Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Sunday has arrived and that means good and bad news. The bad? That we're hours away from another Monday. The good? That it is Six Sentence Sunday day!

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My Six Sentences of today pick up were we last left off. Devinia is not satisfied with her writing and she reflects on her life. She wasn't very popular as a goth, nor at school or college.

“Screw it. I might as well finish this tomorrow, or any other day, or never," she said, snapping her laptop shut.
She recalled the load of files she had with unfinished tales. Always beginning never ending; so unlike life. In life, you always began and you always ended. That was one thing about living, there was an end to it. Always. That was probably why elves, vampires and similar mystical creatures always fascinated her so much: they had never- ending life.

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  1. I love her opening chatter....nice six!

  2. Never ending life might not be as good as it sounds! :)

  3. Yep, eternal life would leave enough time to finish all those stories! Unless she started a whole new set in the meantime, then eternal life would be hell!


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