Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Eva— #midweektease from Alpha Protectors 3 #paranormal #romance

Happy Hump day, everyone!

Today I'm sharing another tease form my current WIP, book 3 in the Alpha Protectors series. 

If you remember, Max and his colleagues are at Lust's horrible realm. I've skipped ahead to offer you today's snippet. Max has been separated from the other's and is drawn into another room....


Stunned, Max stared after his colleagues, until another push from Killian set him in motion.
Turning his back on the commotion, he walked a few feet down the hall and leaned against the wall. Thankful for the cool stone against his blazing flesh, he shut his eyes and focused on his breathing. Little by little, the sounds around him evaporated. The warrior cries of his brothers in arms dimmed. The screeches of the Inferum and the human’s whose dreams had become nightmares, quieted. All of it became replaced by the soothing swoosh of his lungs filling with oxygen, the steady rhythm of his pulse and the pleasant chime of female laughter.
Max’s eyes snapped open and he immediately moved into a fighter’s stance. Glancing left and right he searched for the source of the sound. The flames on the brackets flickered and danced with the shadows but not a soul was in sight. Goosebumps rose on his flesh.
“No, please.”
A ball of ice hit him in the gut, spreading throughout his limbs. He had to have heard wrong. No one spoke in Lust’s realm, but if they did, it was dirty talk and encouraging words, not a hoarse cry for mercy.
“No, please, stop.”
Max veered around. The spot he’d been leaning on was gone, replaced by a door. He held his breath.
“No, don’t make me. I’m begging you.”
The woman’s voice cracked. The miserable sob which came from within the room tore at him, breaking his soul into a million fragments. Whoever was in there couldn’t be dreaming. They had to be conscious and clearly in distress.
He couldn’t stand out here waiting any longer while an innocent suffered needlessly. Aiming a steady kick at the door, he threw it open and barged inside, sword at the ready.
His stomach revolted. He swallowed hard, in an attempt to keep the contents of his stomach. Taking position in the corner of the room where he could control everything, Max took stock.
Bright blood painted white washed walls. The victim appeared to be a slightly overweight man in his fifties. He lay naked on a king sized mattress in the center of the room and his chest rose and fell rhythmically as if asleep. However, the sheets were stained red and more blood seeped from an open wound in his thorax. His erection rested against his stomach, glistening with juices.
Max swept his gaze around the room, searching for the source of the pleading voice.
A woman emerged from the darkness on the other side of the bed. Max stared. Her pale flesh was flawless. Full, round breasts with dusky nipples made his mouth water. He dipped his gaze, following the trim line of her waist, to her wide hips and firm legs. Her pubis shimmered with sexual dew. Max’s cock twitched. He breathed hard through his nose and forced himself to look at her face. Her full lips quirked into a smile, beckoning him to kiss her and her eyes, a hypnotic blue, invited him to come closer.
“Were you,” he started. He cleared his throat. “Were you crying for help?”
The man on the bed groaned and Max turned to him. He blinked, refocusing his gaze. Heat swept through him, lashing him awake.
“Succubus,” he roared. “What have you done?”
The demon laughed and he recognized the sound from earlier.
“Me?” She flashed him a smile. “That wasn’t me, it was her,” she said pointing to the darkest corner of the room. Max squinted. His jaw dropped. Crouched on the floor, a woman wept. Her dark hair hung around her face, hiding her features from him, but not the drops of blood which clung to her like raindrops to leaves.
“Eva,” the succubus said. “Don’t be rude and greet our guest.”
“No, please.”
Recognizing the voice from earlier, Max’s heart tripled its beat. She needed him.
“Eva,” he said softly.


  1. I hope Eva is okay, and Max is accepted well. I wanted to read more. Great Midweek Tease Elyzabeth

  2. Goodness me, what a tease. Fab stuff! :-)

  3. Intriguing! I want to learn more about her! Great tease.

  4. Well done! Great tease. I'm hooked.

  5. Oh, this is going to be trouble. Fantastic tease, Elyzabeth!


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