Saturday, June 13, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from Untitled WIP #paranormal #vampire #romance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Sh*t just got real! I went into the city center this week to meet with my bosses and I was told we'll be going back to working at the academy starting July. That's two weeks from now! Which means, I need to finish this untitled story before then! Someone bring out the whip!

In today's snippet I'm sharing a little bit more information about that strange clinic...

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“You’re number three. It shouldn’t take too long. We don’t have to many vamps today and as you can see we’ve got plenty of, erm, donors.”

“Thank you.”

Oliver nodded. Donors. Volunteers. An obligation to vampire society. Most of the people who came to the clinic felt indebted to them, but there were also those who were there by obligation. Petty criminals who chose to become vampire food instead of community service.

Turning around he scanned the room for the brunette. The place was indeed full, several humans sitting on faux white-leather chairs placed six feet apart, reading magazines, playing on their phones or chatting in low voices. There were no vampires in sight, so he assumed they were already in the feeding rooms. His gaze zeroed in on his prey.

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  1. An interesting world you've described! I wonder what it is about the brunette that he wants.

  2. I do believe there is trouble afoot. Terrific snippet.

  3. You've painted a rather ordinary-seeming waiting room . . . except that it's designed to feed vampires. Weird and cool.

  4. Wow! Kind of a breathtaking concept, presented so matter of factly, which is great. Terrific snippet!

  5. You drew me right into this dark world. Great snippet.

  6. Fantastic snippet. You drew me into this unusual clinic very matter-of-factly. Here I am cracking the whip. Now, return the favor. LOL

  7. I am totally intrigued by this one! I need to keep track of this one. Already want to add to my TBR. :-)

    I hope the author takeover is doing well. I'll mention it on the Weekend Writing Warrior's Facebook page. :-)


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