Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings everyone and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

I recently discovered this initiative and since I thought it is a splendid idea,
from now I'll try to publish Six sentences from either a Work in Progress (WiP),
a published work or one that hasn't been published at all.
Today's six sentence belong to the story I just started working on last Tuesday.


Here was a man of power.
A man beyond any she had ever met; a man that eluded her comprehension.
He was a man that appealed to her senses in a primeval way.
She knew she should feel fear but her mind simply did not process it.
Instead her heart quickened until its pulse beat in her ears like a tribal drum.
Conrad lowered his head an inch, then another, and another until their lips were so close their breaths mingled in the cold spring morning.


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