Saturday, September 6, 2014

Interview with Adrian Ormonde -- $0.99 this week A Dragon´s Heart, A Demon's Blood #paranormal #romance #erotic #paranormal

Greetings everyone! 

Today I´ve managed to snag a few minutes with Adrian Ormonde (the hero from A Dragon´s Heart, A Demon´s Blood).  

His story is at $0.99 cents this week at Evernight  Publishing! So head on over and snag a copy if you haven't already. *Wink*  

Now, allow me to introduce him. He's sitting in front of me, eyeing through a magazine while I get my thoughts together. He appears calm and collected, as usual. However, I know better. He's always aware of his surroundings, always waiting for danger. He has to be, being a bounty hunter and all.
Still, at six foot five he dominates over my small couch and does a great impression of a man bored to tears.  His dark hair is cut in awkward angles, the ends brushing his strong jaw and giving him that sexy just got out of bed look. Or perhaps, it's closer to a rock-star look, with his black clothes and silver chains. I can't help gasping as his green eyes find mine for an instant.  
"Can we get on with it, sugar? I don't have all day.

I nod and clear my voice. Welcome Adrian.  How are you?

Great. I'm doing great. What with that threat gone and all. 

What threat?

He grins. Don't act all innocent on me, Elyzabeth. You know the threat. Dragons, Demons, fucked up warlocks. I'm not gonna give it away. If I did, readers wouldn't pick up the book and find out about Victoria. 

If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Sex with Victoria. *His lips curl into a smile.*

Goodness, Adrian. So what impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they’ve known you for a while?

First impression? *He grins seductively making my pulse race* Women swoon and men hate me.


Well, what would you do if a six foot five guy, dressed in black, with long shaggy hair and a don't fuck with me attitude appeared at your front door? 

Okay, point made. Next question. What are you most afraid of?

I'm afraid of nothing. 

Nothing? Not even death?

*He opens his mouth to speak but closes it just as quickly. His brows knit together for a moment before he leans back against the couch and crosses his legs, his right ankle on his knee.*

Perhaps, *he says the word quietly, his naturally deep voice turning into a low rumble* losing those I love. 

Meaning Victoria.

Yes. *He narrows his eyes at me.* 

What’s the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?

Victoria and her love. 

Is it possible for you to give me an answer that doesn´t involve Victoria?

*The room grows silent as I wait for him to say something else*


I said sure, that was an answer that didn’t include the word Victoria. 

Are you insane?

*Adrian chuckles.*

Sure thing, sugar. You gotta be if you´re a sinful bounty hunter. Speaking of which, I have to go. 

But, I wanted to ask you about your dragon/demon nature and –

*He stops, his hand at the door, and turns around. I gasp at the sight of his red eyes. His low laughter is the last thing I hear as he quietly closes the door behind him. *

He is a shadow in the dark, smelling your scent and sensing your fear...

Legendary bounty hunter Adrian Ormonde is no ordinary man. His life is filled with secrets and questions, blood and lust. His only concern for 150 years has been survival and discovering the truth behind his demon-dragon nature.

Until he meets his new assignment: Victoria Green.
Victoria Green has felt eyes watching her every move ever since she can remember. Then, Adrian appears. The eyes vanish but new dangers arise as she falls for the mysterious hunter. Cast into an ancient conflict between dragons and demons, Victoria must trust Adrian’s skill to be enough to protect her from both the outside world and that which grows within her.

Chance brought them together but will love and passion be enough to keep them joined? Or will the other forces at play in the dragon-demon worlds destroy them forever?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF, MFM), anal sex, m/m sex, violence


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