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“I think I’d need to take a closer look.” -- #MidWeek Reine's Salvation (Alpha Protectors I) #romance #paranormal

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

It's been extremely busy lately with the EDJ and writing (I'm working on two WIPs and I just got edits for Alpha's Protection II).

Since I got some edits, I figured I'd go back and showcase some snippets from Reine's Salvation (Alpha Protectors I).


In today's snippet, we're having a glimpse of some flirty action...

Reine cleared his throat. “I haven’t been out much.”

“Only to the bar, eh?”

Mystique laughed. Her gaze dropped and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Damn it. He couldn’t be sure if it was a nervous gesture, but the movement made him think of other things she could lick.

“Yeah. The bar has its beauty.” He blatantly stared at her.

Mystique blushed. Her tongue went out for its little excursion over her lips again.

Reine bit back a groan. It had definitely been too long since he’d been deep in between a woman’s legs.
“The town has some nice little shops, but the best parts of Lance are the hiking trails.”

“Really?” Reine leaned forward in his chair. Mystique’s eyes widened. She probably thought he was crazy. After all, he’d been snapping at her one moment, and now he was flirting with her. Fuck, even he thought he’d gone insane.

“Yes.” She licked her lips again, causing the stirring in his loins to grow. How would it feel to have her mouth around his cock? To thread his fingers in her hair while she blew him? His balls began to ache.

“The best one is the one that leads to the old manor at the top,” she said.


“It has some really nice views.”

“I already have nice views here,” Reine said, settling his gaze on her.

Mystique gawked at him for an instant before recomposing herself. “Thank you, but those are better, I can assure you.”

“I can’t really compare,” Reine said. He smiled mischievously. “I think I’d need to take a closer look.” He moved so their knees were touching. To his delight, she didn’t recoil. He leaned forward. They were so close that all he had to do was move an inch and angle her head to kiss her. “What do you think, Mystique?” Lightly, he touched her arm. The goosebumps on her flesh were palpable. “Will you show me your views tonight?”

“I—” Her tongue darted out to wet her lips. Definitely a nervous habit that was bound to drive him mad. His mouth watered. He could hardly wait to feel its velvet touch on him.

Reine's Salvation (Alpha Protectors I)

He’s the kind of man her mother warned her to steer clear from...

Mystique is happy with her current life, but for years she's struggled on a path of self-destruction. She knows she shouldn't get involved with the brooding hunk at the bar, but how can she stay away when his sorrowful gaze is so compelling?

Reine has lost everything: his wife, his friends, his ability to fight, and his identity as an Alpha Protector. There's nothing left for him except a world of anger and bitterness. At least, that’s what he believes until he meets an intrepid waitress. 

The attraction between them is immediate, but while Reine can’t let go of his past, Mystique is not willing to return to hers. With darkness constantly closing in, will they find a way to be together? Or, will Reine's behavior destroy their future?

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Seamus' Mate (Alpha Protectos II) 

Kaila is his. His mate. Forever. Even if she hates him.

When Seamus discovers Kaila is in danger he sets out to help her. He couldn’t care less that she doesn’t want him there. His objective in life is to love and protect her. Besides, she might refuse to be with him, but her body knows better. Plus, with both their lives on the line, she can’t say no to his aid, can she?

For years, she has ignored her feelings.

Kaila’s mission was supposed to be easy: enter the demon’s lair and save her sister. Then, he came along. For close to twenty years she has been fighting against the mating pull. She has avoided Seamus at all costs, but now they’re both trapped in hell and she has nowhere to run, except, maybe, into his arms.
In a place where darkness and despair is the norm, will Seamus and Kaila survive? Or will their past prove to be the end of their future? **
**Tentative Blurb


  1. I love these two! Such a palatable attraction !

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