Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Melodies

The weekend is almost around the corner! Hip Hip Hurrah! Although, I'm not sure if that is good thing because it means I'll be heading back to class...

Anyways, let's talk about nicer things like for example today's song: "Mercury Falling" by the Finnish group, Poisonblack.

I've known this group for ages and Ville Laihala's, previous group, Sentenced, as well. The man has a rough, sort of husky voice that makes little butterflies appear in the pit of my stomach. I've particularly picked this song because it brings out the rougher edge of his voice, thus making me put on a little smile whenever I listen to it. (So that's probably why I get all the funny stares when I'm walking home, to the bus or on the subway with that loopy grin, LOL).
As a matter a fact, his voice has been an inspiration for Conrad, the main character of my current WIP.

Hope you like it!


  1. Oh, I like that song! I'm not familiar with the band, will have to check more out. Nice voice pick for Conrad, by the way ;)

  2. Check them out! I also recommend you listen to Poisonblack's first cd "Escapextasy", though the lead singer for that one is not Ville Laihala, JP Leppaluoto also has an amazing voice. ;-)


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