Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel - part 2

They moved to the music, leaning, swaying, vibrating. His hands never leaving her body, roaming it constantly. Her panties became wet as she felt his hands brush against her thigh, caressing first one, and then the other. They began tracing the portion of skin above her knee, but little by little, they inched towards the inside of her thigh. She sucked in her breath as his hand cupped her soaked panties.

Enough, she thought. No one has ever gotten me so worked up in so little time.

She turned inside the strangers arms, catching him off guard. She gasped audibly when she met a pair of familiar green eyes. He twirled her in his arms again, preventing her to speak.

He pressed her against him as the music changed rhythms into a sweeter melody. His fingers traced her arms slowly, like the caress of a feather.

She knew the song. The beat would increase any moment, turning into a frenzy. He turned her in his arms again, so that she would be facing him. She was unable to speak as his hands grasped her waist firmly. She let her hands follow the move and placed her own arms around his neck. One of his legs he placed strategically in between her thighs. She adjusted herself over him as he bent her figure back. His index finger traced her chest, the rim of her breasts, the tight nipple. She moaned in her throat as he gently squeezed her hardened nipples.

Was this really happening? Or was she dreaming it?

He lifted her and eased her into his arms. She felt his firm body as her own stroked against his.

“Why have you approached me?” she asked, barely able to speak as the music and his body dictated her every move.

“I could no longer resist your allure,” he said.

A dimpled smile playing on his lips as he pushed her away and twirled her. He roughly pulled her to him again, bending her over in a single smooth move. She moved to the music out of habit, though, her mind was elsewhere as her body felt his hardness jammed between her ass cheeks. A finger traced her back and a shiver of excitement followed it. The moisture between her thighs was more than just sweat.

“You want to head for my place, Alexis?” he whispered in her ear as he lifted her and hugged her to him.

She let her hips grind against him, following the beat of the song playing.

So he knew her name. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the giddiness she was feeling. She would go anywhere he asked, but not without enjoying herself for a bit. It wasn’t fair that he had all the fun.

To be continued....

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