Saturday, November 23, 2013

I finished #NANOWRIMO!

Greetings my darlings,

I am thrilled to announce that last Thursday at around 2:30 something AM, I reached the most desirable word count in the world during this month: 50.000 K.

Incredible as it sounds, though I can't record it on the website yet , I am done with Nanowrimo! *dances and throws confetti*

However, the story, momentarily titled "Lone Wolf" still has a bit more to go before it is fully completed. Furthermore, when I write for Nanowrimo, I do just that: I write. Full steam ahead, without pause, almost carelessly, so now, that the story is done comes the hardest part: Editing it so that it is readable.


Still, I look forward to getting William and Emily out there and showcasing them to you. I'll be sharing snippets and more as I go and if you're interested you can find an example on  Mid-Week Tease or tomorrow's #WeekendWritingWarriors / #SexySnippets.


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