Monday, August 18, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel

She was shy. Really, she was. However, music made her change. Music transported her into another dimension. Music made her forget her shyness. The rhythmic sound of guitars, drums, basses, a piano, the sound of a well played instrument made her soar. If all that, had the sweet and sultry voice of a fabulous singer, it made her fly.
If the music had words, good coherent words, that almost told a story that she could imagine...then, it was bliss.

Music was one of the reasons on why she went dancing to the local club every weekend. But it was only one reason. The other reason was him. Long chestnut colored hair, dark green eyes and a six foot tall body which was impossible to avoid. She could never decide whether he was an angel or a devil. He rarely danced, but it didn't matter to her, she could see him from her spot in the dance floor, like every other night.
Tonight he looked incredibly handsome in tight leather pants and a simple black shirt which seemed to stick to his toned muscles.

He watched her dance. He always did. He would sip at his drink or speak with a friend, but his eyes would never leave her moving figure. She knew, because she watched him too. Sometimes she had the impression that she danced just for him. That every sultry move was made to attract him. However, he never budged.
She knew she danced well. She would contort her body in ways which would have any man cringing with desire. It was not the first time that one had approached her with a dirty mind and not very good intentions. She'd brush them off. At times she'd dance with them, just to make him jealous, but mainly she danced alone. She would sway to the music, her curves flowing as if she had been built to dance to that particular song. but her brown eyes were always focusing on him, just like he focused on her.

She smiled to herself as she heard the introduction of one of her favorite songs. It was one that spoke of love and sex. She let her hands roam across her body in a seductive way, as her hips began to sway to the music. It was almost hypnotic. How many times had she masturbated to this song in the darkness of her room? How many times had she let her imagination take her into his arms, imagining that the words to the songs were taking place between them? She closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself get carried away by the music.
Startled she took in a sharp breath as she felt large hands grab her waist. She opened her eyes in haste, and searched for his ever permanent green eyes. He was nowhere to be seen. Where had he gone? She felt the stranger behind her, dancing with her to the music. She tried to turn and tell him to leave her alone, but he held on tightly to her. Pulling her towards him, she felt his hard shaft against her buttocks. She gasped in alarm.
"Do you know how hard it is to control this, watching you dance?" A husky voice spoke in her ear, causing goose bumps to rise in her arms.

To be continued....

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