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Short Story #WednesdayBriefs Bittersweet Love 2 #flashfiction #romance

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Today I'm continuing the flash fiction I started out last week. You can read it here. 

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 BitterSweet Love 2

Out of the corner of his eye, Noah watched Raven leave. He hadn’t missed the pain in her face as she watched him dance with Alejandra. He forced his lips into a smile as the woman in his arms tried to catch his attention by snaking her artificial nails across the back of his neck. 

“Please, Alejandra, don’t do that.”

“What? This?” She repeated the annoying move causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand. He hated this woman’s touch. She knew nothing about him. Nothing. She only knew what had worked for others in his place.

“Yes. That. It’s not arousing.” Noah fought the urge to roll his eyes at her as she pouted her bright red lips. Yuck. The make up on her face was flawless but for a moment he couldn’t help imagining what kind of monster lay beneath it all if she needed that much shit to cover it.

“Tell me what turns you on, Noah.” Alejandra leaned further into him, indecently rubbing her body against his. She was stick and bones. A ghost compared to his Raven. Noah closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His Raven. Intelligent, kind, sweet. Petite, curvy, delicious. He’d shared a dance like this one with her before. Except, it had been everything this one had not. It had been sensual, exciting, romantic. Naked as the day they’d been born, they’d swayed to some music he couldn’t remember. Skin against skin. Raven’s arms had entwined around his neck, her head had rested over his heart. He’d been dying to touch her. To fuck her. Yet, he’d kept his arms around her waist, simply holding her close, loving the way she felt against him. So perfect. 

His vision vanished as Alejandra squeezed his cock, which had stirred away at the memory of Raven.

“Damn it, Alejandra. I’m not interested.” He pushed her away. “This dance is over.”


This whole damn thing had been a mistake from day one. Raven had warned him about it. She’d begged him to reconsider and he’d ignored her, going so far as telling her that if she couldn’t accept his way of living they could no longer be together. He’d never forget the shock and pain written all over her face. He’d seen no tears as she collected her belongings and walked out of his bedroom and out of his life.

Well, out of his life as much as was possible considering she was under his employment. He could have fired her. Perhaps, he should have. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to do it, not when watching her from the shadows of his own home brought him so much pleasure. Watching her speak with her colleagues, watching her perform her job, even walk to her car ever night after her shift ended…   

Raven was his guilty pleasure. He knew she was looking for another job. They’d called him for references and he’d postponed giving them. He was a coward. Had always been a coward. Perhaps, he’d always be one, but today, tonight, he was going to make sure that at least he took a risk in one thing.

Alejandra touched his arm and smiled, clearly attempting to appeal to his better nature. Noah shook her off and clapped his hands. The nerve the woman had.

“Attention please, everyone.”

Noah took a deep breath as he looked around the room, making sure that everyone was paying attention to him.  

“Thank you for coming tonight, but this party is officially over.”

“Noah, what the hell are you talking about? We hardly just got here.” Jacob, his friend and business associate waved his hand toward the group of investors sitting in the corner of the room chatting with a few girls.

“You’re free to continue your business elsewhere, Jacob. As are you and your associates, Mr. Lazarov. I’ve gone to some pretty extreme lengths to be able to do business with you, gentleman, and all for what? So you could come here and flirt with a pretty face while I, I’ve lost the woman I love, Raven.”

Noah closed his eyes and smiled softly as he heard the loud clatter of a tray full of glasses tumble to the ground. He turned around to face her. Her big brown eyes searched his face, dazed, hopeful.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am in love with Raven Garcia and tonight and any night, I rather be at this woman’s side than in a room with you. Right now, I know she hates me and thinks I’ve gone crazy, but I’ll convince her otherwise.” Noah grinned as Raven shook her head adamantly, though there was no mistaking the tears in her eyes. 

“As for you, my guests,” he said, spinning around and opening his arms to encompass the room. “If you wish to continue doing business with me come morning, feel free to ring my office. Otherwise, have a goodnight.  Simon, show the guests out, please.”

Noah turned back toward Raven. She was crying freely now, staring at him as if he’d grown two heads. He offered her his hand and waited, his breath held for her reaction. Her eyes dropped and she took a step back. Sweat gathered on his brow and trickled over his temple. If she denied him… Noah swallowed back the bile climbing toward his mouth. If she denied him, he would convince her that they belonged together. Raven shook her head. Noah closed his eyes. His stomach churned unpleasantly. He was going to lose his dinner. He started to lower his hand when he felt it. Raven’s soft, gently fingers, curling over his, holding him, loving him more than he deserved. With a yell of victory, he swooped her into his arms and kissed her. 

“You’re crazy,” she whispered into his ear as they broke apart.

“For you, my love, and from today onwards I’m going to show you just how crazy I am.” 

The End

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