Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Share Your Muse Blog Hop (Sept 12- 14th)

Hello everyone and welcome to Share Your Muse Blog Hop!

 I will be giving away a copy of one of my books to a randomly drawn commenter. The only rule to participate is to leave a comment with your email and the answer to the following question: 
What inspires you? 

Now, without further ado and before she pulls out my hair and tackles me to the ground, allow me to introduce you to my usually shy, Muse.

Welcome Muse, do  you have a given name? How old are you? 

Muse: My name and age are of no consequence. They are irrelevant in my plane of existence. 

Err, very well. What’s your work like?

Muse: Ah, I love my line of work. Basically, what I do is create an agreement with certain characters and then together, we choose a scene with which to entice Elyzabeth. Most of the time, we do it while she’s out on walks with her dog or walking home from the bus stop, so that she can’t stop to write the scene down. By the time she’s gotten home she’s forgotten half the scene and we’re rolling on the floor laughing as she struggles to recall the details.

*Narrows eyes at Muse* I really don’t think it’s that funny. Do you realize how many great stories you’ve cost me?

Muse: Don’t be silly! You know we repeat the process of your favorite scene several times until you remember it and write it all down.

 *grumbles* How about the times you've run away, huh? What can you say to that?

Muse: *Sniffles* I can’t help it. You get so stressed sometimes that you stress me out! And I can’t work in an environment like that. 

Well, you leaving me doesn’t help.

Muse: Yes it does, because then you’re forced to relax and watch a movie, read a few books and do other things that make me want to come back and fill your head with new stories.

*throws hands up in the air* Oh, all right, all right! You’re impossible.

Muse: *grins* You know it's true. 

Anyway, there are people reading this, let’s get on with the questionnaire: what’s your favorite season?

Muse: Oh, I am most creative in winter. There’s just something about the cool air that seems to activate my creative juices.

Do you ever use any external help to get those creative juices flowing?

Muse: Definitely! Sometimes I’ll use a visual aid like a photograph. A lot of the time, nature inspires me, but most of the time it’s music what does the trick for me. Music invokes so many images and stories in my head I could drive you crazy if I were to let them all out.

 Okay, last question, people have other things to do than hear you rant. What are your plans for the future?

Muse: What a silly question, Elyzabeth! Why, to keep annoying you forever, of course. I have several shifters that are demanding their stories be told, a medieval troubadour who won’t take no for an answer, a warrior queen who’s battling for her life, a mercenary under disguise, a vampire that—

Run, run, as fast you can. Once she starts she doesn’t stop. Go on and visit the other authors participating in this hop before this particular Muse drives you crazy! And don't forget to leave a comment with your email addy and the answer to the question to participate in my giveaway! 


  1. You have such a cute muse! :)

    Thank you so much for participating in the hop, dear. <3

  2. You have such a cute muse! :)

    Thank you so much for participating in the hop, dear. <3

  3. I really like your Muse sounds kinda like mine however I get it in surround sound because I have a set of quint muses

  4. Me parto de risa con tu musa, se le va la pinza a base de bien.

    Mi musa es igual de cabrona que la tuya, en cuanto a esa magnífica inspiración que le llega cuando no estás delante del ordenador o de un folio en blanco, olvidándose de todos esas fantásticos diálogos o escenas que quedarían tan bien en el libro. Cuantas noches habré pasado dando vueltas en la cama, elucubrando diálogos y escenas formidables, para que luego después no tengan ni la mitad de la frescura original cuando las escribo a la mañana siguiente en el ordenador.

    Suerte domesticando tu musa. Espero que te siga proporcionando muchas buenas historias que contar ;).


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