Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mid Week Tease: #Nanowrimo #MWTease Another Dance

Hello  lovelies! Today, besides my Wednesday Brief which you can read in a little while, I'm participating in the Mid-Week Tease! The following excerpt is from my #Nanowrimo project, a regency romance. At the moment I’m at 45.000 words so only a little more and I will reach the desired 50k word count! Wohoo!

In this unedited scene, Emily is trying to give William the slip after having danced with him once.

Enjoy and please visit the rest of the teasers.

“That was only one dance, Ms. Bunsbury. You promised me two.”

“Surely, you wouldn’t want to waste your good moments dancing another tune with me, Mr. Dalton.” 

Her iron facade slipped as William's thick eyebrows rose in a comical manner. 

“Ah, but she does smile and a beautiful smile it is too.” 

William leaned closer, his breath almost fanning over her ear. Heat filled her cheeks at his intimate proximity. His presence overwhelmed her. She had the urge to smile again, wider, broader, to laugh. With him. The feeling was as unexpected as the current that seemed to traverse her body every time he touched her.  Emily stumbled backwards putting some distance between them. 

“I am sure other women would enjoy dancing with you much more than I have. Say, why not ask my cousin, Elisa. I believe she has tired of Brunswick.” 

Disengaging herself from his penetrating stare, she took a step toward her cousin. His hard body stepped in front of her, making her gasp. Emily's thoughts scattered like a leaf in the wind as the heat of his body reached her. His intense dark gaze searched her face, creating a new bout of butterflies to flutter deep in her belly. She needed to get away from him.  

“Ms. Bunsbury you will not give me the slip as you’ve previously managed to do.”

Emily sighed, managing a step away from him. 

“Mr. Dalton I appreciate your attention but I honestly do not wish to dance with you again. Please, I know I promised you two but—“

Her words got stuck in her throat as William grasped her elbow. His eyes gleamed with a sinister glow, matching the devilish grin on his lips. 

 “You may think yourself fast as a rabbit or cunning like a fox, Ms. Bunsbury, but I am a hunter and catching prey is my favorite sport.”


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  1. I love William's response! He sounds like a man who gets what he wants. :)

    Thanks for teasing with me this week!


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