Wednesday, December 6, 2017

“Your body speaks loud and clear -- #MidWeekTease from The Beauty of Forever (A Christmas Realm Tale) #vampire #paranormal #fantasy #holidayread

Happy Hump day, lovelies!

Apologies for having gone missing the last few weeks. I don't know why but November has been a crazy month for me. I've had this perpetual feeling of rushing everywhere and not really getting anywhere. Let's hope December is different.

To begin with, today I'm sharing a snippet from my just released story, The Beauty of Forever (A Christmas Realm Tale). I'm so in love with this story and their characters. 



He offered her his arm, but she refused. Christopher clenched his jaw. Her rejection hurt more than he anticipated, but he strode forward, leading the way into Main Street.
“It’s just, well, it’s unseemingly, Christopher.”
He chuckled. “It’d been a while since I’d heard anyone use that word.” He pointed to the diner further down the street. A big wooden sign shaped and painted like snowcapped mountains read Ginger Pyrenees.
“We’re going there. They make delicious food and cater to vampires.”
“You’ll have to agree with me,” Samantha continued as if he hadn’t spoken. “I’m sure if Andy had overslept you’d be screaming at him, not taking him out to breakfast.”
Christopher stopped and faced Samantha.
“You’re right,” he snapped.
She glared at him, hands on her hips. “You don’t deny it.”
“Why would I? I thought I’d expressed my feelings for you quite plainly.”
Samantha scowled. “Christopher, I thought I’d made myself clear when I told you—”
“Samantha,” he said, inching closer. The reaction was immediate. She dropped her arms to her side and tilted her head to look at him. Her skin flushed and her eyes glossed over. “It’s one thing what you tell me and another very different what your body is telling me.”
“And what might that be?”
Was she even aware of the seductive tone of her voice?
Christopher ran his fingertip across her jaw. The pulse on her neck quickened. He licked his lips. It’d be so easy to dip his head and kiss her again. He leaned in closer. Her eyes drifted shut. She could fight him all she wanted, but her actions spoke louder than her words. She wouldn’t turn him down.
“Do you really want me to demonstrate here, doll?” he whispered against her mouth.
Her eyes opened and she sucked in a lungful of air with a loud hiss. Christopher grinned and pulled back. Her dazed expression lasted another thirty seconds before she replaced it by a mask of fury.
“You’re an idiot.”
Christopher laughed.

“Your body speaks loud and clear, Samantha, even if you deny it.” He tapped her nose. “Come on, doll. Let’s get something to eat.” 

Once dead, always dead.
Christopher Beaufort works in what could easily be the most cheerful place on earth, Santa’s Christmas Realm, but as a vampire, he is nothing more than a shadow among the living.
Worn out by the demands of his job as Chief Toy Officer, Santa assigns a human woman to help him, Samantha Kraus. Tantalized by the fiery red-head, Christopher makes it his business to seduce her, but as he does, something within him begins to stir.
Life is a gift in which every moment counts.
When Samantha Kraus accepted the job of assistant manager at Santa’s, she expected elves, fairies and maybe some shifters, but definitely not vampires, and least of all did she imagine her boss would be one of them or that she’d be attracted to him. 

Though she tries to remain professional, Samantha finds herself falling for Christopher. But, can a vampire’s heart ever beat again? 


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