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Wednesday Brief: Pretty Boy 4 #wednesdaybrief #writingprompt

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to another Wednesday Brief. July was a super busy month for me, but I'm finally on holiday and though I'm taking it easy, it's also the best time to do some writing and I've been working on a paranormal Wip.

However, there's always time for a little briefing. *wink* Today, I'm continuing with Josh and Jay's story. You can find the last "chapter", here

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Pretty Boy4 


Josh jumped at the sound of Jay’s voice. He turned around sharply, expecting the other man to be a certain distance away. Instead, he almost found his nose pressed against Jay’s shirt.

“Good morning, Jay,” Josh said, trying to be civil. His heart hammered hard against his chest.

 “Again,” Jay whispered, “again.” He grabbed his shoulder and shook him slightly.

Josh glanced up at him. He swallowed. Jay’s eyes were red rimmed and his jaw showed some stubble. His hair was unkempt, standing the strands flying in different directions, as if he’d run his fingers through them a thousand times. 

“I’m sorry, Jay. Like I’ve told you before, I suffer from the dreams too. There isn’t anything I can do about it.”

Jay fisted the material of his shirt and raised his fist. Josh swallowed and shut his eyes. 

“Maybe if we wait it out, it will eventually go away,” Josh said. A foul taste remained in his mouth as he said the words. He was certain, that at least in his part, what he felt for Jay would never disappear.

“And meanwhile? What do we do meanwhile?” Jay asked. “I spend my nights thinking about you, Josh. I don’t have time for this.
Jay pushed him and Josh stumbled backwards. He hit the wall with an oomph. 

“I am constantly fantasizing about you.” 

Josh sucked in a breath as he felt Jay’s hand cup his face. “I dream about touching you, about feeling your soft lips on my skin.” 

He traced Jay’s lips with his thumb. Butterflies danced in Josh’s stomach. He didn’t dare open his eyes. His imagination was playing tricks on him, no doubt.

“I dream about kissing you, Jay.” 

Josh bit back a moan as Jay’s lips touched his. He had to be dreaming. This could not be happening. They were at work, in a hallway, where anyone could see them, and Jay was kissing him. 

“I want to taste you again, to remember what it’s like.” 

Jay’s tongue teased the seams of his mouth. Josh opened up to Jay. He wanted to hold onto the other man, to run his fingers through his hair while he devoured his mouth, but instead, he remained almost petrified, afraid that if he moved Jay would run. 

Josh moaned as Jay’s lips pressed against his. He was gentle to the point of frustration. If it had been up to Josh he would have delved further fast, but Jay was taking his time. Jay wasn’t only kissing him. He was savoring Josh. His tongue swept back and forth across Josh’s, creating a gentle, sensual, rhythm that little by little increased its tempo. Josh groaned and arched his back. He wanted more. Jay placed his hand at the nape of his neck and deepened the kiss. His pace quickened and what had begun as a leisurely dance turned into a frenzied party. Time and space vanished and the world narrowed down to that perfect moment in which Jay was really savoring him. His inhibitions and fears seemed to be gone, all that remained was the taste, the sensuality, the passion between two mates.

TO be continued...
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