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#WedsBrief #FlashFiction : Blood Scent

Hi guys! *waves wildly* I'm back! It's been a crazy few weeks and I've been busy both with work and writing book four of The Witches' Mischief Series, Bear Heart. Sadly, the price to pay has been my Wednesday Briefs. But worry not! I'm back in my sexy briefs flashing you until you run out screaming in the other direction.

Today's story stands at 845 words and I'm still uncertain if it will stay as it is or if I'll continue it next week. (Would love your feedback)

As a quick reminder, I still intend to keep my briefs in the 3 chapter zone. Anyway, here goes. Enjoy!

Blood Scent

He wandered into the room, nose in the air sniffing out that delicious scent he’d caught in the street. Where was it? The yummy fragrance mingled with the disgusting human stench of the disco: sweat, alcohol, tobacco, nauseating perfumes, sex and even vomit. Isaac swallowed the bile rising to the back of his throat. He hated these places and avoided them at all costs unless he was starving. They were, as his friend Fabiola liked to say, giant buffets of free meat. He moved deeper into the dark void illuminated only by flashing white lights that made the bodies writhing on the dance floor seem out of coordination. He stopped to catch his breath near the bar.

“What’ll be handsome?” The bartender a petite brunette with half her hair shaved off and the other half pulled back in a ponytail smiled at him. He cringed. Why would anyone want to file their teeth to vampire points? Damn. It was already uncomfortable enough when the stupid things popped out, he couldn’t imagine living with them 24/7.

“Nothing. Thanks. I’m waiting for someone.”

Her eyes crinkled at the corners as her smile deepened. She winked. “Well, if you don’t find him let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help you.”

Before he could say anything she turned around to help out the next customer.

 When had women become so brazen? Back in his time it was all covert. The flick of a wrist, the hint of an ankle, a smile behind a fan... Isaac shook his head and struggled to not pinch his nose. Where was he? He had no doubt that the tall soldier had entered this joint. His nose, delicate as it was, did not deceive him. His stomach growled reminding him that he hadn’t eaten.

“Relax,” he whispered under his breath. If all went well we will be eaten fresh meat tonight. In more ways than one. He grinned.  

“What are you smiling about?”

His pulse jumped and his stomach flip-flopped as the delicious scent he’d sniffed out earlier assaulted him from behind. Slowly, he veered around to face the man standing next to him in the bar. Stormy grey eyes scrutinized him. Isaac shivered and the man smiled showing a neat array of pearly white teeth. His gaze intimately caressed him as it roamed over his body. Isaac sucked in his breath in a vain attempt to stop his cock from stirring. As he did he inhaled the other man’s sweet smell. His vision swam and his teeth sprang forward.


“What kind of blood do you have, I think you’re my type, he rumbled.

The other man laughed. The sound was rich and deep, reaching him inside and tugging at both his heartstrings and his quickly engorging cock.  

“Is that what you were thinking about? My blood type?”

Isaac nodded and moved closer to the man. His hunger was kicking in savagely mingled with a need he couldn’t quite place. To his delight the smiling hunk didn’t move away.

“Well, I was wondering what your name was.”

Isaac chuckled and licked his lips. The other man’s gaze darkened. His dick throbbed.

“Isaac. You?”


Isaac’s head spun and he clutched the table for support. He felt the other man’s grip on his arm and heard him ask if he was all right but he could not fathom a reply. William. William. His William. It had to be him. After so many years they would be reunited again. Could it be? Or was it nothing more than wishful thinking?

Now he recognized the smell, the sweetness of it. It was the mating call. It only appeared once in a lifetime and then it was gone forever. He’d smelled it once but in his time being attracted to other men was frowned upon with death and ostracization. Thus, he chose to love William from afar. Yet, even as he came to that decision his beloved William loved him anyway. He tried to stop him but it was impossible.  Their passion was unbridled. Their love for each other beyond anything he’d ever lived. Isaac fought back the tears building behind his eyes. Their happiness had been short-lived. The night that Isaac was going to change William permanently and turn him into one like him failed. They were discovered. Prosecuted. Condemned. William was murdered and he was powerless to do anything.
“Hey, Goth boy, look at me.” Isaac forced his eyes open at the sound of the soft yet commanding voice. The soldier named William smiled down at him. “Are you all right, Isaac?” William cupped his cheek and Isaac automatically leaned into its warmth. William’s face glowed as his smile grew. Isaac placed his palm over his.

“You want to get out of here and go somewhere more quiet?”

“You don’t mind?”

William threaded his fingers with Isaac’s holding his hand tightly he pulled him closer and brushed his lips against his. A powerful current zipped through Isaac at the simple touch.

“I very much want to get to know you better, Isaac.” 

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