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#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Crimson Rope Anthology: Liberating Lua

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If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you might have noticed that this week I got cover art! The Crimson Rope, an upcoming BDSM anthology which will release in November has a very delicious cover which you can see at the bottom of this post along with its blurb.

To celebrate it's upcoming release and the sexylicious cover, this week's sentences belong to my story: Liberating Lua. The blurb is below, but just so you have an idea, this is a Medieval tale and Lua has been taught that sex is an obligation. Jürgen her husband has some thoughts on the matter...

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

With Lua Mirabella, he had never broached the subject –it was not something one discussed while courting such a fine lady. Besides, he knew she would be ready to obey his every order and command. He was Lord and Master of the castle and thus he was Lord and Master of Lua, but he wanted more. He didn’t only want to order her about and have her obey like a mindless dummy. He didn’t want to ask her to spread her legs and have her lie beneath him like a rag doll. She was just tatters of the strong woman he knew lay beneath. Fucking a woman that did not moan, move, or react was infuriating. He wanted to give her pleasure and like that, he could not.
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Unleash your kinky side with six titillating BDSM tales.

Let The Crimson Rope bind you in an erotic adventure sure to please, with skilled Dom’s and sexy submissives that are willing to explore their boundaries. From pleasured gasps to stinging desire, the authors of this anthology will not only seduce you, but leave you begging for more.

Liberating Lua:

Lord Jürgen GreyStorm, is married to the love of his life, Lady Lua
Mirabella. Marriage, however, is not what he expected. His adored wife is unresponsive when he lies between her legs every night, the idea that sex is a sin instilled into her since childhood. Furthermore,
Jürgen`s way of love involves chains, spanks and dominance in a way that he fears, would drive his Lua away forever.

For Lady Lua Mirabella sex is an obligation. Or at least, that’s what
she’s been taught that it should be. The truth is, that her tactic of
lying stiff as a board while her beloved husband ruts into her is
driving her insane and him away. She loves Jürgen but when she
discovers his dark tastes, she will have to decide whether to submit
to him fully and willingly or step away.

Coming Soon to Evernight Publishing


  1. This promises to get really hot!

    1. I can assure you it does ;-) Thanks for reading Linda!

  2. Great cover...Hot! I liked the snippet, really sets forth your hero's challenge and intrigues us to keep reading!

  3. Wow, it sounds very intriguing! I look forward to seeing more. I have a feeling Lady Lua will be under him in exactly the way that suits him best.

  4. I really liked this. A man who cares about what the woman feels. A man who wants her to be involved. Nice eight, Elyzabeth. I look forward to seeing more.

  5. I really like the set up, and the premise is wonderful! You've written his thoughts so well. And since forever, women were taught that it's an obligation. Good 8! ;-)

  6. What a torment!! I wonder how long she'll be able to hold out before he finds out her lack of response has nothing to do with his technique! :)

  7. Yes, I don't think that'd be very appealing to most men. Thanks for sharing!


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