Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Candyce’s Sweet Surprise finale.

Greetings friends! Today is the last day of the year 2011! Wohoo! A lot of things have happened to me this past year. For instance:

- In February I decided to end a 6 year relationship

- My 13 year old dog, Lucky, passed away

- I studied, studied, studied and studied some more (and I'm still studying)

- I continued to develop the amazing friendship I have with author, Scarlett Knight

- In April I went on a road trip to the beach with my close friends and had an awesome time

- In August I got a new puppy because my other dog Ginger became very sad when her daddy passed away. Brego, the adorable black labrador became part of my small family.

- I released four different novels:

  • Dreams of Fate (Etopia Press);

  • A Decade of Longing (Evernight Publishing-- this was very special to me because it was my 2008 Nanowrimo project);

  • The Mercenary Knight (Evernight Publishing) and

  • The Uncertain List (Silver Publishing)

- I released my first audio book: Teaching Alisse (Silver Publishing)

- One of my novels, The Mercenary Knight, is an ARE bestseller- something which I never even dreamed possible and which still thrills me to no end :-)

- But, one of the most important things that has happened to me this year is that I've met some fantastic people along the way: readers, editors and authors like: Rie Langdon, Freddy MacKay, Alison Todd, Georgia Fox, Lorraine Nelson, Adonis Devereux, London Saint James, Annie Melton, Melissa Bell, Jennifer Fitzpatrick...

To all those I've met, to all those I know and have struggled with me throughout this year:

Thank you!

Thank you for your time and your company. I wish you all the best for this new year that is about to begin.

I hope everyone has a good time tonight :-) and As promised, here is the ending for Candyce's Sweet Surprise (read the beginning here!) which I started last Wednesday for Silver Flash day.

Hope you enjoy this little flash. :-) Have a great last day of the year and a fantastic beginning! Wishing you all the best!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Beware: this one is HOT

Candyce's Sweet Surprise

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Candyce swallowed hard. “Who, me?” She now had no doubts this was a dream. Men like those two stationed at the door to the bedroom did not go around looking for girls like her. Men like those either did not exist or were already hitched. She stared at them unbelieving. Both of them were tall, at least a good six feet something, wearing nothing more than short red robes. One of them was fair with green eyes, the other dark with matching eyes. While one was thin and lithe, with barely defined muscles, the other was thick and brawny, with bulging biceps. Both of them so appealing her body responded without preamble. Her nipples hardened under the thin material she was wearing and she tried to cross her arms before her chest, but the garment was so short that if she lifted her arms the men would get a good glimpse of her pubis. Finally, she decided to press her hands to her sides, in an effort to control her body’s excitement to the masculine beauties before her.

“Yes, of course, who else?” The first one spoke up. Her body churned. His voice was like honey or melted chocolate; white chocolate. Candyce smiled. She must have gotten drunk with the cherry liquor and hit her head.

“So, why were you looking for me?” she ventured.

Both men smiled at the same time. Their eyes glittered dangerously as they walked towards her.

“You know… the usual.” The fair-haired man spoke. His voice was husky, raspy, it reminded her of the feeling the liquor left on her throat. His pale eyes roamed over her body, hungrily. Her cheeks warmed.


“Don’t mind him, cherie,” the dark haired one said. “He’s hungry.”

“And you’re not?”

“Yes, but I have manners, nonetheless.” Candyce stared from one to the other. “My name is Jasper and he’s Melker.”

“I’m Candyce.”

“We know,” Melker said. Candyce took in a sharp breath as one of his long fingers caressed her jaw. The pad of his thumb grazed her lips. Without knowing why, she opened up to him, taking the tip of his finger into her mouth. Her tongue shyly darted out, tasting the appendage. Cherry liquor. Strong hands wrapped themselves on her waist. She gasped audibly when she felt the thick hard member rest against her ass. She opened her mouth to speak but Melker pressed his lips to hers and she plunged with gusto into the ardent kiss. Hands, she didn’t know if Melker’s or Jaspers, slid over her breasts, stumbling over the erect nipple but not pausing to touch. Her breasts ached. She wanted to be touched. Again, the large hands travelled over her heavy breasts. She arched her back. Fingers pulled at her nipple and she moaned into Melker’s mouth.

“We’d thought you’d need more convincing. I’m glad we were wrong.” Jasper’s voice in her ear coupled with his warm breath, made her legs shake and her arousal soar.

Melker released her from his embrace. Taking a step back he shrugged off his robe. Candyce stared. Never in her life had she seen something so long and big and… her juices streamed down her thighs, her body clearly as keyed up at Melker’s male organ as her mind. Rough hands turned her over. Her jaw dropped. Melker was long but Jasper was thick. She looked up at him and he chuckled.
“Don’t worry, cherie, it will fit.” He bent over her and in one tug pulled off her negligee. Drawing her against him, his hands dipping to cup her ass, he whispered in her ear, “it always fits.” Candyce’s eyes widened but she barely had a moment to register his words before his mouth clamped on hers. Melker’s kiss had been arduous, passionate, hot; Jasper’s was soft, tender, branding.
Candyce jerked when Melker’s tongue swept across her folds. Jasper’s grip on her tightened. His hands on her ass massaged the round globes. In perfect timing, one of his fingers probed the entrance to her anus as Melker’s tongue delved into her cunt. She wanted to cry out in pleasure, but her pitiful moan of delight was swallowed by Jasper’s kiss.

The men created a rhythm that tormented her body. When one entered, the other pulled out. She rocked against them, the ache in her body so sharp she thought she’d cry. They’d never stay inside her enough, never fill her to completion, and never let her find satisfaction. She knew there were more than two fingers inside her at once; maybe three, maybe four, maybe even five. They probed, explored and opened her up for them. They made her body weep and sweat for them. They made her whimper, moan and beg and she enjoyed every minute of it, but enough was enough. She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed them inside her, pumping into her, giving her those delicious cocks to which fingers were no substitute.

“Please, Melker, please Jasper.” She begged for the hundredth time. Jasper looked up at her. He was suckling on her breasts, teasing the pink nubs, biting, licking, blowing on them until they ached.

She met his lidded stare. “Please.”

He nodded once and relief flowed through her.

“She’s more than ready, Melker.”

Melker stepped away from her and observed her with a cheeky smile. “She most certainly is.” He stroked his cock, spreading the glistening drops of precome that coated it. “But maybe, we could…” Placing a hand on her shoulder he pushed down. Candyce willingly fell to her knees. Without waiting, she eagerly took Melker’s cock into her mouth. Their moans reverberated loudly in the room. She lapped hungrily at the long member. A nudge made her glance upwards. The sight of Jasper’s fat cock met her. Hungrily, she took him into her mouth, opening wide to fit as much as him inside as possible. Greedily she sucked both men, palming their balls, licking from base to top and back again. She wanted to bring them to the edge of insanity as they had brought her. Her body rocked on it’s own volition searching for release as it brought both men to the brink.

“Enough, Candyce.” Jasper grabbed her under the arms, lifted her and threw her onto the four-poster bed. Lying back against the pillows he brought her to him, obliging her to straddle him. His cock was inches away from her hot pussy and she wanted nothing more than to sink into it, but he held her at bay.

“You will not come until we allow you, do you hear?” he threatened.

Candyce nodded. With a small smile, Jasper pulled her down, impaling her onto his cock. Both of them groaned loudly. She longed to move against him, to have him move inside of her, but the dark haired man was stock-still. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt Melker’s long, thin cock fill her anus. She trembled, trying to hold back the orgasm which fought so hard to explode as both men crammed themselves inside her body.

“Don’t,” Jasper warned.

She was barely able to nod, in fear that the slightest movement would trigger her. They were only seconds, but it was torture until Melker was fully inside her.

Jasper smiled. “Now, we fuck.”

Candyce gasped, and then screamed as both men moved at once, one entering, the other pushing further inside. She didn’t need much more. Her body reacted to the celestial feeling and as the men pushed and shoved, her climax hit her hard, milking the cocks nestled deep inside her. Barely a few seconds later the men grunted their release, their sperm shooting hard inside her.

Candyce opened her eyes. She trembled from head to toe. She looked around her. How? She was back at the storage room, the lights were on, but the old lady was nowhere to be seen.

“Sweety, sorry I had to leave you here. There was a customer upstairs. Are you alright?”

The old lady appeared from behind her, the red box of chocolate still in her hands, her warm smile in place.

Candyce shook her head. She felt clammy, feverish, unstable. Maybe the chocolate was bad?

She cleared her throat. “I, I think it’s the heat from the storage room. I better be going.”

Had it all been a dream? It couldn’t have been…but then again… She had barely reached for the door knob when the old lady called after her.

“Here, I think you dropped this downstairs.”

Candyce took the card. She stared hard at the white and red slip of paper.

Jasper and Melker
Double your pleasure, double your fun
Professional Candy makers.

With a shaking hand, she turned the card around. Scribbled in neat handwriting were the words: “Looking forward to seeing you at the New Year’s party, Candyce.” and underneath in a sloppy stance, “In the end, it always fits.”

Candyce looked up at the elderly woman who regarded her with a mischievous smile. “Thank you.”

Noelia winked. Candyce stored the card in her purse and walked out. She grinned as she started her way back home. Guess she would be going to that party, after all.


  1. It has been quite a year for you! You've experienced some major heartbreak and loss. :( But you have also reached some major goals, which have been very uplifting and exciting. I have very much enjoyed our growing bond as writers and women--you are so sweet to mention our friendship :) **hugs** Happy New Year, and may 2012 see many more good things and newly published tales from you!!

  2. Aunque ya un poco tarde feliz año nuevo ^^. Espero que este nuevo año que entra sea mejor que el anterior o, al menos, no tan ajetreado.

    Muchos besos, suerte en todas las metas que te propongas alcanzar (eres una luchadora y se que conseguirás todo lo que te propongas) y feliz navidad ^^.

  3. No había visto esto hasta ahora :S
    Igualmente Fénix! Espero que hayas pasado unas buenas fiestas ^.^ Y espero que este año 2012 (se acerca el fin del mundo xDD) te traiga muchas cosas buenas :)
    Un besote :**


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