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Silver Flash Wednesday: Candyce's Sweet Surprise

Dear flash readers, in honor of the Christmas and New Year festivities, today’s flash has nothing to do with Damian and Amanda’s story. Initially, this was going to be a 1000 word story but I got a little carried away… so read on and come back on Saturday, December 31st for the continuation and ending of Candyce’s Sweet Surprise.

Hope you enjoy ;-)

Beware: This story includes a lot of sugar, Christmas magic and two very hot men.

This week's prompts:

From Prompt Diva Julie Hayes: “Double your pleasure, Double your fun”

candy, indecision, balloon or

I thought I knew, but I was mistaken or

Ice, ice, baby.

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Candyce’s Sweet Surprise.

Double your pleasure, double your fun with Madame Noelia’s special offer: Buy 2 pay 1

Candyce stopped in her tracks and stared at the words neatly scribbled in red and green chalk on the A-frame easel sign. Madame Noelia. She glanced at the store. She’d walked through this street everyday for the past 9 months and she had never noticed this place. Candyce didn’t understand how she could have missed it. The door and the window frame were painted in bright red, whilst the store sign was drawn in fancy white glittering letters.

However, even had she not noticed the flamboyant colors, she would have seen the display window. Her mouth watered as she stared at the vivacious assortment craft fully placed for everyone to see: Candy Canes, M&M’s, Twizzlers…
How long had it been since she’d treated herself to some good old calorie-full sweets? She’d been dieting to fit into her New Year’s dress for the past three months- and for what? Her date dumped her at the last minute with some lame excuse. Now she had a gorgeous dress but no one to celebrate with. She had consoled herself hoping that something magical would happen during Christmas but it had been the same old, same old.

Candyce sighed. Yeah, she definitely deserved a break. It was time to break her diet and enjoy that little pleasure of life called chocolate! Resolute, she pushed open the door. A bell chimed above her head and the smell of cinnamon, coupled with mint, caramel and gum assaulted her senses. Her mouth watered and her stomach churned. Yes, this was definitely what she needed to get over the Christmas blues. She looked around, unsure of where to start.

“I’d start with the caramel apples.”

Candyce jumped and turned towards the voice. Behind a large oak counter and an old cash-register machine stood a plump elderly lady with snow-white hair, round rimmed glasses and a warm smile.

“Although, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe you’re more of a chocolate enthusiast.”

Candyce nodded. “How did you--?”

“I know a chocolate lover when I see one,” the woman winked. “I think, my dear, I have the perfect thing for you. Come with me.”


“Come on, I don’t bite,” the woman stepped from behind the counter and beckoned Candyce to follow her through a back door. “We only have one box left, that’s why it’ not on display, but it’s the best chocolate in town, I assure you…” The woman’s voice died off as she entered the chamber. Candyce took one last look at the street. What harm could an old lady do? Besides, if that chocolate was so good… Hurrying across the store she entered the storage room.


“Back here.”

Candyce slowly took in the chamber. Barrel after barrel and box after box of sugar coated edibles were piled everywhere. The savory smell permeated everything. How anyone could work here and resist eating all of this, was beyond her comprehension.

“Ma’am?”“You may call me Noelia.”

Candyace started as the old lady materialized before her, a red velvet box in her hands. “I think you’re really going to like these.” She said, opening the package and pulling out a white bonbon. “White chocolate with cherry liquor inside; there’s nothing quite like them. Come on now, don’t be shy.”

Smiling, Candyce took the piece of chocolate and bit into it. Thick liquor dripped onto her tongue, mingling with the supple texture of the white chocolate. Candyce moaned. Hastily, she ate the rest of the bonbon, unwilling to waist a single drop. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as the full experience of the mixture hit her. She swallowed slowly, the liquor a soft burn in the back of her throat, immediately soothed by the sweet chocolate.

“Thank you, Noelia that was amazing.” Candyce opened her eyes to semi-darkness. She heard the door’s bell chime. Perhaps the elderly woman had heard a client and had hurried back upstairs, leaving her here, in the dark. A shiver ran down her spine. Noelia sure was fast for one so small. Candyce began to make her way across the dimly lit storage room, careful not to upset any of the neatly stacked boxes. She was almost at the door when she tripped on a badly placed barrel of gummy bears. Throwing her hands forward to stop herself from falling and the barrel from rolling away she fell into nothingness.

Air exploded out of her lungs as her back crashed against a yielding surface. She took in a shaky breath. What the hell had just happened? She had fallen through some sort of trap door into another chamber and onto a mattress. The room glowed with an outerwordly light. She glanced at the ceiling, looking for a source of light. Her jaw dropped. Directly above the bed was a black hole with colorful dancing lights. The rest of the ceiling was dotted in stars. Sitting up, Candyce tried to remain calm. She took in the rest of her surroundings. The bed was a four poster, the sheets red as wine, the posts red and white, resembling candy canes. There was no other furniture. Trembling, she slowly set her right foot on the floor. She sighed in pleasure as her foot sunk into a plush white carpet.


Candyce looked down at herself. She was naked. No, not naked, but almost. She was barefoot, pantless, pantyless and braless. The only thing she was wearing was a red negligee that barely covered her ass. Fear cursed through her. Where was she and who had done this to her?

“You’re here.”

A deep masculine voice broke her thoughts. She turned around in alarm but the feeling vanished and was replaced with a strong current of desire as soon as she caught sight of the men.

To be continued...

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