Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday Melodies

Hey Everyone! This chaotic week is almost over and today's music pick is good for two reasons.
One, it's great battle music to go through the week and two it has been a great source of inspiration for my current WIP.
Here is a sample of what I've been writing:
Suddenly, a group of men was running through the gate and they were charging. Blood splattered everywhere as swords pierced tender skin. Women screamed and men cried out. Conrad entered the keep with his men. Everywhere he looked was chaos. Men fought, women ran trying to escape capture and rape, and children cried over the loss of their family. In the background, the menacing fire threatened to consume them all.

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  1. Si quieres buena música épica para inspirarte en tus batallas del dia a dia, imaginándote cual imponente guerrera con la espada manchada de sangre brillando a la luz mortecina del ocaso, te aconsejo two steps from hell o Veigar.

    Suerte con tus batallas ;).


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