Wednesday, April 12, 2017

His fist buried in her hair, and then dropped to her nape.... #MidWeekTease on Seamus's Mate (Alpha Protectors) #paranormal #erotic #romance #mustread

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

I've been having one hell of a week as I pulled a back muscle and have had to rest (and that meant no writing either so I wouldn't adapt any strange postures). 

Anyhow, today I'm sharing a snippet from my latest release, Seamus's Mate (Alpha Protectors II). The TBR Pile gave it a 5 Star Review! "Seamus’s Mate is like candy to sexy alpha lovers" 

In this snippet, the characters are taking a break after a lot of dangerous action...but can they afford it? Are their feelings real?


Seamus moved, jolting her awake. “Kaila, I can’t sleep. I’m

He ran his palm across her side. She could feel his hardness nestled against her ass. Goosebumps covered her arms.

“You’re probably just tired.” She forced the words out.

His hands touched her hair, massaging her scalp. She chewed on her bottom lip.

“No, I mean, yes, I’m tired, but there’s something else.”

His breath was hot on her ear. The warm trickle of her juices flooded her panties. She turned in his arms. His leg wrapped around hers, drawing her lush against him. His cock rested at the apex
between her thighs. Her sleepiness began to abate. Sensual flames nipped her flesh, making her acutely aware of the man tangled in her arms. He was twice her size in bulk and muscles. His body emanated heat. Kaila shivered. His hands could easily wrap around her neck and
take her life. Instead, he held still, waiting for her to make a movement. His smoldering gaze found her and the desire coursing through her spread like a wildfire.

She brushed her lips against his. They were soft and firm, warm and inviting. He hauled her up so her sensitive breasts were crushed against his solid chest. His hand cupped her ass, bringing her
ripe against his erection. Kaila pressed harder and he opened up to her. Her tongue eagerly explored the recess of his mouth. His taste was familiar, like mint, coffee, and promises of tomorrow. She
moaned. His fist buried in her hair, and then dropped to her nape. She felt a sharp tug on her neck.

“Sorry, got tangled,” he mumbled.

Kaila glanced down. Reality crashed around her, and she scrambled away from Seamus while clutching her necklace. Melisa.

How could she have forgotten her sister?

“Get up. Seamus, get up.”

“What? What’s wrong, Kaila?”

“Something is happening. Sloth is tricking us. It has to be him. I would never forget my sister otherwise. This has to be a trap.”

No sooner had she spoken the words, the sound of heavy wings parting the air came toward them at high speed. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

“Seamus, grab your sword.”

Kaila is His. His Mate. Forever. 

When Seamus discovers Kaila is in danger he sets out to save her. He couldn’t care less that she doesn’t want him there. His objective in life is to love and protect her. Besides, she might refuse to be with him, but her body knows better. With both their lives on the line, she can’t say no to his aid, can she? 

For years, she has ignored her feelings. Kaila’s mission was supposed to be easy: enter the demon’s lair and save her sister. Then, he came along. For close to twenty years she has been fighting against the mating pull. She has avoided Seamus at all costs, but now they’re both trapped in hell and she has nowhere to run, except, maybe, into his arms.

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  1. Great tease. Sorry about your back. Hope it's better soon.

  2. Great snippet, Elyzabeth, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I hope you feel better! Great snippet!

  4. Oh my, I wasn't expecting that twist. Feel better soon!

  5. Sounds like real trouble is on the way.

    Get well soon, Elyzabeth.

  6. Aw, they were just getting to have some fun. Great tease and feel better.

  7. This was a great hint of trouble to come. Well done! Feel better, girl!


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