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#MidWeek Tease: Blind Beauty #erotic #naughtyfairytale #malemale

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Today, I'm sharing a Mid Week Tease from book 2 of The Witches' Mischief series, titled Blind Beauty. This naughty fairy tale is based on The Ugly Duckling and can be read as a stand alone.It is also a male/male romance.

Blind Beauty (A Naughty Fairy Tale)- The Witches' Mischief Series 2

Picture  James Macintosh is hours away from  his new home. He is ready to start a  secluded life away from all the  rumors, insults and disgusted faces  concerning his appearance. However,  a meeting with a mysterious woman  and her child, mingled with a sudden  harsh snowstorm will set him down a  very different path than the one he  had originally envisioned. 

Richard Randywine is an accidental fugitive living with a band of rowdy thieves. A good man at heart, he has gotten used to hiding his emotions behind his strapping muscles and brute strength.  Yet, when the thieves ambush an unsuspecting rider, Richard is forced to drop his mask and step forward. 

Will both men be able to see what lies before them or will they be blind to the possibility of happiness?

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Kindness can be found in the strangest places. In this snippet, James has been kidnapped by a group of outlaws, but one of them decides that he must be hungry...

“I thought, I thought, you’d like something to eat.”

He was breathless. Good God, he was breathless. What was wrong with him? The man blinked, his long dark lashes touching his pale cheek in an intimate caress. Richard swallowed as those blue eyes looked at him again, piecing right through him, searching his heart and soul,exploring him as if he held the key to a riddle.

“I’m bound.”

A shiver ran down his spine at the sound of the decadent voice. The man before him was a contradiction, so dainty in appearance and yet with a voice so dark and rough.

“I’ll feed it to you,” Richard supplied. He wet his lips, feeling the back of his neck burn as those blue eyes dropped to his mouth. “I can’t release your bonds or Pete will kill me.”

The prisoner nodded in understanding. Richard smiled.

“What is your name?” he asked while ladling the spoon with some broth.

The man hesitated, clearly uncertain whether or not he should give out his name.


“I’m Richard.”

Richard’s hands trembled slightly as he offered James the food. He couldn’t take his eyes away from his mouth as it opened and received the spoon. Richard’s cock twitched as the prisoner’s lips
dragged over the utensil. Without a word, he fed him another spoonful. James’ lips snagged on them again, soft, red, delicious. He wanted to taste them, to grasp them between his teeth and tug, to nip, caress and love them until they became red as cherries.

“More, please.”

Richard’s cock hardened at James’ request. More. He wanted more too. He wanted James under him, on top of him, all over him. He wanted those lips dragging over his erection just like they trailed
and hitched on the spoon. He started as the spoon clanked against the empty bowl, realizing for the first time that while feeding James, he had done naught but stare at his lips. Richard lifted his eyes to James, worried that the other man would repudiate him. Instead, he met eyes darkened by unspoken passion. His heart skipped a beat and he looked away. Was he imagining it? It didn’t matter … they couldn’t do this. Not now. His mouth dried as he surveyed the men in the cave.

They were all asleep.

Available at:

Evernight Publishing || || || Bookstrand || AllRomance Ebooks

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