Thursday, April 17, 2014

#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Vallory Vance & One Stormy Night

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Today I have another author treat for you! Please welcome Vallory Vance and her latest release One Stormy Night.

Alexis Joplin, popular host of the travel show, Overnight Stays, is embarking on her final scouting expedition with her partner and best friend, Shane Fowler. Over the course of the last two years, the duo has grown closer not only at work, but outside of the job. While their friends and co-workers may whisper that something more than friendship is the source of their mutual admiration, they deny it even as their personal feelings are reaching a critical apex.
Shrouded in the dark beauty of a hundred year old inn, while lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, neither Alexis nor Shane can hold on to the pretense any longer. They give in to one night of passion with the promise that in the morning, they’ll awake as friends.

But is it a promise they both can keep?

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From Romantic Sub-Genre to Romantic Sub-Genre, I’m a Fan

I read across a variety of romance genres from erotic historical, to contemporary to paranormal to absolute fantasy. And I love them all because my favorite romantic tropes can be refreshed with the right hero and heroine and an enthusiastic author.

The first trope that pops into my mind is the marriage of convenience. The heroine has to marry a wealthy baron in order to save her family’s land and station in society. You can also bring this forward and our heroine assumes a secret identity to marry the CEO of a large corporation in order to prevent him from foreclosing on the land which has been in her family for a century. Elongate that time to a war-torn millennium between two rival species of shape-shifters and only our heroine’s marriage will bring peace and you’ve got a paranormal romance. Change the landscape to somewhere other than Earth and there’s that fantasy novel.

But there is also is also the – second chance at love. These always get me no matter the setting or the time period. These stories of reunion and renewal wiping out the pains of the past are some of my favorites.

Then there are the friends-to-lovers stories. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for these as well. Maybe the heroine or hero has harbored a secret crush for years while the object of their affection dated or even got married! Or maybe they’ve both been in love and too shy to say anything for years, content with a sideways glance every now and again. Then BAM! Love and fireworks!

While there is a certain amount of regret for the time lost between the second chance couple, I don’t feel that way with the friends-to-lovers. While they might not have been in bed together, they’ve been loving each all along.

And in the hope of capturing the spirit of being secretly in love, I wrote One Stormy Night - Two very good friends, one centuries-old inn and a storm brewing…

About Vallory:

This new author is a color inside the lines Human Resources professional living in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex by day. After her family consisting of a husband of almost twenty years, three kids and two dogs have filled her evenings with laughter, she sits down to her laptop to write tales of the first moments of falling in love when nothing else seems to matter.

As a fortieth birthday present to herself, she decided to share her stories. Vallory Vance is the pen name she uses to write contemporary romances that range from sweet to spicy.

Find me online at:
Vallory Vance ~ Sweet and Sexy Romances:

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