Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Do you want me to spank you? #midweektease from Bear's Beauty #BDSM #romance #Holiday #shifter

Happy Hump day, everyone!

Today I'm teasing from Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm Tale). Which releases today!!! *dances wildly* Are you ready for Magnus and Melody?

He captured her chin between thumb and forefinger, tilting her gaze to him. Anticipation rippled through her body.
“I want to put you over my knee and spank you. I itch for the feel of your bare bottom under my palm, and I know there’s hardly ever anyone here.”
“Hardly ever,” she squeaked.
“Just you and me today,” he said. “It’s a work day.”
“Yes, little one?” Magnus smiled. The gleam in his eyes made a chill race up her spine and across her chest, hardening her nipples into turgid points. She scrambled to find a reason to deny him. Anything. Her mind drew a blank.
Magnus popped the first button on her coat. Her breath caught in her throat. Transfixed, she watched him pull each one apart. He parted the heavy material.
She let out a high-pitched chuckle and forced a lungful of air into her lungs.
“Do you want this, Melody?” Magnus searched her face.
“Yes,” she said.
“Yes, Sir,” he said quietly.
Liquid dribbled onto her panties. Her ass clenched, tingling with the promise of what was to come.
“Yes, Sir,” she repeated.
Magnus shut his eyes and exhaled. His lips twisted into a grin.
“Do you want me to spank you? I need to hear you say it, Melody.”
Melody licked her lips. A tremble coursed through her. Magnus was giving her the chance to back off, except, she didn’t want to. She met his gaze, her boldness surprising herself.
“I do. I want you to spank me, Sir.”


Bear's Beauty (A Christmas Realm II)

A rare mix between a pixie and a human, Melody Beacon is not your ordinary woman. Challenged all her life for not being one or the other, she considers herself unlovable. So when Magnus Koldklaw tries to seduce her, she can’t help but think he’s mocking her. After all, why would a man like him want to be with a woman like her?

One look at Melody Beacon was all it took for bear shifter Magnus Koldklaw to decide he wanted her. One whiff of her scent, and he’s certain she’s his mate.

Unfortunately, Melody doesn’t seem to feel the same way. However, when they’re forced to work together on a secret project for Santa, they are irrevocably drawn to each other. And when Magnus discovers it’s her insecurities keeping them apart, he becomes determined to show her she’s worthy of love and so much more.


Available at:
Evernight Publishing
Kobo and more!


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