Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It’s too late— #midweektease from Alpha Protectors 3 #paranormal #romance

Happy Hump day, everyone!

Sorry for the super late post. I thought I’d set it up before hand, but the weekend was a bit chaotic with my cat biting me and having to take a trip to the ER and what not, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten my tease ready. 

NOnetheless, better late than never and here it is. It’s another tease from Alpha Protectors 3, which I continue to work on. 

Last week, you got a glimpse at Eva. Let’s see some more...


She peeked at him through her fingers. The candlelight flickered, throwing her eyes in the light. Their gazes locked. Heat glided through his veins quicker than a waterfall, leaving behind a pleasant tingle. He leaned forward. She dragged her hands downs her face. Sweat clung to her brow. 
“Help me,” she moaned. 
Max tightened his fist around his sword. 
“On my word,” he said. 
He veered toward the succubus prepared to kill her and staggered.

Max gawked at the succubus. The beautiful woman he’d seen earlier was gone. Impaled atop the victim, the she-demon rolled her hips, energetically fucking the man whilst her body transformed. Her nails went first, growing into sharp talons which sunk into the man’s open chest. She threw back her head, laughing manically. A lump grew at the bottom of her spine, and zoomed out, rippling her flesh and lifting inch by inch into hard scaly green bumps. Fangs lengthened past her bottom lip. The succubus licked her jowls as if relishing the conversion.
An inkling of fear slammed into him. It was one thing to fight an Inferum and another very different to battle one on one with a demon who had just fed. 
“Please, you have to stop her.”
Max jumped. Eva grasped the legs of his pants, her bloodied fingers slipping against the material. 
“Don’t let her do it.”
Lowering his sword, Max crouched at her side. Eva’s eyes bulged and her chin trembled, reminding him of a frightened animal. 
“It’s okay, kitten. We just need to get out of here. We’ll slip by her real easy.” He grasped her hand, hoping to reassure her.
“No. You don’t understand.”
Eva sagged. A prickling ache surrounded his heart, pinching it. He’d let her down. He pressed his lips and gently brushed her hair back. An overpowering surge to protect her at all costs and see her smile took hold of him. 
“I’ll take care of it. I promise,” he said. “But you have to tell me what’s going to happen. I’ve never seen this before,” he admitted. His knowledge regarding succubus and incubus, Lust’s most faithful worshipers came solely from books. Max knew they performed rites to the Sin but he’d never seen one. 
The succubus howled and the candlelight sputtered. Max stood and Eva crashed against him in a desperate attempt to flee. 
“It’s too late, too late,” she repeated.

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