Sunday, November 24, 2013

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: NANOWRIMO WIP 'Lone Wolf'

Hello and welcome! It's always a great pleasure to have you guys here and I thank you again for stopping by and commenting.

I finished Nanowrimo on Thursday and as such I thought that one of the best ways to celebrate is to share a snippet from the project I've been working on, momentarily titled 'Lone Wolf'.

I'm going to jump write in and show you the part when Emily Bunsbury first lays eyes on the hero, William Dalton. Please keep in mind that this is all unedited. Thank you. *smiles*

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

Her heart beat erratically against her chest and her hands felt clammy at the sight of the stranger. The reaction caught her by surprise, for never in her almost eight and twenty years had she responded to anyone in such a way. Perhaps, she mused, as she observed him, her reaction was due to him being her savior for he was by no means the most handsome man she had ever set eyes on. 

William Dalton's features had no finesse. The lines of his face were angular and rough. His lips were too wide, his nose too narrow. Then there was the matter of his eyes. Dark and unreadable, they had an air about them that spoke of a man with little joy in his life. 

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  1. Really an interesting description of the hero and I'm intrigued by his eyes, which I have the feeling your heroine is also! Excellent excerpt!

  2. Hmmm...intriguing. By description he's not much, but she's still drawn to him. I like the it! Anything out of the norm is awesome in my book.

  3. I bet she's going to put some joy in his eyes : ) Congrats on your Nano win!!!!

  4. Makes me wonder what he's up to.

  5. Congrats on NaNo!! A savior with that description definitely has me intrigued. More please. Oh and I read Blue Horns this week and loved it. :)

  6. Such an intriguing snippet. Congrats on finishing NaNo.It's a great feeling, isn't it. I finished today :-)

  7. I love it when the hero is your average kind of guy with a little 'something' that appeals. Great snippet.


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