Sunday, April 30, 2017

You’re dying to kiss me.-- #WeekendWritingWarriors and #SexySnippets from Alpha's Sunshine (Owned by the Alpha anthology) #shifters #paranormal #erotic #romance @Evernightpub

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Today, I'm sharing another snippet, from my story, Alpha's Sunshine, in the Evernight Publishing anthology, Owned by the Alpha, which just released last Tuesday. 

In this snippet, Sisu is trying to convince May that they're mates. Edits have taken place to keep this snippet to guidelines, so sorry for the run-ons!

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

*This snippet has been edited to keep to guidelines.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Yes. I know you feel it, too. I can sense your heartbeat here.” He touched her wrist. “It’s wild, May, just like mine. And your gaze, it keeps drifting to my lips. You’re dying to kiss me.” Sisu took in a
deep breath, his nostrils flared and his pupils dilated. “I can smell your arousal, sunshine.” A growl-like sound came from him. “You want my body pressed to yours, naked, sweaty, my cock within your pussy, pumping hard and bringing you to the highest heights of ecstasy possible.”

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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He has never been this challenged.

Sisu doesn’t play games. When he desires something, he goes after it. This time he wants the woman named May. The moment she entered the bar and his wolf got a whiff of her scent, he knew she belonged to him. The problem is she’s scared and holding back secrets. But Sisu never gives up, and this won’t be the exception.

She doesn’t trust anyone, especially shifters.

May is forced to ask shifters for help, but everything goes wrong when Alpha wolf, Sisu, interferes. He claims to be her mate, but she knows that’s impossible. Soulmates don’t exist. Besides, every time he comes near, a strong keening ache grows within her. Surely it is a warning sign for her to step away, not closer. Right? 
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  1. Phew.. *fans self* Is it getting hot in here? Fabulous snippet, Elyzabeth :-)

  2. Yes indeed. Hot, hot, hot. Terrific snippet.

  3. Wow. How can a girl resist when he talks like that? :D

  4. Well he certainly summed up the situation concisely! Great snippet....

  5. He's definitely not shy about what he wants!

  6. Yowza!! 😍😍😍

  7. Or she wants a sandwich. Men . . . geez! Always thinking it's about them, especially those Shifter males. Whatcha gonna do? Someow I don't think she's ready to roll over. Very hot, Elyzabeth!

  8. I find myself hoping she comes up with a snappy put down. I know it's a short snippet that doesn't give a full picture, but his self-confidence seems to have galloped over the line into arrogance.

  9. You definitely know how to write the alpha male. ;) Very hot.

  10. He really doesn't play games. I was thinking that while I was reading the snippet--before I saw your description of him in the details. :-) Hot excerpt. :-) !


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