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#WednesdayBriefs Once in a Blue Moon #flashfiction #romance

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!
I hope going back to work wasn't too difficult for you. Today is my first day back and it's not being easy. I've been feeling a little meh and I think this reflects in this brief. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.
 Once in a blue moon...

She wrapped her arms around her knees and stared up at the night sky. The moon was so bright it blotted out the nearby stars. She’d never seen anything like it. Anna sighed. She loved coming up here. It was her special place, the one she came to when she needed to recharge. Day or night, she knew she could sit here and her world’s balance would be restored.

Anna closed her eyes. Sadly, it wasn’t working. It was as if he’d taken the magic of the place with him. Maybe he had. After all, he’d come and gone as quickly as a magician performing a disappearance trick.

She still remembered when they met. She’d been sitting in this exact spot, reading.

“Lovely place, isn’t it?”

She dropped her book and bit her tongue to keep from screaming.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He’d smiled. The corners of his blue eyes had crinkled. She’d blushed. And then—

Anna opened her eyes and glanced to the grassy spot on her left.

“Mind if I join you?”

How could she say no to that?

They’d started chatting about inconsequential stuff. The weather, the trees, the sky… suddenly she found herself telling him secrets, telling him things about her life no one knew. The weather turned cooler and she shivered. He suggested it was time they leave. She agreed. She didn’t ask his name. He didn’t offer it. She went home in a daze, but soon after shrugged him off as an amusing experience. For a week she didn’t return to her special place. When she did, he was there, waiting for her.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come back.”

“You were?”

He nodded. A lock of his brown hair fell over his eyes. She curled her hands into fists forcing the urge to touch him aside.

“I didn’t get your name.”

Anna repeated his name, the sound foreign to her tongue which insisted on tangling over the last R. His laughter made her skin warm, her nipples pebble and her sex clench. How?

“Ryord. You have to roll that last r. Good, just like that.”

For a week, he’d be there, waiting for her. They’d sit together under the sunlight and chat until the shadows grew long.

She lived in a daze, counting the hours to come up here to be with him. Ryord. She wanted to hear his laughter, see his eyes sparkle, watch his strong hands move as he spoke. Sunday came. He greeted her with his usual smile and warmth. They spoke about life, death and love. The sun started to set but he didn’t suggest they leave as he normally did. She wondered if she should say anything but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wanted to be there with him. In the light and in the dark.

They watched the sun disappear in silence. Darkness crept in. Suddenly his lips were on hers. Every cell in her body came alive. He was warm and sweet and delicious. He placed his hand at the nape of her neck and pulled her closer. His tongue swept over her bottom lip, beckoning her to open her mouth. He didn’t have to ask twice.

Anna moaned, remembering the kiss. She touched her lips with her cool fingers. She’d never been kissed like that. She looked up at the moon. He’d kissed her and guided her back to her car.

“Once in a blue moon…” He shook his head and kissed her again before disappearing back into the woods. She didn’t realize it then, but now she saw. Her eyes widened before they filled with tears. Now she saw, it had been a goodbye kiss.

The End.
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