unlike some tall men she’d met, he wasn’t lanky. Quite the opposite. His navy-blue suit did little to hide the raw brawn beneath. Her gaze swept upwards. Her blood turned to ice. He was looking at her with an intensity which made her heart flutter erratically. Fingers quivering, her pencil tumbled to the floor. She ducked to retrieve it.
Calm down. Calm down. What the hell is wrong with you, Melody? It’s just a random guy. A really hot one. So? He’s totally out of your league, so focus on the meeting.
She sat upright and almost dropped everything again when Magnus came to stand directly behind her. She swallowed drily. His presence loomed over her, alluring, almost begging all her senses to turn around and stare. Desperate for a distraction, she started to doodle.
“I’m sorry about the lack of chairs,” Felix said. “But I promise the meeting will be short. We decided to hold it here since it’d be easier to bring everyone together.”
“Santa is coming,” Taris announced.
Not even two seconds later, the boss arrived. Dressed in a stylish grey suit, beard neatly trimmed and glasses hanging from the tip of his nose, he walked in. Melody shook her head. Even after all these years she still struggled to put together the image of Santa the ruthless businessman and Santa the affable elderly man who brought hope and joy to children all over the world.
“Welcome, everyone. I will be brief, as we have no time to waste. You’ve been assembled here because you are the best in your field, be it marketing, graphic design, or logistics. As some of you know, our latest Christmas app, launched two years ago, was a success.”

Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm II)

A rare mix between a pixie and a human, Melody Beacon is not your ordinary woman. Challenged all her life for not being one or the other, she considers herself unlovable. So when Magnus Koldklaw tries to seduce her, she can’t help but think he’s mocking her. After all, why would a man like him want to be with a woman like her?

One look at Melody Beacon was all it took for bear shifter Magnus Koldklaw to decide he wanted her. One whiff of her scent, and he’s certain she’s his mate.

Unfortunately, Melody doesn’t seem to feel the same way. However, when they’re forced to work together on a secret project for Santa, they are irrevocably drawn to each other. And when Magnus discovers it’s her insecurities keeping them apart, he becomes determined to show her she’s worthy of love and so much more.



  1. Interesting version of Santa. Enjoying the set up. Welcome back! --Angelica

  2. Santa as a tough businessman . . . interesting!

  3. Congrats on the new release! Sounds like a fab book :)


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