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#TNTConfidential Autthor Interview with Ashley Ladd @ashleyladd and Her Men

Happy day, my lovelies! September is coming to an end. Unbelievable how fast time flies! Fortunately there's always something good to read and today is no exception! Today I've interviewed awesome Ashley Ladd and discovered all about her novel Her Men!

Forty-four year old Julie Weston has loved Timmy and James since her college days twenty something years ago. She's fantasized about both all these long years, never able to choose between them.

Hoping Tim and James will attend, she attends their college marching band reunion. When both men show up her dreams are answered. They're sexier than she imagined and she hopes they won't be disappointed by her older self.

It turns out both men came just to see her again and neither is happy about the other’s presence. They fight over her, confusing her more than ever. It takes a hot ménage…or two…for her heart to decide which one she’s in love with.

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Welcome to In A Dream Beyond, Ashley! What’s your writing process usually like? 

Usually an idea comes to me (or I have a list of ideas waiting to be written). If not, I brainstorm by looking at my publisher’s submission calls. Then I’ll come up with the basic plot and characters. I very loosely plot—beginning, end, and a few highpoints in the middle. I’m pretty much a pantser and will keep researching and brainstorming for scene ideas as I write. Then of course, at the end, I edit.

You also like to write a little of everything (mf mm mmf…) *Elyzabeth high five’s Ashley* but, a lot of people say that writers should find their niche or stick to one genre only. What do you think? Has writing in more than one genre ever been a problem for you? 

My primary genre is contemporary erotic romance. I see the m/m, m/f, and other pairs as characters within the genre. A romance is a romance no matter the sexual pairing of the couple. I’m exposed to many types of romance in my life. One of my best friends is gay and has a long time partner. He’s hoping the ban on gay marriage is lifted in Florida so they can marry. They’re one of the best couples I know. Next, my oldest child is transgender female and has remained married to her wife so that would be an f/f pairing. They’re happier now as wife and wife than they were as man and wife. The sexual orientation is merely a character difference—to me. 

With that in mind, Is there anything you’d love to try writing but haven’t dared to yet?

I haven’t written an f/f and I’ve only written one transgender romance. I think my next story (after my wip) will be another transgender romance. There’s not enough attention given to this group of people.

Your latest release is, Her Men and it sounds like a hot and emotional read, where did the inspiration come from?

Secrets. Longings. Years of dreams. Regrets in my personal life.

Did you have to do any particular research?

I went to military tech school in Biloxi and then my husband was stationed there for several years so I know the area quite well. I just had to make some calls and see what’s changed over the years, especially since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the area and it was rebuilt (with a lot of casinos I’ve never seen). Also, I twirled flags in two different marching bands so I’m quite familiar with that too although I merely mentioned that a couple times.

Tell us something about this novel that doesn’t appear in the blurb or excerpt.

Julie adores her daughters and would do anything for them. In fact she did. Although she was very unhappy in her marriage, she stayed with her husband until her children were grown and off to college. For their sakes.

Books allow us to dream and this blog is all about dreams… so, what’s your dream?
That I’ll be reunited with one or two special people from my past, that some of my dreams will turn into reality. It’s too close to my heart to get much more specific.

Heating up the cool: September quickie
Favorite color – one color alone is too boring. I like a swirl of pink, purple, and blue
Favorite scent—vanilla (Christmas sugar cookies)
Favorite food—what a toughie! There are so many favorites it’s hard to narrow down. Ham and swiss on rye
Favorite song—again, a toughie as I have so many “Always Be My Baby” David Cook version
A book to read this month: Fairy Nuff – I’m getting ready to start reading it.
Complete this phrase: Keep Calm and Carry On
What do you look forward to this month—my youngest daughter’s birthday and our celebratory trip to Universal in Orlando on her special day. Also, the release of “Her Men”!

About Ashley:

Ashley Ladd is a disabled Air Force vet that is hard of hearing but still loves language, especially the written word. She loves a sexy man, especially one with a military background and they’ll often pop up in her stories. She also loves cats and has been known to empower a cat with the gift of speech. Unfortunately he wouldn’t shut up. J She loves to plug into Pandora and sip Diet Coke while writing, usually with a cat or kid at her side.

How you can contact Ashley:

A silhouette fell across her, waking her up from her nap and a husky voice washing over her. “You’re going to be sorry falling asleep out here. This sun is brutal.”

Groggy, she shaded her eyes and looked up at the shadowy figure in awe. “Timmy, is that you? You’re early.”

He leaned down, his body still sinewy and strong, and held out his hand to her. Nary a wrinkle marred his matured face. Only a few laugh lines fanned out from his eyes which added to his attractiveness. “You too. Is that a sign?”

She couldn’t help but chuckle. Since when did Tim believe in signs? “A sign?”

“That you want to see me, be with me in private, as I want to see you and be with you in private.”

She swallowed hard and put her hand in his, her heart somersaulting when they touched for the first time in more than twenty years. A maelstrom of emotion washed over her and she didn’t want to mess up what was probably her last chance to be with him, so she wasn’t about to play coy.
Slowly, seductively, she licked her lips. “You read my mind.”

As he helped her up, his gaze smoldered into hers. He dragged her alongside him and his hard cock swelled into her side. He nipped her ear then whispered huskily, “Your nipples are puckering through your suit. I’d call that a sign.”


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