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#WednesdayBriefs Bittersweet Love #flashfiction #romance

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I might continue this Flash Fiction next week, so don't be discouraged by the title. This might end well in the end...


Bittersweet Love

She watched him dance from the shadows. He was oblivious to her presence, as had been the norm since they mutually decided to end their affair. They had agreed that what they had could not be, that it would bring them nothing more than heartache. He could never be with her. She would never be good enough for him.

“That’s Alejandra Kosh, isn’t it?”

Raven nodded, not bothering to look at her work colleague.

“She’s a good fit for him, don’t you agree, Raven?”

Raven nodded automatically, even though the word that danced on the top of her tongue was a strident no. Alejandra was not perfect for him. There was no doubt she was beautiful. Tall, exotic, seductive. She had long dark hair that swept past her shoulders in ringlets, a figure to die for and eyes that screamed mystery to be discovered. She was a beauty that grasped everyone’s attention no sooner had she entered a room. But was she perfect for Noah? No. She was not.

As a mere servant to the house, Raven had been able to observe Alejandra. She was shallow. She was dim. She was a petulant child that got what she wanted by pouting and crying. Or-- Raven sighed—using other means. The young lady had a habit of leaving with a different conquest every night. Not that any of that mattered, even if Alejandra was not the woman she was, she didn’t know anything about Noah. Few people did. Few people knew anything beyond Noah that didn’t appear in the news or the tabloids. Raven, however, knew much more.

She knew that behind those sharp grey eyes was a kind, caring man. A man that enjoyed reading the comic section of the Sunday paper before anything else. A man that preferred to please instead of being pleased. A man with a laughter so bright he could outshine the sun. A man that had taken her to paradise and back.

“Raven, Jack needs you in the kitchen.”

“Thanks, Tara,” she whispered. She gave Noah one last look. Her heart lurched, painfully. He was twirling the ball room with Alejandra in his arms. Raven briefly closed her eyes. She’d been that close to him before. They hadn’t danced in fancy outfits. They’d danced naked, in his bedroom, swaying from side to side to a song only they could hear. She’d leaned her head on his chest and committed his fragrance to memory. He smelled like wildflowers. Mesmerizing, delectable, enticing.
Raven wet her lips and opened her eyes. The couple moved about the room, oblivious to her presence. Alejandra said something and Noah’s lips curled into a smile. She’d had those lips on her. She’d tasted them and felt them burn a path across every inch of her body. Her nipples tightened at the memory. She shook her head, urging the thoughts away. She’d also heard plenty of lies coming from those same sensual lips. The last one had been right before they broke up. The words still echoed in her mind and in her heart: I love you, Raven.

But, there was always a but in Raven’s world, wasn’t there? Tears prickled the back of her eyes and Raven spun around. Her only hope was to find a new job soon and end this heart ache once and for all.

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