Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Silver Flash Wednesday!

Greetings friends! Today's Silver Flash is really short,
it barely surpasses the Flash minimum of 500 words. Furthermore,
at the last minute, I almost decided not to participate on
today's flash. I have several University projects to turn in
before the Christmas Holidays and I'm not finding the time to
do anything at all! Be it write, read or even sleep properly =(
Add to all the class work, my part time job and Christmas
preparations (gift buying! I don't know when I'm going to buy
my gifts!)... and well, I'm stressed.

Nonetheless, here is today's little flash which continues Amanda
and Damian's story. After writing last week's (or was it the week
before last?) Flash, I had introduced Damian's point of view into
the story. All was good, except that that Thanksgiving party
had happened more than two years ago and Damian's point of view
had not been placed into the story before. Therefore, during this
chapter, you'll find that Damian is at Amanda's Grandmother's house,
right outside the door. He knows Amanda is in there and like her,
he's been remembering...

Today's prompts were:

Reese Dante joins us once again as our Guest Prompt Diva, with this: That came out of nowhere.

For alternative prompts:

springtime for Hitler or

use these three words: camp, Venice, ostrich or

incorporate a crossdresser into your story in some way

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Untitled Chapter 6

Damian stood at the threshold, remembering that Thanksgiving party more than two years ago.
It had been a new beginning for them. They had started again and from that foundation a relationship had slowly taken shape. He still remembered the first time he had told Amanda he loved her...

Damian tugged on Amanda’s hand. As he settled onto the bench, he pulled her to him. Laughing, she fell onto his lap. He placed his arms around her and hugged her to him, inhaling the sweet smell of her perfume. He would never get tired of that subtle essence of vanilla. Lightly, he took her earlobe between his teeth. He would never tire of her taste. Her fingers entwined in his hair and her breathing grew labored as he sucked on the tender piece of skin. His fingers slightly grazed her breast and she swatted playfully at his hand. Laughing, she pulled away from his embrace.
"We're in public," she protested, indicating with a nod of her head their surroundings. Damian raised his eyebrows at her and looked around. It was early autumn and the park was almost deserted, except for a few passerbies, too busy with their own affairs to notice a cuddling couple. "I dont see anyone.” Amanda titled her head and he smiled, recognizing the signs for when she was about to voice her disapproval on a certain matter. Before she could utter a word he claimed her mouth. She opened up almost instantly, her tongue delving out of its cave to dwell with his. Her hands, still in his hair, drew him closer, deepening their kiss. This time, she didn’t remover his hand when he palmed the sweet flesh of her breast. He squeezed lightly and something triggered inside him. A surge of emotion that came out of nowhere welled up inside him. Breaking their kiss, Damian gently grasped her chin and tilted her head to look into her eyes. "I love you, Amanda".

Her eyes darted back and forth, seizing him. She smiled, unbelieving. "That came out of nowhere."

"No, really," he insisted.

She nodded and placed her lips back over his, as if she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. For a moment, panic had gripped his heart. She didn’t love him back, she didn’t want him, but his fear was soothed and forgotten as their kiss grew in intensity and passion.

Damian stared at the white door. No, he never forgot. He doubted. For another six months, he doubted. Yes, that had been the day he’d told Amanda he loved her, but it had also been the day the seed of doubt had been planted.
Damian took in a deep breath. He should have known then, but he had made a mistake, and he had doubted. He hadn’t doubted her, no, he’d doubted himself, doubted his own feelings and destroyed their relationship.Now, more than two years later he stood at her Grandmother’s door, wondering if being there at all was a good idea and whether he should go back home and try to forget her for once and for all.


LM Brown (m/m)

AJ Jarrett (m/m)

West Thornhill (m/m)

Heather Lin (m/f)

Pia Veleno (m/m)

Freddy MacKay (m/m)

Julie Lynn Hayes (m/m)

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