Friday, April 28, 2017

News! New Paranormal anthology OWNED BY THE ALPHA #1click #newrelease #shifters @evernightpub

 Hi Lovelies, I've got some news today! On the one hand, Seamus's Mate, is up for book of the month at the TBR Pile! If you have a moment, please vote! Thank you <3

 Kaila is His. His mate. Forever.
When Seamus discovers Kaila is in danger he sets out to save her. He couldn’t care less that she doesn’t want him there. His objective in life is to love and protect her. Besides, she might refuse to be with him, but her body knows better. With both their lives on the line, she can’t say no to his aid, can she?
On the other hand, Evernight's Publishing latest anthology, OWNED BY THE ALPHA is out now! I'm lucky to be part of this amazing collection of stories

 12 NEW Dark Paranormal Romance Stories by USA Today and International Bestselling Evernight Authors!  The Alpha lives for the hunt...Driven by instinct, an Alpha shifter recognizes his fated ...

He has never been this challenged.

Sisu doesn’t play games. When he desires something, he goes after it. This time he wants the woman named May. The moment she entered the bar and his wolf got a whiff of her scent, he knew she belonged to him. The problem is she’s scared and holding back secrets. But Sisu never gives up, and this won’t be the exception.

She doesn’t trust anyone, especially shifters.

May is forced to ask shifters for help, but everything goes wrong when Alpha wolf, Sisu, interferes. He claims to be her mate, but she knows that’s impossible. Soulmates don’t exist. Besides, every time he comes near, a strong keening ache grows within her. Surely it is a warning sign for her to step away, not closer. Right?

Out now! 

And more! 

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